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Time to kill the death penalty


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Published in: News & Politics
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Time to kill the death penalty

  1. 1. Time to Kill the Death Penalty
  2. 2. IntroCapital punishment:• Unfair and inequitable in practice• Ineffective as a deterrent• Not Cost effective• Not infallible
  3. 3. Unsuccessful as a Deterrent to Crime• Death penalty has little impact on criminal violence• Murder rates: non-death penalty states vs. states w/ death penalty
  4. 4. Capital Punishment is bias againstminorities and the poor• Majority of inmates on death row are poor• Executions for Interracial Murders ↑ whitevictims26020
  5. 5. Capital Punishment is Not CostEffective• $137 million: Cost of system w/ capitalpunishment in CA• $11.5 million: Cost of system of lifetimeincarceration in CA• Diverts resources from genuine crime controlmeasures
  6. 6. Alternatives to Capital Punishment• Life in prison without the possibility of parole• Increase number of police officers• Better crime prevention programs
  7. 7. What You Can Do• Write a Letter to the Editor in response to anarticle that appears in your local newspaperon the death penalty or related topics• Join NCADP’s e@bolitionist listserv to get thelatest news and action alerts• Sign this petition to abolish the death penalty