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Cannes Lions Newspaper "Branded Content and Entertainment"


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Branded content


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Cannes Lions Newspaper "Branded Content and Entertainment"

  1. 1. Germany 240x330+D+V:25•01 front 16/06/12 20:03 Page19 GERMANY 19 Branded content Karolina Kurkova. Contestants who succeeded in performing the 10 key skills of modelling, such as walking elegantly in high heels, were awarded CAN BE FUN Pandora charms. As a result, sales of Pandora bracelets doubled and charm sales increased by 50%, according to Pandora. The campaign was rounded off by Facebook, a prize competition, POS initiatives and web videos on jewellery GERMANS BELIEVE BRANDED ENTERTAINMENT IS FUN, AND, WHEN styling. In the case of the co-operation between Adam Opel and Germany’s IT’S HARNESSED TO GERMAN PRAGMATISM AND PERFECTIONISM, Next Top Model, market research into THE RESULTS CAN BE IMPRESSIVE. SANDRA FREISINGER-HEINL, OF the impact of the show was equally BRANDED ENTERTAINMENT ONLINE (BEO) AND MA MEDIA, REPORTS positive. Opel reported that “sponsorship in combination with product placement” had helped it to “present the Opel Corsa Color Line, a non-fashion product, attractively and authentically to a female target group”. The popular office comedy series Stromberg featured Hasbro’s NERF water gun in an amusing way, in the process marketing the product to a new demographic: young adults. The show’s central character, Stromberg, divided his staff into teams and used NERFs in a game of chase across desks — a fun idea that many young offices have gone on to emulate in reality. The placement of a well-known dairy company’s rice pudding in the same show, however, proved less successful. The pudding, which triggered heated discussion whenever it appeared in the action, was featured far too frequently for many viewers’ tastes. The rice pudding controversy proves that there is still work n The Hasbro Nerf to be done on clarifying and defining P RODUCT placement has Blaster featured in within the ProSiebenSat.1 Group and standards. A production can struggle the comedy series been making headlines in Stromberg, which has already completed around 50 when, for example, the tools used in a inspired by the Germany. First there was Ricky Gervais placement projects since the relaxation DIY soap are reclassified as product the semi-final of the TV series The Office of the legislation. The view from the RTL placement, which means that a format Germany’s Next Group is that product placement in contribution from the DIY-tool retailer Top Model, which saw model Heidi Germany is still in its infancy but that its not only in equipment for the set but also Klum present the four finalists with an early successes indicate a promising in funds for marketing becomes Opel Corsa car. And before that there future. “Branded entertainment is necessary. A set of guidelines has been were the hungry inhabitants of the already happening on many levels on all drawn up by the German Producers jungle camp in I’m A Celebrity… Get Me our TV channels,” says Lars-Eric Mann, Alliance to help its members to negotiate Out Of Here!, who were presented with managing director of RTL’s IP these new co-operations but, in reality, a treasure box of Pick Up! chocolate bars. Newmedia. “Most often used are much still depends on the power and The success of such strategies has been promotional stories or interactive leverage of the TV station and proved by market research into brand competitions. The more logical the production in question. In the awareness and readiness-to-buy. Media connection between product and meantime, everyone is scrambling for a agencies are now adapting their format, the better the success of the slice of the branded entertainment pie, approach to sponsorship in order to campaign.” Mann’s view is borne out by from the media agencies that integrate all the parameters into a a number of recent campaigns. It seems traditionally administer their customers’ campaign. In the meantime, new German viewers prefer a 360-degree budgets and the specialised agencies evaluation methods for branded approach to branded entertainment. A that work with producers and brands, to entertainment, such as the Branded prime example of a successful holistic the marketing departments at TV Entertainment Assessment Model campaign that orchestrated events, stations to the production companies “ (BEAM) by Ogilvy, have been welcomed social