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Estée Lauder - Social and luxury: Challenges and opportunities for high-end brands


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High-end, luxury brands like Estée Lauder are some of the most innovative users of social media for marketing and consumer outreach. See how Estée Lauder is using Social to address challenges and create opportunities, as presented at Branded's 2013 Conference, Social Matters

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Estée Lauder - Social and luxury: Challenges and opportunities for high-end brands

  1. 1. Luxury and Social Media Estee Lauder APAC Pierre Abadie Lacourtoisie Digital Marketing & eCommerce Director
  2. 2. •  A Luxury brand is not simply a brand •  Reasons AND Emotion à consumers buy a dream, the rarity of the product, a social status •  Luxury brands are not for everyone •  Luxury is a contradictory item for marketers = we aim at selling as many luxury goods as possible while asserting the exclusiveness and rarity of our products What is a Luxury brand?
  3. 3. “The world is changing, the economy is changing, the geography of luxury is changing. We want to just remind people who we are at Cartier.” Francois Le Troquet
  4. 4. Cartier and its micro-film L’Odyssee reached out 17Mio viewers
  5. 5. •  It’s a Powerful Marketing Channel to tell brand story and recruit •  Consumers “follow/like” a luxury brand because they love the brand. Less about financial benefits •  Friends / WoM play a key role to trigger luxury brand purchase impulse •  Social Media broadens reach & helps grow desire for the brand •  consumers do not know your brand DNA / heritage •  consumers are highly involved, engaging in multiple touch points prior to purchase Why Luxury brands must play on social media
  6. 6. Challenges Image control Luxury brands are NOT for everyone Strong in traditional Media ROI? Global image vs. local engagement Social media is for everyone How to measure ROI for brands with already high awareness? How to use digital vs. TV & Print?
  7. 7. •  22 social media channels in APAC •  3.8 Mio fans in APAC •  Local engagement – launch & on-going à 1st Int’l brand to launch LINE in JP & TW •  Integration w/ EC and offline •  Mobile Estee Lauder strongly believes in social media
  8. 8. MUST DO •  To keep other people from stealing our name and miss spreading the brand Awareness / Engagement •  Fantastic launch pad for marketing campaigns •  Magnify peer influence & brand ambassadors •  Complement traditional media Traffic •  To physical store via sampling •  To eCommerce Sales •  POS: Social media x CRM •  eCommerce ROI ROI is about relationship, emotion, cognition…but also sales Digital presence - Redemption rate - Traffic, etc. - Conversion rate- Conversation - Amplification, etc.
  9. 9. Map digital to consumer journey AWARE ENGAGEMENT ACTIVE CONSIDERATION PURCHASE CONSUMPTION RELATIONSHIP BUILDING ADVOCACY Digital enhance sharing Digital Consumption & application tips, Live chat, online polls Digital Enhance reach Digital Engagement story, Behind the Scene, product WOM Digital Product introduction, Opinion Leaders, Trial, WOM Digital E-commerce Digital E-CRM TVC Brand awareness / Reach Magazine editor, expert recommends TVC Magazine OOH visual impact & special event Magazine brand equity, quality Counter Product introduction OOH Coverage Counter CRM DM, EDM, SMS, Call center CRM Call center Counter BA teaching
  10. 10. Contents Brand voice Planned & engaging conversation calendar Product campaign & on-going Quality contents with viral potential Image from Global but local engagement Products & Occasions Right contents for right consumer stage Tease Enhance consumption Post- purchase service Soft-sell marketing message
  11. 11. ´ Lied in pomegranates, a fruit that radiates beauty. Introduce the new products Users’ review ‘Radiate your life’ concept Planned conversation: tease > reveal > go beyond the product Pre-launch Launch Post launch Social app Conversation Calendar
  12. 12. Locally relevant contents Leveraging ‘White Day’ occasion in Korea to drive engagement Leveraging ‘V-shape photo taking’ trend in HK for Lifting product
  13. 13. •  Playing on Social is vital because –  Luxury is highly social –  Social media is vital for awareness, communication & relationship management •  We must play right –  Clearly keep the brand DNA in mind –  Develop quality and easy-to-share contents –  Systematize the production of contents to always keep the desire alive Conclusion