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SearchLeeds 2018 - Hannah Mckie - PLAs: Small company or large, everyone has to start somewhere


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Whether you’re a small e-tailer or a ‘big baller’ you’ll want to experiment with your Google/Bing PLA activity. Previous talks I’ve been to often start at the end with optimisation, however lets take it back to basics and start from the beginning like all good stories should. Once you’ve got the basics right, everything else should fall into place.

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SearchLeeds 2018 - Hannah Mckie - PLAs: Small company or large, everyone has to start somewhere

  1. 1. Small company or large, everyone has to start somewhere Hannah Mckie
  2. 2. Bio Started at Add People as an Account Manager - Learnt how to build a feed in Excel Moved onto Missguided as their PLA Assistant….became slightly obsessed with Google Shopping (in a good way) Now in between PPC Manager @ Missguided and Digital Marketing Manager @ Cotton Traders
  3. 3. Agenda Market overview Make friends with your Data Feed Think, Test, Review - Repeat Use your Data Question why/how/where/when
  4. 4. 2010: Text Ads: 2018: Combination of Shopping Ads and Text ads depending on commercial intent
  5. 5. Google Shopping Ads now appearing on Image searches….
  6. 6. No one size fits all best practice: Hybrid Custom structure based around an overall business objective (i.e ROAS, Margin, Stock) or a combination of brand/category builds. Requires custom labels Use Case A Brand Led Structure primarily based around brands. Usually due to reporting, budget or promotional considerations Use Case B Category Led Typically reflecting website structure i.e Womens > Shoes > Boots Use Case C
  7. 7. Three areas of Shopping HygieneDisapprovals Strategy Keep Shopping activity live with as many SKUs active as possible Maximise results within existing Shopping strategy Design and execute most appropriate Shopping strategy for your business goals
  8. 8. Three areas of Shopping Campaign Structure Bidding Best Practices Feed Excellence Define Success Measurement Hygiene Disapprovals Strategy
  9. 9. Start at the…...Beginning Have you ever seen your feed? - Don’t be scared…...Make friends with it.
  10. 10. What fields are required and which are recommended? Do you know about the ‘silent, but deadly’ field attributes? Custom Labels Product Type ‘Keywords’ Google Product Category Product Titles
  11. 11. What are Custom Labels? title id price description brand availability product type custom label 0 custom label 1 custom label 2 custom label 3 custom label 4 Required attributes for products in your Shopping feed. You must submit these for every product. They help Google identify your products, match them to user searches and they provide important information to potential customers. Custom labels are optional attributes for your products. This is what allows retailers to align Shopping strategy to specific commercial objectives. This Dress could be a Best Seller for MG so we would use a Custom Label to pull this product and others out to bid separately. red floaty gypsy swing dress £15.00
  12. 12. Other uses for custom labels: ● Profit Margin ● ROAS /CPA ● Best Sellers ● High/Low/Medium stock levels ● Promo products ● Sale/Discounted products ● Seasonal Products
  13. 13. Product Types - Silent but deadly ● Indicates the category of the product being sold. ● You can include more than one 'product type' attribute in your feed ● Use the full "breadcrumb" information. Wherever possible include more granular categories as it provides Google with more precise classification signals. For example, Books > Non-Fiction > Sports > Baseball is better than Baseball. You must use " > " as a separator, including a space before and after the symbol. Add in Keywords that don’t naturally appear in your title: Christmas Party Dress, New Years Eve Dress, Festival Clothing
  14. 14. Google Product Type Use the most granular option
  15. 15. UK USA Make good use of the Google Taxonomy:
  16. 16. Keywords….In Google Shopping you ask?! Analyse your data - What does it tell you? EG. Missguided Colour searches : ‘Black Midi Dress’ has a higher intent to buy in the USA than ‘Midi Dress’ so we use negative Keywords to channel the traffic to different campaigns with different budgets/KPIs. If you sell washing machines….a specific model type will have a higher intent to purchase than just the brand….
  17. 17. Title Optimisation ● Keyword rich ● Under 70 Characters (Max is 150) ● A strong title that will fit nicely in the limited space provided (currently 70 characters) might be “Patagonia Women’s Down Jacket.” If you need to have a longer title, be wary of truncation, and front-load any key terms so that if the title is truncated the critical item details show. ● Avoid overly descriptive Keywords : such as “High quality & Gorgeous Patagonia down jacket”. Your products will serve best when using simple and product focused language. ● Test and test again. .
  18. 18. Past Missguided Examples: Amaline Cross Over Tailored Dress In Black- Dress is the most searched term in the title so needs to be prioritised. Kiana Palm Tree Print Neoprene Bomber Jacket- Bomber jacket is the most important part of this title yet to Google it is seen as the least important Sparta Textured Split Wrap Shorts In Lemon- not many people will use the term ‘lemon’ where we can we should use colours that customers will search for- Yellow of the title. Now:
  19. 19. Our competitors should take note Imogen? Dress - is the very last Keyword, when in reality it is the most important Keyword - this does also impact SEO.
  20. 20. Pick your ‘A-Team’ Put your ‘best products’ forward…. Ps - Advise not to remove these 2nd/3rd/ reserve products as they may well progress into the first team. Got 1000s of Skus?.... Do they all need to compete on Google? Use your data and pick the ‘A-team’ - remember this list shouldn’t be stagnant…. That Best Seller Maxi Dress won’t be a Best Seller for ever - REFRESH
  21. 21. Understand why biddable attributes are important Brand Google Product Category Item ID Product Type Custom label 1 Segment by brand Segment inventory by category, either Google’s or your own Set a bid for each individual product Segment by the things that matter to your business Custom label 2 Custom label 3 Custom label 4 Custom label 5 Margin Stock Level Promotion Best / Low Seller etc
  22. 22. Testing Try, Test, Learn, Repeat The market is forever changing, therefore a test you ran last year might not be the right/wrong approach for you now.
  23. 23. Google VS EU Commision $2.7 Billion 90% off Google's Revenue comes from Ads 90+% market share since Froogle launched Other CSEs RedBrain, Kelko, Summit
  24. 24. Summary One Size doesn’t fit all Size doesn’t matter Try, Test, Learn, REPEAT Don’t forget Bing : ) Questions…….