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SearchLeeds 2018 - David Freeman - Treatwell - Creating knockout on-site content by simply understanding your consumers



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Everything in SEO is directly or indirectly related to content. Just think about that for a second or two. Everything from how we attract, engage and convert consumers is centred around content. This session will explore how to grow your bottom line by creating knockout on-site content that delivers on both traffic and conversion fronts by simply understanding your consumers.

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SearchLeeds 2018 - David Freeman - Treatwell - Creating knockout on-site content by simply understanding your consumers

  1. 1. @davefreeman@davefreeman Creating knockout on- site content by simply understanding your consumers
  2. 2. @davefreeman@davefreeman Why listen to what I’ve got to say? Group Head of SEO (6 months – current) Columnist (1 year – current) Head of SEO (7 years) Senior SEO Strategist (3 years)
  3. 3. @davefreeman@davefreeman I’ve driven organic search success for a host of global and national brands including:
  4. 4. @davefreeman@davefreeman
  5. 5. @davefreeman@davefreeman Everything in SEO is directly or indirectly related to content Site speed Inbound links CTA’s Sitemaps Navigation Duplication Checkout URLs Status codes Indexation Knowledge Graph IA Internal links Forms Cross device Relevance UX Localisation AMP
  6. 6. @davefreeman@davefreeman It’s critical to think beyond SEO as just driving traffic… Attract ConvertEngage
  7. 7. @davefreeman@davefreeman And that link building is not the answer to every performance challenge
  8. 8. @davefreeman@davefreeman Great SEO is about creating the perfect consumer experience through content
  9. 9. @davefreeman@davefreeman From the search engines through to purchase
  10. 10. @davefreeman@davefreeman Across the devices consumers use to access your content
  11. 11. @davefreeman@davefreeman If your content fails at any of these stages consumers are lost Attract ConvertEngageDevice Not visible to consumers in the search engines Consumers bounce due to poor experience Consumers bounce as missing the right content in the right format Missed conversions due to lack of CTA’s or barriers within checkout process
  12. 12. @davefreeman@davefreeman Yet too often the question is ‘how do we optimise content for the search engines?’
  13. 13. @davefreeman@davefreeman When it needs to be ‘how do we optimise for consumers?’
  14. 14. @davefreeman@davefreeman OK, but how?
  15. 15. @davefreeman@davefreeman Create or re-shape your on-site content strategy “Adapt to your customers needs. They expect it.” Scott Abel “It’s not that we need more content: we need more relevant content.” Jason Miller ”There’s no shortage of remarkable ideas, what’s missing is the will to execute them.” Seth Godin “Be the best answer” Lee Odden
  16. 16. @davefreeman@davefreeman It needs to be multi-faceted and tailored across differing products/site sections Consumer insight Devices Consumer journey Search & competitor insight IntentFormat
  17. 17. @davefreeman@davefreeman Build a picture of your consumers
  18. 18. @davefreeman@davefreeman Focus on the funnel to understand the consumer journey… DEMAND CREATION DEMAND CONVERSIONCONSIDER ENJOY PURCHASE UNAWARE AWARE UNDERSTAND
  19. 19. @davefreeman@davefreeman And consumers content needs at each stage UNAWARE Not active in market AWARE Entering market UDERSTAND Looking for solutions CONSIDER Seeking advice to narrow shortlist BUY Looking to purchase Enjoy Looking to repeat purchase Attract and Inspire Educate Motivate Convince Convert Support Stage of consumer journey & intent Role of content
  20. 20. @davefreeman@davefreeman Augment this with additional data to map content gaps and requirements Paid search keyword insight On-site search data Google Keyword Planner Ahrefs Content Explorer Competitor research
  21. 21. @davefreeman Image here @davefreeman Identify the optimal format for your content JUST GOOGLE IT
  22. 22. @davefreeman@davefreeman Create your content based around intent rather than the search query as consumer intent, not query, powers todays search results.
  23. 23. @davefreeman@davefreeman Add appropriate calls to action aligned to that intent What is the next intended action for the consumer? Ensure the next step is clear and easy to action
  24. 24. @davefreeman@davefreeman Don’t forget we’re focussed on the consumer search experience
  25. 25. @davefreeman@davefreeman A great page title, Meta Description and H1 can make a big difference Conversion Ranking
  26. 26. @davefreeman@davefreeman Treatwell: across a large set of pages, simple title, Meta and H1 optimisation made a big difference… Average ranking 6.6% increase CTR 6.7% increase Bounce rate 0.37% decrease Conversion rate 31% increase
  27. 27. @davefreeman@davefreeman Which is why it’s important to understand marginal gains theory
  28. 28. @davefreeman@davefreeman Finally, ensure the relevant technical optimisation is present There’s a bunch of great talks on this area today.
  29. 29. @davefreeman@davefreeman This approach propelled Kia to No1 in organic search market share First manufacturer to launch category pages Placed reviews front and center No link building required to achieve this
  30. 30. @davefreeman@davefreeman Nationwide also gained No1 organic market share vs. direct competitors following these principals Titles and Meta Description optimised using paid search insight Editorial focus on guides and life stage content No link building required to achieve this Consumer focused IA and navigation to surface the most relevant content
  31. 31. @davefreeman@davefreeman In summary Test content to maximise traffic and conversion rate Discover content needs across all stages of the content journey from the search engine through to conversion Create content for the consumer not the search engine Identify the optimal format for your content
  32. 32. @davefreeman@davefreeman Thank @davefreeman