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NWA ISSA Meeting

  1. PCI: The Real Deal How to do PCI Right (And how to really hose it up) Branden R. Williams, CISSP, CISM
  2. Why companies succeed What are the steps to success?
  3. PCI Requires Planning Programmatic approach Fully staffed compliance office Trained and/or certified Must be baked into culture
  4. Getting it RIGHT Medium sized service provider Assessment scope less than 1% of systems On-Site Assessment done in 1 week No gaps last three years
  5. How do they do it? Simple & elegant payment systems Complex ≠ Competitive Advantage Simplicity+Elegance = Competitive Advantage Go into assessment knowing you will pass
  6. Good Program Makeup Documented Data Flows Accountability Documentation Plan for Maintenance Process Integration Training Assessment Prep/Self Assessment
  7. Why companies fail Avoid these pitfalls!
  8. Getting it wrong Medium US-Based Retail < 1000 locations Fail every year But remediate in 60 days Out of compliance for most of year Risk breach in between
  9. Getting it wronger No repeatable processes Compliance viewed as “audit” Security/Compliance office buried All reporting to IT? CISO unable to sell MGT Process stagnates
  10. How could we improve? Build a program to MAINTAIN PCI Security reporting elsewhere CFO HR Legal CISO take a business need Audit results
  11. What are secure companies doing?
  12. Encrypt all stored data What are my options? Retrofit applications Use an encryption appliance Use an encrypting database Render unreadable withoutencryption (truncation, hashing) The Dangers of Encryption Enterprise-Wide Approach Create a sound strategy Data flows required!
  13. Hashing/Rainbow Tables What is the risk of Hashing? Hashed Data = Cardholder Data. Wait… What? Hashes must be treated like encrypted card data Hashing is still a viable method! Watch other data stored nearby What is a Rainbow Table? Subvert complex math Orange vs. Juice Pre-computed hashes Secrecy in Salt/Algorithm
  14. Truncation What is Truncation? Remove all but First 6, Last 4 Identify any transaction First 6, Last 4 Date/Time of Purchase Amount Auth Code
  15. Who does what?
  16. What is on the horizon? What does the future hold?
  17. Fees, Fines, and Penalties, OH MY! Cost of assessments rising (Q/A) Global Fines in 18 months Payment App Mandates Scrutiny of Assessments
  18. High Tech Payments SIM Based Payments PED Encryption Chip/PIN (BUSTED) RFID/Contactless Examples!
  19. Discuss Breaches
  20. Questions & Answers Branden R. Williams, CISSP, CISM