media, advertising, PR and at POS that are actually handling the placement by German marketers and advertisers. was Das Perfekte Model on VOX with — and sometimes even the actors who Since April 2010, with the liberalisation hosts and models Eva Padberg and interact with the product on screen. of product placement on German Evaluating the size of the market, Petra television, much more has been made “PRODUCT PLACEMENT IS NOT A Kroop, head of brand integration at possible beyond mere product supply. SevenOne AdFactory, reports a deluge of Commercial broadcasters are also STAND-ALONE SOLUTION FOR US. IT’S requests from across the spectrum, “not becoming involved. The current market ALWAYS ACCOMPANIED BY OTHER only from typical advertising customers leader is SevenOne AdFactory, which is ADVERTISING FORMS” Petra Kroop but also from companies that have not responsible for cross-linked concepts advertised on TV yet”. fff SUNDAY, JUNE 17,2012
  2. 2. 20 GERMANYfff She adds: “The response has beenenormous. After two years, we see greatpotential for product placement.However, product placement is not astand-alone solution for us. It’s alwaysaccompanied by other advertisingforms, such as spots or sponsorship. Thepotential revenue is estimated atapproximately €200m annually.”A number of agencies, along with BEOare currently working on establishing aproduct placement association for theGerman-speaking countries.Meanwhile, the German ProductPlacement Congress in Stuttgart gatherstogether most of the key players and hasdone much to draw attention to thecomplex issues raised by brandedentertainment. TV remains at the heartof most German branded-entertainmentcampaigns, with digital platforms,cinema, video, music and games playingsupporting roles. But big budgets willalways as a rule require the involvementof television. The central question iswhat comes first — the platform or theidea for a promising branded- n Print campaign for Renaultentertainment campaign? Why not the larger stage of a TV quiz show? And Utilitaires Against this backdrop, creativity isdevelop an innovative idea for content why not have news of the champions flourishing. Several innovative ideasfirst and spin it out from there? As there and their prizes tweeted via the new have emerged, such as the integration ofare only a limited number of TV generation of TV sets — which of course a cinema into the game Farmerama, inplatforms in Germany, innovation is make exact user targeting possible?” which TV-spots and videos can beessential but there are also a couple of Social branded entertainment, also, has shown. Over in German-speakingemerging trends that are influencing the the potential to set trends and establish Austria, the energy drink Red Bull hasmarket’s evolution. The digital brands. Understanding this, Renault ZE successfully embedded its brand in a TVplatforms, for example, are becoming (zero emission) was one of the main station. Servus TV, owned by Red Bull,more and more important in the media sponsors of ProSieben’s Green Seven delivers top quality sports-focusedmix. A growing trend among producers week, which featured a range of programming and covers an array ofis to use the digital platforms to kick- documentaries on ecology. sporting events, not limited to thosestart a campaign before migrating it to Another key trend is video gaming. In sponsored by Red Bull. In conclusion,TV. As Stephan Borg, department head addition to associating a brand with the Germany has embraced brandedof development and cross-media at ITV powerful pull of the gaming experience, content with enthusiasm and is set onStudios Germany, observes: “Editors, video gaming offers “a potentially realising its potential via TV, the digitalwho have been creating TV content for massive consumer base, huge media and at major events that are ablemany years, are discovering a whole scaleability of reach — especially in to reach, connect, engage and involvenew life for their ideas on the web or as online gaming — and the possibility to the German consumer. ^an app. There is a pioneering spirit and a track the user”, says Christian Hofbauer,new desire to experiment and innovate. CEO of Branded Entertainment Online.Why not design a quiz show as a web Not surprisingly, video gaming has WWW.BRANDEDENTERTAINMENTONLINE.DEgame or as an iPhone app? Why not then become “a central focus of marketing is the news and knowledge-exchange marketplace for brandedinvite the best players on the web on to decision-makers,” he adds. entertainment in the German-speaking territories SUNDAY, JUNE 17,2012