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How Agile Technical SEO Can Add Value To Your SEO Campaign, by Adam Gent


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Google is constantly evolving and a webmaster’s ability to react to changes is key to any successful SEO campaign. However, what happens when you can’t get technical SEO recommendations over the line? This slideshow focuses on how you can be more Agile and implement technical SEO recommendations that add value.

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How Agile Technical SEO Can Add Value To Your SEO Campaign, by Adam Gent

  1. 1. Agile & Technical SEO ADAM GENT
  2. 2. “It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change.” CHARLES DARWIN
  3. 3. @Adoublegent SEO industry Survey
  4. 4. @Adoublegent Why are SEOs waiting so long? “Technical debt is a concept in programming that reflects extra work due to short term solutions applied on a website, rather than applying the best overall solution.” Technical Debt on Wikipedia
  5. 5. @Adoublegent Start 4 months on… Technical debt in action (current campaign)
  6. 6. @Adoublegent • Client brief • Insights and Market Research • Technical SEO Analysis • Solid SEO Strategy • Business Case • Prioritised SEO action list • Technical briefs for actions VS It’s not just about technical debt • Marketing budget restrictions • Legal restrictions on tech changes • Client team development resource • Time • Business prioritises
  7. 7. @Adoublegent Every client campaign is different
  8. 8. @Adoublegent
  9. 9. @Adoublegent Agile Methodology “The Agile methodology is a project management movement which seeks an alternative to traditional waterfall project management processes.” Agile Methodology
  10. 10. 1. Think about your overall SEO/digital strategy 2. Understand your web technology 3. Recognise what you can’t do 4. Identify alternative methods 5. Test, test and test again
  12. 12. 1. Understand your website
  13. 13. @AdoublegentSource: BuiltWith - Content Management System (CMS) A few (brief) examples, can you update: 1. Title Tags 2. Meta descriptions 3. Canonical tags 4. Meta robots (e.g. noindex) 5. Robots.txt 6. URLs 7. Content 8. Images 9. Image alt text
  14. 14. @Adoublegent SEO modules/extensions/plugins for your CMS DRUPAL - WORDPRESS – MAGENTO – SITECORE – JOOMLA – KENTICO - They can help to reduce technical (SEO) debt and get actions complete!
  15. 15. @Adoublegent Client who has actively optimised organic search snippets Client who can’t change organic search snippets
  16. 16. @Adoublegent Web Server/hosting A few brief examples, can you update: 1. 301 redirect maps 2. Global redirect rules (e.g. non-slash URLs to slash URLs) 3. Page level 301 redirects 4. Log files
  17. 17. @Adoublegent Log file Analysis 99% 1% Live HTML URLs crawled by Googlebot over over 24 hours Not in internal link structure Canonical Link Parameter URLs Actual webpages we want to be crawled The Ultimate Guide to Log File Analysis – Builtvisibile
  18. 18. 2. Recognise what you can’t do
  19. 19. @Adoublegent Can complete list Can’t complete list SEO Strategy Prioritised technical SEO action list Developer Queue
  20. 20. 3. Alternative methods
  21. 21. 40% of consumers will leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to load. Source: Think with Google
  22. 22. @Adoublegent CloudFlare
  23. 23. @Adoublegent CloudFlare Off CloudFlare On 6.17 secs 2.39 secs Pingdom Page Speed Tool
  24. 24. @Adoublegent +61% in 30 mins… Page Load Speed …It impacts the entire site (not just 1 webpage).
  25. 25. @Adoublegent HTTP/2 is now standard More on HTTP/2 here.
  26. 26. @Adoublegent BUT need to make you aware… • There are rare cases it causing ranking drops • To reduce risk to SEO performance: o Get your own custom SSL certificate (before the switch to CloudFlare) o Upload your own SSL certificate (with a business or enterprise package) o Get your own unique IP address o Configure CloudFlare dashboard Guide: Cloudflare SEO issues and how to protect yourself –
  27. 27. “Google’s indexing system can render web pages more like an average user's browser with JavaScript turned on.” Source: Webmaster Central
  28. 28. @Adoublegent Document Object Model “The Document Object Model (DOM) is a programming interface for HTML, XHTML and XML documents. It provides a structured representation of the document as a tree.” DOM Wikipedia Find out more on the DOM here.
  29. 29. @Adoublegent JavaScript can manipulate the DOM “"The DOM allows programs and scripts to dynamically access and update the content, structure, and style of a document." W3C JAVASCRIPT DOM
  30. 30. @Adoublegent Allows us to add custom JavaScript to a webpage. Google Tag Manager
  31. 31. @Adoublegent Enter your custom JavaScript and JQuery here. GTM can change a webpage’s DOM without a developer (but still keep them in the loop)
  32. 32. @Adoublegent Schema Markup (JSON) Google Search Console
  33. 33. @Adoublegent Noindex meta robots Before After
  34. 34. @Adoublegent JavaScript redirect Page A Page B
  35. 35. @Adoublegent GTM possibilities are endless  Add/update Meta Tags  Add/update Schema (JSON)  Add/update Content  Add/update Images Google Tag Manager is on the rise. If you don’t have it installed, then I suggest you get it!
  36. 36. “Adding hreflang to a site is ‘informing’ Google that the site is offering content for queries in a specific language, tailored for a specific region of the world.” Source: Branded3
  37. 37. @Adoublegent Hreflang tag generator Hreflang tool – The Media Flow
  38. 38. International SEO for Norton UK Results 189% Increase in SEO visits YOY DE Results 50% Increase in SEO visits YOY IT Results 59% Increase in SEO visits YOY FR Results 292% Increase in SEO visits YOY @Adoublegent
  39. 39. 4. Test
  40. 40. @Adoublegent Branded3’s contact us page CloudFlare broke the thank you animation broke on our contact us page. Users weren’t sent to the thank you page but left on the contact us page. It was quickly fixed using the page rule feature though!
  41. 41. @Adoublegent Always test your tools before you deploy them live!
  42. 42. 1. Think about your overall SEO/digital strategy 2. Understand your web technology 3. Recognise what you can’t do 4. Identify alternative methods 5. Test, test and test again
  43. 43. Thank you @Adoublegent