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An insight into the channels, platforms and tools that are helping brands achieve social media success. Stephen Creek will examine the latest social media trends and give advice on best practice across a range of social media.

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  • Vimeo version of ad allows users to make their own tracks and share sociallyOld Spice agencyWieden & Kennedy Terry Crews took questions from fans on Reddit
  • Survey of over 500 marketing professionals at B2B and B2C companies showed that search marketing produces more leads.But consider the size of the search industry worldwide – clearly social media has lots of rooms to grow into yet.
  • The ROI of Social Media management and campaigns is becoming evermore apparent through figures like these.While user journeys are often hard to track, we are fast approaching a time when budget managers won’t be able to dismiss the value of social.Play.com grew audience from 75,000 to 350,000 in last 12 months
  • Social media inspires purchases, particularly channels like PinterestPinterest is set to remove invite-only policy, and will launch a series of apps“almost half of all social media users interact directly with retailers via social”
  • Stats from SocialBakers.comUSA, Brazil & India have biggest Facebook populationsFacebook is essential for brands, but shouldn’t detract from Twitter focusAll down to engagement
  • Twitter might seem like old news, but it continues to grow at paceLaunch of Twitter advertising in UK is a game changer for brands
  • The fact that Twitter handles so many search queries should be on everyone’s radar.Search within social is growing, and Twitter is creating more ways for you to take advantage of that through Twitter advertisingB2B conversations are happening on Twitter!
  • Receiving deals and clicking on adverts is increasingly becoming a mobile activity.A focus on mobile is still a glaring opportunity for many brands.
  • This is a key graph for brands contemplating TwitterData from compete.comMetrics for Facebook fans all about 10% lower
  • The Big Tent is an interesting Google venture that might have slipped under people’s radar.It has been running for two years, with some interesting events, but hasn’t grabbed the imagination like TED has yet.Google must be hoping for growth here.
  • MattCutts = head of webspam team at google.
  • The vision for Google+ is “not just a social network”. They want it to be “the home for every bit of activity on every Google product” and “the way that people share Google’s knowledge”The +1 on page is “the most successful seller innovation in Google history in terms of CTR”“Going into Google+ half-heartedly will make your brand look bad”
  • Google wants companies to be using all its products, perhaps theorising that once brands are all using Google, users will too.
  • A client for whom we ran Facebook campaigns throughout AugustAlready built a good audience – we just upped the engagement with likeable activity.
  • Facebook activity translated into checkins on the ground.
  • Promoted posts on Facebook have given brands the power to reach new audiences, as posts appear in the feeds of fans and their friends.Targeted posting opens up new opportunities to target specific groups.
  • This graph shows the level of Facebook post audience penetration around May this year.Data gathered from across many different Facebook brand pages.
  • Pinned over 10,000 times on Pinterest
  • Free up to 1,000 mentions per month5,000 mentions per month = $9.9910,000 mentions per month = $99.99100,000 mentions per month = $199.99
  • Evan William, co-founder of BloggerMedium is a new publishing company, sorts post by TOPIC rather than authorTakes Pinterest’s idea of collections and brings it to text. Users can vote up content, like on Digg.
  • Less duplicate posts, more control.
  • User generated, can follow users with similar tastes.With just 250,000 users, high-end Pinterest competitor Fancyhas a few serious competitive advantages: The backing of PPR, the French conglomerate that owns fashion brands such as Gucci and BottegaVeneta, a board that includes Jack Dorsey ofTwitter and Square and original Facebooker Chris Hughes;endorsements from celebrities like Kanye West; a tight-knit community of curators churning out top-notch content and charting the taste graph; and as of today, a social commerce platform that allows brands and merchants to sell products directly from Fancy.
  • Highlight: shows people near you also using the app, shares your common interests & mutual friends etcBanjo: find out what’s happening in particular places by getting updates from other banjoersLocalmind: sits on top of foursquare, allows you to pose questions to people in places. Can also ‘ask experts’ about places.Sonar: uncovers connections you share with people nearby.
  • Backed by Eric Schmidt and Oprah WinfreyConnect via social account to ‘wire’ out your chosen video content
  • “A Like that doesn't come from someone truly interested in connecting with a Page benefits no one”
  • Mocking brands that make poor attempts to be likeable.
  • Wolframalpha is a knowledge based search engine, like a MUCH better version of askjeeves
  • B3 Seminar: What's Hot in Social Media - Stephen Creek

    1. 1. What’s Hot in Social MediaWhat’s HOT inSocial Mediaby Steve Creek
    2. 2. What’s Hot in Social MediaToday’s talk Stats on the big channels and networks Recent Branded3 work New sites & tools What should you be doing? Things to be aware of… Something fun!
    3. 3. What’s Hot in Social MediaWhat’s hot? This guy… After only 7 days: • Over 6 million views • 12,900 likes • 406 comments
    4. 4. What’s Hot in Social MediaStatistics
    5. 5. What’s Hot in Social MediaWhy Social Media is HOTSource: http://socialfresh.com/search-vs-social-infographic/
    6. 6. What’s Hot in Social MediaWhy Social Media is HOT• Play.com’s Facebook fans spend 24% more than non-fans• Facebook referral customers spent 30% more than an average customer in their first year of using the Play.com website• Cider brand Bulmers says its fans are worth £3.82 a week more than non-fans, or £198.64 per year• Eventbrite claims a Facebook share is worth £2.25 compared to £1.80 on Twitter• Hitwise data shows that new Facebook fans are equivalent in terms of value to 20 extra visits to websitevia: http://www.digit-ally.co.uk
    7. 7. What’s Hot in Social MediaWhy Social Media is HOT• Social shopping = purchases influenced and inspired by social media• eBay research suggests social shopping is set to more than double by 2014• Social shopping currently worth £1.6 billion (£210 million UK)• Set to hit £3.3billion by 2014 (£290 million UK)• Head of mobile shopping at eBay, Petra Jung:“There’s a billion pound prize for UK retailers in using social to help customers make uptheir minds when they’re looking to buy something.”
