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Stop reporting on rubbish! 10 ways to fix your Analytics data - #LeedsLovesSearch


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Speaking at Branded3's Leeds Digital Festival event, Leeds Loves Search, Emma delves into how to report on your analytics data. Emma’s talk explains how Bad Data = Bad Decisions and includes actionable advice for anyone who reports from GA (Sorry Adobe users) to make sure what they’re reporting on and making their actions based on is not complete rubbish.

Published in: Marketing
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Stop reporting on rubbish! 10 ways to fix your Analytics data - #LeedsLovesSearch

  1. 1. @ejbarnes89#LeedsLovesSearch Stop Reporting on Rubbish! 10 ways to fix your Analytics data #LEEDSLOVESSEARCH
  2. 2. @ejbarnes89#LeedsLovesSearch Me IRL I’m the other Emma I like graphs and drawing at networking events This is not a talk about Digital PR
  3. 3. @ejbarnes89#LeedsLovesSearch “It is a capital mistake to theorize in advance of the facts. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.” Sherlock Holmes – A Scandal in Bohemia
  4. 4. @ejbarnes89#LeedsLovesSearch I stole this slide from Craig Sullivan it’s really good
  5. 5. @ejbarnes89#LeedsLovesSearch Send you all home with a list of actionable Google Analytics fixes to make your reporting better M I S S I O N
  6. 6. @ejbarnes89#LeedsLovesSearch
  7. 7. @ejbarnes89#LeedsLovesSearch DATASET 1 Source: comScore Blog Visitors are way down!
  8. 8. @ejbarnes89#LeedsLovesSearch ANALYSIS 1 That’s not normal… looks like tracking broke.
  9. 9. @ejbarnes89#LeedsLovesSearch Put your analytics or tag management code on all pages of your website F I X 1
  10. 10. @ejbarnes89#LeedsLovesSearch DATASET 2 Source: comScore Cool, over 5K Homepage visitors
  11. 11. @ejbarnes89#LeedsLovesSearch ANALYSIS 2 Source: comScore Oh, it’s split across subdomains
  12. 12. @ejbarnes89#LeedsLovesSearch Implement Subdomain Tracking F I X 2
  13. 13. @ejbarnes89#LeedsLovesSearch DATASET 3 Source: comScore Homepage tracking code is broken…
  14. 14. @ejbarnes89#LeedsLovesSearch ANALYSIS 3a Source: comScore We started recording it by its full URL
  15. 15. @ejbarnes89#LeedsLovesSearch ANALYSIS 3b Source: comScore Combine “/” and “” to see all data
  16. 16. @ejbarnes89#LeedsLovesSearch Use Annotations F I X 3
  17. 17. @ejbarnes89#LeedsLovesSearch DATASET 4 Source: comScore Social Media doesn’t really contribute to website visitors
  18. 18. @ejbarnes89#LeedsLovesSearch ANALYSIS 4 Source: comScore We aren’t tagging our social media posts
  19. 19. @ejbarnes89#LeedsLovesSearch Use UTM Parameters to track marketing campaigns F I X 4 buil/gaidpiakchgkapdgbnoglpnbccdepnpk?hl=en
  20. 20. @ejbarnes89#LeedsLovesSearch DATASET 5 Source: comScore We’re at about 100K referrals/week
  21. 21. @ejbarnes89#LeedsLovesSearch ANALYSIS 5 Source: comScore A lot of them are organic traffic being misattributed
  22. 22. @ejbarnes89#LeedsLovesSearch Use Custom Search Engines and Advanced filters to reassign organic traffic filtering through to referral F I X 5
  23. 23. @ejbarnes89#LeedsLovesSearch DATASET 6 Source: comScore No goals = Broken contact form?
  24. 24. @ejbarnes89#LeedsLovesSearch ANALYSIS 6 Source: comScore SITE. MIGRATION. FORGOT. TO UPDATE. GOAL URLS!!
  25. 25. @ejbarnes89#LeedsLovesSearch Review all goals, filters, tags and code when doing a website migration F I X 6
  26. 26. @ejbarnes89#LeedsLovesSearch DATASET 7 Source: comScore We are making £££
  27. 27. @ejbarnes89#LeedsLovesSearch ANALYSIS 7 Source: comScore Some transactions are duplicated. We are making ££
  28. 28. @ejbarnes89#LeedsLovesSearch Review ecommerce tracking and ensure transactions are not misfiring or transaction IDs being recycled F I X 7
  29. 29. @ejbarnes89#LeedsLovesSearch DATASET 8 Source: comScore Referrals are converting really well
  30. 30. @ejbarnes89#LeedsLovesSearch ANALYSIS 8a Source: comScore Our payment provider is being counted as a referrer
  31. 31. @ejbarnes89#LeedsLovesSearch ANALYSIS 8b Source: comScore And so are we…
  32. 32. @ejbarnes89#LeedsLovesSearch Implement cross domain tracking and referral exclusion F I X 8
  33. 33. @ejbarnes89#LeedsLovesSearch ANALYSIS 9a Source: comScore i(pP)hone listed twice
  34. 34. @ejbarnes89#LeedsLovesSearch ANALYSIS 9b Source: comScore Did /course-option get 119K or 84K views?
  35. 35. @ejbarnes89#LeedsLovesSearch ANALYSIS 9c Source: comScore Facebook, seriously…
  36. 36. @ejbarnes89#LeedsLovesSearch Use filters and query parameter exclusion to tidy data F I X 9
  37. 37. @ejbarnes89#LeedsLovesSearch DATASET 10 Source: comScore Low bounce rate, guess people were really engaged that day?
  38. 38. @ejbarnes89#LeedsLovesSearch ANALYSIS 10 Source: comScore My events were firing way more often than usual.
  39. 39. @ejbarnes89#LeedsLovesSearch Ensure events are being tracked as “non- interaction” if they are passive (e.g. being bucketed into a test, scrolling 0% or flipping their phone) F I X 1 0
  40. 40. @ejbarnes89#LeedsLovesSearch OR