B3 Seminar: Delivering truly future-proof SEO campaigns - Patrick Altoft


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With SEO becoming harder every year, delivering long-term success is the only way agencies can generate positive ROI for clients. This session will look at how SEO has changed recently and how brands need to adapt and future proof their SEO campaigns with a view to delivering 5+ year sustainability.

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B3 Seminar: Delivering truly future-proof SEO campaigns - Patrick Altoft

  1. 1. Being
  2. 2. SEO Tactic Lifecycle Spammers Early adopters Hit it hard Been & gone LOL Affiliates Early adopters Winning Profit Fast Moving Agencies Small Scaling Hammering it Trying to Stop In-house No awareness Awareness Awaiting Signoff Awaiting Resource
  3. 3. How did we get in this mess?
  4. 4. Do it the easy way
  5. 5. Clients Has budget, needs results fast Has budget & is happy to wait for results No budget, happy to wait for results No budget, needs results fast
  6. 6. SEO’s need links, so we use a tool to buy them in bulk
  7. 7. Matt Cutts gets upset about paid links SEO’s ignore him and continue to adopt paid links as a strategy for the next 9 years
  8. 8. Syndication
  9. 9. Social media allows SEO’s to build more natural links Rather than working on great content, we form an underground voting group & use it to control all the social sites
  10. 10. SEO’s created platforms to make it really easy to buy as many paid blog posts as we could afford
  11. 11. Maybe Google is onto something here…
  12. 12. 4 years after Matt Cutts warned us about paid links, the SEO industry starts to realise they are too risky, so we decide to build free links instead. Of course, we automate this using link networks & tools
  13. 13. SEO’s notice that guest blogging is a more natural way of building links We create a community where people too lazy to write content themselves can find SEO’s willing to post terrible content onto equally terrible blogs. No money changes hands, what could go wrong?
  14. 14. “Content is king” Bill Gates, CEO, Microsoft
  15. 15. Most people were thankful that they didn’t get this message and carried on with building natural links with guest blog posts
  16. 16. Being
  17. 17. "For example, if you're to look at sites that are popular, for example porn sites are very popular, but people tend not to link to porn sites. On the other hand, if you take something like the Wisconsin real estate board, probably not a ton of people go there, but quite a few people do link to government websites."
  18. 18. Thank you! Get in touch: patrick@branded3.com @patrickaltoft