Digital Futures: Getting ROI from Social Media - Georgia Halston


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Georgia takes a detailed look at why investment in Social Media is a justifiable spend for your business and what return on investment you can achieve from effectively utilising its channels.

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  • It’s all about testingMeticulously count the number of issues that come in through social month on month
  • , it may be apparent to the client their end goal (increased traffic, conversions etc.) but it is not apparent to you and if you turn up at the end of the month and say hey I’ve got you a thousand followers they will say, so? What does this mean?
  • Broadband Choices exampleWhen it comes to the rise in engagement levels on channels and even general following it is hard to attribute the work of a single campaign but when it comes to Google analytics it can be a lot easier. Using a tool like a URL builder, you can tag URLs with a unique Urchen Tracking Module (UTM) code so when it comes to tracking, again you can get the numbers that are attributed to the efforts of even a single tweet or Facebook post.
  • Digital Futures: Getting ROI from Social Media - Georgia Halston

    1. 1. Social Media and ROIby @GeorgiaHalston
    2. 2. What I will be talking aboutWhy Business Needs Social• Awareness/Authority• SEO Benefit• CRM• The Social Arms RaceSocial Reporting• What you need to report on• Social monitoring tools• On-platform insights• Google analytics• DIY ROI
    3. 3. Why Business Needs Social
    4. 4. Awareness/AuthorityDumb Ways to Die• The Public Transport Authority in Melbourne, Australia• 41 million views on Youtube• Tumblr featuring gifs from the video• Microsite where you can buy the song on iTunes – 33k Likes, 290 Tweets• Remains within the collective consciousness
    5. 5. SEO Benefit
    6. 6. SEO BenefitSharing
    7. 7. SEO BenefitGoogle+• Authorship• Optimising your G+ title tags• Embedding post links• Super fast URL crawl from a post
    8. 8. SEO BenefitGoogle+How to do it better• Fill out your profile• Post your content• Search for authority figures (• Make connections – Google+ Communities
    9. 9. CRMPeople Hate Call Centres• Waiting times• Pillar to post• Confusing menus• Calls being dropped• Information lost in translation• CostPeople do not stay quiet about it!
    10. 10. CRMIt’s all about testing• Meticulously count the number of issues that come in through social month on month• Test the time of a social reply in comparison to a telephone conversation• Social CRM savings can be calculated by comparisonBenefits• Automated replies that take seconds to make bespoke• Sending links is much easier• Gain followers through the DM process
    11. 11. The Social Arms RaceWhere the brands are: From Technorati Media
    12. 12. The Social Arms RaceWhere the audience is:Points to consider:• What platforms are relevant to your brand?• How much time/resource can you justify? From Neilson
    13. 13. Social Reporting
    14. 14. What you need to report on• From the very beginning you need to decide with your client what you want from your social efforts: o Followers? o Engagement?• Why? o The why is far more important, you should always be asking this o Never let someone tell you they want more followers without asking why
    15. 15. Social Monitoring ToolsThe two sides of social monitoringSocial Listening• Social Mention• Radian 6• Sysomos• Social RadarMonitoring your own platforms• Social Report• Followerwonk• Sprout Social• Adobe Social
    16. 16. Social Monitoring ToolsSocial Mention
    17. 17. On-platform InsightsFacebook Twitter
    18. 18. On-platform Insights YouTube Pinterest
    19. 19. Competitor AnalysisNever stop spying• Keep up with engagement figures• Check out their strategy• Don’t be afraid to position yourself as the antidote to another brand’s poison, social is a window in their world and how their customers really feel
    20. 20. Google AnalyticsGetting StartedThe first thing you need to do in terms of setting up your analytics properly is to add yoursocial accounts so you can start accumulating traffic data from day one:
    21. 21. Google AnalyticsGoalsConsider:• Your onsite KPI’s • Any on-action considered valuable to your company e.g. purchases on an e-commerce site, filling in a contact form, carrying out a poll, clicking on a certain offer for more information etc.Your goal can be completely dependent on what you want for your company
    22. 22. Google AnalyticsGoalsExample 1: A nascent organisationlooking for general brand awarenessthrough their social efforts.• Traffic sources suffice
    23. 23. Google AnalyticsGoalsExample 2: A larger, more establishedcompany may be looking for say, moreinterest in sign-ups to a form on their site.Needs to be set up as a goal
    24. 24. Google AnalyticsE-commerce• E-commerce is a lot easier to track and will give you a concrete ROI figure from social referral through to conversion.• You can track this by simply selecting the Conversions tab in the social section of the Traffic Sources menu.
    25. 25. Google AnalyticsE-commerce• Typically, this is the sort of information you will be faced with:
    26. 26. Google AnalyticsNon E-commerce Sites• Refer back to you’re the client’s goals as a whole• Your client or company should already be able to attribute a monetary value to on-site actions• Example: An enquiry form entry is worth on average £5 to your company or client.
    27. 27. Google AnalyticsSocial Campaign Management• Google analytics it can be a lot easier.• Using a tool like a URL builder, you can tag URLs with a unique Urchin Tracking Module (UTM)• Attribute traffic to even a single tweet or Facebook post.
    28. 28. Google AnalyticsPaid Social Advertising• You can tag URLs with a UTM to distinguish paid for advertising traffic:• Analytics offers you a unique visitor insight
    29. 29. DIY ROIPeer Index• Rewards customers with a social scoring systemBuilding your own system• Create interest• Create brand ambassadors• Create an on-going, meaningful relationship• Nail down the value of a Like
    30. 30. DIY ROIChannel 4’s Scrapbook• Stylised for its audience• Mimics pin board elements of Pinterest• Keeps their audience engaged online• Gives an insight into their audience with rich data being stored
    31. 31. Questions?•• @georgiahalston on Twitter
    32. 32. Resources• Google Analytics URL Builder -• Google Analytics Social Reports -• Peer Index -• Social Mention -• Radian 6 -• Sysomos -• Social Report -• Followerwonk -• Sprout Social -• Adobe Social -• On Hold With -