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Agility in SEO, by Mike Jeffs - Figaro Digital -Sep 2016


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In the world of search, brands are still struggling to make changes to their site, their strategy and their technology. It’s not possible to avoid changing your site – the technology is always evolving and at a quicker pace. Mike runs through some experiences of the benefit of agility has for clients and agencies alike.

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Agility in SEO, by Mike Jeffs - Figaro Digital -Sep 2016

  1. 1. @mikerjeffs @branded_3 @figaro_digital Agility in SEO Mike Jeffs Branded3 13th September 2016
  2. 2. @mikerjeffs @branded_3 @figaro_digital Be there#1 Be useful#2 #3 Be quick
  3. 3. @mikerjeffs @branded_3 @figaro_digital #roalddahlday #roalddahl100
  4. 4. @mikerjeffs @branded_3 @figaro_digital ‘Roald Dahl’ Last 5 Years Source: Google Trends
  5. 5. @mikerjeffs @branded_3 @figaro_digital
  6. 6. @mikerjeffs @branded_3 @figaro_digital
  7. 7. @mikerjeffs @branded_3 @figaro_digital Todonewsjacking You need 1 of 3 things
  8. 8. @mikerjeffs @branded_3 @figaro_digital Data#1 Creative An opinion #2 #3
  9. 9. @mikerjeffs @branded_3 @figaro_digital Brand search Sentiment Authority Relevance Freshness is listening to… Engagement Satisfaction Structure Quality On-site Off-site Mentions Links Social BuildDesign Content Technical The current Organic landscape
  10. 10. @mikerjeffs @branded_3 @figaro_digital Zero Moment of Truth
  11. 11. @mikerjeffs @branded_3 @figaro_digital
  12. 12. @mikerjeffs @branded_3 @figaro_digital
  13. 13. @mikerjeffs @branded_3 @figaro_digital Results Top 5 For “cruises” and “cruise” – previously on the second page 4th For “cruise deals” – up from the second page, saving £28,065/month on AdWords traffic 46% Increase in YOY organic traffic 900% Attributable ROI in analytics
  14. 14. @mikerjeffs @branded_3 @figaro_digital Micro Moments
  15. 15. @mikerjeffs @branded_3 @figaro_digital Source: Think with Google
  16. 16. @mikerjeffs @branded_3 @figaro_digital Source: The pace of change
  17. 17. @mikerjeffs @branded_3 @figaro_digital Daily Information Needs
  18. 18. @mikerjeffs @branded_3 @figaro_digital One third of queries go unanswered. Source:
  19. 19. @mikerjeffs @branded_3 @figaro_digital
  20. 20. @mikerjeffs @branded_3 @figaro_digital Local queries
  21. 21. @mikerjeffs @branded_3 @figaro_digital Data from states that 74% of mobile bookings are made for same-day check-in Source:
  22. 22. @mikerjeffs @branded_3 @figaro_digital Ebay Ebay and Google are working on: SMART BUTTONS like ‘buy it now’ and ‘add to cart’ INPUT ELEMENTS like search boxes and check boxes Source:
  23. 23. @mikerjeffs @branded_3 @figaro_digital Transactional Search Source:
  24. 24. @mikerjeffs @branded_3 @figaro_digital High impact Low impact FutureImmediate • HTTPS • Internal site search • Link acquisition • Meta titles + H1 tags • Meta descriptions • Reducing duplication • Updating redirects • ALT tags • Content strategy • AMP • Improving site speed • Social integration
  25. 25. @mikerjeffs @branded_3 @figaro_digital Questions?