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SearchLeeds, Russell McAthy 'Marketing Attribution - don't nerf your marketing'


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Russell McAthy explains marketing attribution in this presentation. Russell leads a team as CEO in building a marketing attribution platform. CUBED Attribution is supporting a new view of digital data to enable brands understand how consumers truly interact with their marketing activity both on and offline.

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SearchLeeds, Russell McAthy 'Marketing Attribution - don't nerf your marketing'

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  2. 2. Marketing Attribution Russell McAthy @therustybear SearchLeeds 2016
  3. 3. Russell McAthy CEO of CUBED Attribution 14 years of.. X-Consultant to enterprise X-Agency Director X-Digital Strategist/Analyst “Managed“ well over £1B media spend Focus on consumer understanding through data informed insights
  4. 4. Warning I’ve made a lot of this stuff up!
  5. 5. What is Marketing Attribution? @therustybear
  6. 6. Attribution is about you understanding HOW your consumers engage with your brand @therustybear
  7. 7. The biggest challenge in attribution is psychological not technical @therustybear
  8. 8. Last Click (Last Non Direct Click) First Click / Interaction Distributed Bathtub Time Sequence Which Attribution Model? @therustybear
  9. 9. MACRO Conversions MICRO Conversions @therustybear
  10. 10. Nerf MEGA ThunderBow
  11. 11. SALE Brand PPC • Cost of Acquisition for this sale (Cost of Click) • Earning of the sale (Revenue) • The Margin of the Product (Margin) • Calculable ROI for this interaction @therustybear
  12. 12. SALEBPPCGPPCSEOGPPC “Xmas Presents for boys” “Nerf Bow and Arrow” Nerf LP on TRU “ToysRUs Nerf bow” @therustybear
  13. 13. Impression Led Value Understanding
  14. 14. Display Marketing is “famous” for its impression tracking. What about content marketing, email etc? @therustybear
  15. 15. Does the value of links actually mean anything? @therustybear
  16. 16. Its 2016.. Surely we want to see how valuable the content placed is? @therustybear
  17. 17. Image tag in the content article (1x1 pixel) - Cookie is set on the user’s machine User does not click on the link. But visits the website through another channel in the future.
  18. 18. Content Impression Value @therustybear
  19. 19. CD C D E D D TV TV User Journey Value Distribution Reach Impression Interaction / Conversion @therustybear
  20. 20. Consumer Conversion Optimisation
  21. 21. Your Conversion Rate is 1% @therustybear
  22. 22. Your Bounce Rate is 40% @therustybear
  23. 23. What are you doing about the other 59%? @therustybear
  24. 24. Consumer Conversion Optimisation is not about making 1% get to 1.5% @therustybear
  25. 25. Next Best Action and Propensity @therustybear
  26. 26. Multi-Device What’s the future
  27. 27. You have many devices @therustybear
  28. 28. Cross Device Syncing Sync Ids Anonymous Parameters IP Matching Device Mapping @therustybear
  29. 29. @therustybear
  30. 30. Thank you for listening Russell McAthy @therustybear CEO of CUBED Attribution @withcubed