    8. 8. What’s Hot in Social MediaFacebook137,644,000 unique visitors per monthAverage monthly usage per person: 7 hours 45 minutesFastest growing Facebook populations:1. France2. Japan3. UK4. Brazil5. India
    9. 9. What’s Hot in Social MediaTwitterIt took Twitter three years, twomonths and one day to reachits first billion tweets.IT NOW REPEATS THATEVERY THREE DAYS!
    10. 10. What’s Hot in Social Media“Twitter handles more search queries per month than Bing and Yahoo combined – 32 billion” Source: Twitter internal data
    11. 11. What’s Hot in Social MediaSource: Twitter internal data
    12. 12. What’s Hot in Social Media
    13. 13. What’s Hot in Social MediaWhat is Google up to?Google aiming to emulate the worldwide successof TED talks with its Big Tent discussionsThe YouTube channel has only 368 subscribers and33,000 viewsBy comparison, TED has 467,812 subscribers andover 127 million views
    14. 14. What’s Hot in Social MediaWhat is Matt Cutts saying?Infographics:“In principle, there’s nothing wrong with the concept of aninfographic… but if the information it’s based on is simplywrong, then it’s misleading people.”Social signals & search:Google can do “a relatively good job” of telling how manytimes a page has been shared/Liked/tweeted. But Google isa little leery of relying on social as a signal. Google crawls 20billion pages a day.Does Google+ help rankings?”Google doesn’t put a lot of weight on +1s yet” but willexperiment.
    15. 15. What’s Hot in Social MediaFrom the mouth of“The success of Google+ is business critical. It is the glue that binds our products together. If itdoesn’t work, we’re dead.”Google+ currently has 250million users and 1million brands as it approaches its first birthday.“In theory, social interactions on Google+ will boost your PPC campaign in future”“+1’d content will rank higher”
    16. 16. What’s Hot in Social MediaGoogle for businessesA mobile version of Google+ for enterprise usersMore administrative controlsAdministrators can now set company-wide defaults for post restrictionsRestricted Hangouts to facilitate private meetings
    17. 17. What’s Hot in Social MediaRecent Branded3 work
    18. 18. What’s Hot in Social Media
    19. 19. What’s Hot in Social Media
    20. 20. What’s Hot in Social Media
    21. 21. What’s Hot in Social Media“Research from allfacebook.com andEdgerank Checker shows that, on average,83% of your fans may not even be seeingyour posts. Facebook suggest as few as16% of fans are actually reached.That might explain the tumbleweed feelyou can get on Facebook”Marie Page, smartinsights.com
    22. 22. What’s Hot in Social Media
    23. 23. What’s Hot in Social MediaNew Sites & Tools
    24. 24. What’s Hot in Social MediaMention Monitors real-time web and social web mentions for brand, industry, company, name, competitors or other keywords. Free download Unlimited number of alerts Log in using Facebook or Twitter to reply directly to mentions through Mention Free at the basic level (1,000 mentions a month) and has a tiered cost plan based on usage
    25. 25. What’s Hot in Social MediaMedium “We believe that good design supports the purpose (not just the appeal) of content, so Medium is diverse in look and feel—ranging from different types of articles to images to, eventually, much more.” Evan Williams
    26. 26. What’s Hot in Social MediaLoveIt…the new Pinterest? • Private collections • Doesn’t claim rights to your content • Took a few days to get to 10,000 users (compared to Pinterest’s 9 months) • Generates suggestions based on your interests
    27. 27. What’s Hot in Social MediaFancy - Allows you to see prices - Exclusive deals - Perfect monetisation of social? - User base of over half a million within two months of launching - Generates more content than Pinterest, average of 66 posts per user (compared to 3)
    28. 28. What’s Hot in Social MediaLocation-based networks
    29. 29. What’s Hot in Social MediaNews curation networks: Waywire • Turning web users into news editors • Register with an email address, sync up your social accounts to distribute your news • Invite only at the moment • In future, users will be able to cut original news clips to create their own take on breaking world news
    30. 30. What’s Hot in Social MediaSocial TV • Apps that allow viewers to check in to TV shows are popular in the States • The likes of Viggle offer users movie tickets, music, gift cards and special discounts on products • Zeebox is the most popular UK equivalent, offering enhanced viewing through live stats and interactive competitions • Trendrr provides social data around TV
    31. 31. What’s Hot in Social MediaWhat should you be doing on Social Media?• Creating content (preferably exclusive)• Making unique offers to your audience• Innovating• Running regular campaigns• Driving engagement as well as growth
    32. 32. What’s Hot in Social MediaThings to be mindful of…
    33. 33. What’s Hot in Social MediaThings to be mindful of…
    34. 34. What’s Hot in Social MediaThings to be mindful of…
    35. 35. What’s Hot in Social MediaAnd finally…Something fun!Wolframalpha.com
    36. 36. What’s Hot in Social MediaQuestions?Stephen.Creek@branded3.comhttp://www.branded3.com/http://www.closetotheveg.com/