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SearchLeeds 2018 - Elizabeth Clark - Dream Agility - The future of Shopping


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Undoubtedly, Google’s fastest growing product, Shopping, is one of the hardest products to master cost effectively. And it’s getting harder by the day as Google encourages more and more retailers on to it, by offering a new automated shopping solution. Where does that leave you as an agency or as an in-house practitioner? How can you protect yourself from automation and your campaigns from spiralling costs and competition? Find out how Google’s top industry trends such as increasing walled gardens, shift to transaction-based ad formats and machine learning can work to your advantage rather than against you.

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SearchLeeds 2018 - Elizabeth Clark - Dream Agility - The future of Shopping

  1. 1. GL does not show for generic search terms Galeries Lafayette opportunity – to better optimise Product Titles & Description Elizabeth Clark CEO Dream Agility 글린 포우디치 최고기술책임자 Dream Agility
  2. 2. Dream Agility is a… “ multi award winning, patent pending, 2nd generation ad tech with machine learning and AI, a Google Premier Partner, and one of only 42 Google Shopping Partners globally. Our software sits between a business’s website and the search engines to optimise data and results with the equivalent impact of an army of people – it goes beyond just bidding, and can change the dynamics of how a business functions ” The twitter pitch
  3. 3. We have Awards and Recognition from America to Europe, and Korea .. @Dreamagility
  4. 4. We work with the following platforms and search engines... @Dreamagility
  5. 5. Googles assertions today as top industry trends…. 1. Increasing walled gardens 2. Shift to transaction based ad formats 3. Machine Learning : Competitive differentiator for you.
  6. 6. Current YoY % revenue growth rate 35% Dream Agility Top 10 SEM Partner Agencies 159%
  7. 7. Leveraging Walled Gardens to your advantage Recommendations • Leverage walled garden data as much as possible • Free customer insights from walled gardens as a starting point. • Add your own insights through your own systems • If you don’t have one partner with an Adtech platform. • Differentiate your distinct customer insights so your customers see the value you provide. • Competitive differentiation increasingly based upon customer insights, not relationships.
  8. 8. Shift to transaction based ad formats
  9. 9. Machine Learning the competitive differentiator for you Machine Learning is… A Branch of artificial intelligence. A way to solve problems without explicitly codifying the solution. A way to build systems that improve themselves over time. Operated in either supervised or unsupervised modes.
  10. 10. Here’s where bad data gets you
  11. 11. Q. The root of the problem? A. Manual processes beginning in merchandising.
  12. 12. Gucci Montre Femme 12 Diamantes noir Gucci Montre Femme noir diamantes GG2570 • Change the text in the Ad – NOT on the website • Test multiple Ad titles and descriptions. • Choose titles and descriptions that closely match the best performing search terms to keep costs low and conversions high. • Bids set per child product - not ad group. Machine Learning transforms the problem ….
  13. 13. • Text Ads not product specific • Landing on a general page • Ad extensions pointing to femme/ladies and Homme/men when it was a ladies related search • No price in the Ad! Use machine learning on text ads too….
  14. 14. The role focus will be…. • more strategic • Less manual • Have closer involvement with other departments further up the food chain • Control the source data • Be able to predict opportunity costs. • Lead by new metrics such as cost centres for each individual product. • More aligned to innovation and company metrics. Machine Learning will change the PPC managers role forever….
  15. 15. Manual structures raise cost exponentially …. Search terms Ad Group multiple products Clicks Conversions Pocket punch A4 Product 1 10 1 Premium plastic wallets Product 2 10 No punch A4 acetate wallets Product 3 10 A3 plastic folder Product 4 10 Multiple products in an AdGroup Unable to tell which search term has triggered the conversion against which product Unable to identify which redundant search terms to remove to reduce costs Loss making products left live
  16. 16. Where Googles structure strategy falls down …. Account on ZERO conversions only savings Cost last 30 days % Cost Savings Website 1 A 2,860.08 67,603.44 4.23% Website 1 B on DA Auto PLA 6,888.47 47,246.28 14.58% TOTAL 9,748.55 114,849.72 8.49%
  17. 17. Use Visual AI to: Build feeds from images. Identify errors in fields that Google can’t spot. Correct 404’s on Image Links. Create feeds in multiple languages. Create colour libraries specific to your customer base likely choice. Train the language to suit the choices of your customers.
  18. 18. C-LEVEL DASHBOARDS - Instant visibility of profitability, cost & performance
  19. 19. Driving the conversation rather than trying to respond to demands on a drop in advertising efficacy.
  20. 20. Driving the conversation on pricing rather than wasting money and driving down ROAS on products that wont sell.
  21. 21. Nobody cares about impression share and clicks, the big questions are… “Are we making profits based on real margins & ad cost or just hitting a CPA? How are our biggest sellers performing? Are they in stock? Have we forecast enough stock? Should we be re-ordering now? Merchandising say our best sellers are in stock, BUT how long were they actually out for? Are we price competitive on key products / lines?”
  22. 22. • 2.5 million products in the feed • Changes prices every 15 minutes or every time they sell something . • 600+% increase in ROAS with Machine Learning and AI. Music Magpie ….
  23. 23. • 25% fall in costs • 425% increase in sales yoy • 44% increase in ROAS with Machine Learning and AI My Generator….
  24. 24. Elizabeth Clark CEO Dream Agility 글린 포우디치 최고기술책임자 Dream Agility Elizabeth@DREAMAGILITY.COM @dreamagility