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Digital matters event information


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Digital matters event information

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Digital matters event information

  1. 1. An event of the Singapore Media Festival. Supported by: 3rd - 5th December 2015, Singapore Making Online Entertainment Matter
  2. 2. Almost 10 billion hours of video is watched online every day. But who's watching, where are they watching, what platforms are they watching, what devices are they using, who's influencing them and what are the business and marketing opportunities around these influencers and the online ecosystem? "Digital Matters” is the pioneering B2B2Fan event in Asia that demystifies the digerati and focuses on new frontiers of digital creativity, social distribution and competition. Digital Matters is where the entertainment industry converges with digital content creators and their fans to uncover the four pistons that drive the online entertainment business: 1. Innovators 2. Creators 3. Platforms 4. Fans Roll up your sleeves, the event is a highly interactive playground where brands, creators, agencies, MCNs, tech providers and media owners get stuck in and collaborate to visualise and create the video future.
  3. 3. • Video platforms • Broadcasters • Digital distributors • Existing, successful content creators • New, aspiring creators • Global and regional MCNs • Brand marketers • Creative and media agencies • Creative solutions (software) • Tech solutions (cameras, computers, platforms, mobiles) • Media owners and filmmakers • Fans
  4. 4. Industry Sector Geographical data
  5. 5. Thursday, 3rd December Creative content hack: Developing a winning influencer marketing strategy Friday, 4th December Global YouTubers and content creators, brands and agencies gives an Insider’s Guide to: • Creator’s guide to upping your game part 1: How do you build content strategy that fans love? • Creator’s guide to upping your game part 2: The power of smart data • Brands and creator collaborations that really work Pimp my tech: Technological innovations that you need to know about • Big data and understanding the viewer • MCNs: Did digital kill the analogue star? Where is the MNC sector heading? • Aggregator or aggressor: What other online platforms are out there aside from YouTube and why use them • Social platform overload: How many platforms are too many to post on? “An audience with” and Meet and Greet A leading YouTube star will be interviewed on stage, talking about their journey as a creator. 200 of their superfans will be invited to enjoy this with attendees, with fans meeting their favourite star after the interview. This two-and-a-half day event is one part conference and one part workshops for those in the entire value chain of the digital entertainment industry.
  6. 6. The new Hollywood A-Listers: To demonstrate first hand, how to connect with fans via digital and social storytelling. Global digital creators will share their ‘behind the lens’ insights on their content strategies and brand partnerships that spread the love. Hands on how-to: Showcasing winning video and influencer marketing strategies, online content creation and a hands on creator workshop, we will be host a creative content hack with agencies, tech start ups, brands, media owners and digital influencers. What’s up next? We will pick the brains of ‘tech geeks in the know’ on the innovations in the pipeline that will change the way content is produced, distributed and consumed at scale. Block your ears! And finally, for those who have not seen for themselves the true influence of YouTubers and their fans (where have you been?), we will host “an audience with” a global star and 200 of their biggest superfans!
  7. 7. The Digital Matters Academy aims to inspire a new generation of content creators. Every day people watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube and generate billions of views. The Digital Matters Academy is a unique concept that provides a live platform for fans to engage face to face with their favourite YouTubers, with whom they could previously only interact with online. Young creators (aged 13-20) will get a unique chance to learn how to commence their own creator journeys from successful digital stars, producers and leaders in the online entertainment ecosystem. Held in the form of fun and highly interactive sessions, the Digital Matters Academy is a hands-on Creator to Creator learning approach, providing budding young talent with the opportunity to be mentored by international stars and to learn how to produce quality online content from “behind the streams”.
  8. 8. We have already received pledges of support for the event and formation of an Advisory Board from brands, agencies, MCNs, digital platforms, broadcasters, social marketers and content aggregators including the following companies:
  9. 9. Branded designs, sells, markets and produces amazing B2B and B2B2F(an) events in Asia. Founded in 2002 and listed as a top 10 Event Marketing agency by Marketing magazine, our focus is to add value and grow the media, sports and entertainment industry in Asia.We are experts in the organisation, programming and production of dynamic conferences, live music festivals, academies, and youth fan events such as the YouTube FanFest. Branded is an independent company staffed by passionate multi-cultural, multi-lingual and talented individuals with offices in Hong Kong and Singapore. Branded Matters Kelly Yau – Speakers & Programme Content Victoria Pawsey - Sponsors Sammy Shirra-Moore - Band & Artist Enquiries