Forget the Shopper Mom; It's All About the SoLoMo Mom


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The days where dad and the kids were the consumers and mom was the shopper are gone. Mom is now driving the consumption behavior. Why? Because, according to her SoLoMo behaviors, she has moved past the "gaming mom" and has now become much more aware of products and benefits. She is getting aware on social sites, and she is researching on parenting blogs and then making the buying choices for her family. Her multimedia consumption is leading to faster, smarter and better buying decisions. Join us as we take a look at media engagement and activating the SoLoMo Mom. We will look at the differences in how media behavior, geography, culture and other demographics impact these statistics.

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Forget the Shopper Mom; It's All About the SoLoMo Mom

  1. 1. Forget  The  Shopper  Mom…   It's  all  about  the  SoLoMo  Mom  
  2. 2.   Today  we  are  going  to  see  how  SoLoMo  is  changing   the  way  Moms  are  interac=ng  with  Brands.   2  
  3. 3. 3   About  Us   Past  Crea=ons:   Story  Currently  Being  wriEen:   Chicago   Digitas:  Technology  and  marke=ng   solu=ons     Beam  Global  Spirits  and  Wine:   Premium  Spirits  Brands     Inspiring  new  and  crea=ve  ways  to   engage  consumers   Barbara  Liss   Director  Digital/Social  Media  Quaker  Foods  at  PepsiCo   Home   San  Francisco   Rhythm  NewMedia:    mobile  video   adver=sing     Buysight:    Now  AOL,  behavior   targe=ng   Making  Offline  and  Online   ac=onable  for  Brands   Past  Crea=ons:   Story  Currently  Being  WriEen:   Rajat  Shroff   VP  Products  at   Home  
  4. 4.   SoLoMo  (Social  Local  Mobile)  is  changing  the   way  people  are  interac=ng  and  learning   about  Brands  and  Products.                         Source:  ITZPublishing   Every  1  minute:   4   2000%  increase  in  social   data  shared  from  2005  to  2013  
  5. 5. Yesterday’s  mom  (Early  2000s)…   5  
  6. 6. She  wasn’t  as   digitally  connected   >  3  hours   <  1  hour   2012   2002   Average  =me  mom  spends   online  in  24  hours   Source:  Edison  Research  2012   6  
  7. 7.         Average  number   of  online  friends   Dad:   96   Mom:70   33%   26%   Have  friended   their  kid  on  a   social  network   Source  Voxox   The  Family  (Kids  +  Dad)  Were   The  Ones  Online   7  
  8. 8. “Mom,  I  really  want  this!”   “Ok….”     Therefore,  The  Family  Drove  The   Consump=on  Behavior   8  
  9. 9. Brands  fine  tuned  their  messaging   based  on  this  behavior   Shopper   Consumer   9  
  10. 10. SoLoMo  has  Changed  Everything…….   10  
  11. 11. Today’s  Mom   She  is  Connected   Moms  spend  6.1  hours   per  day  on  average  on   their  smartphones.     She  is  Social   Nearly  1  out  of  3   minutes  a  mom  spends  online  is   on  Facebook                           She  is  aware  of  things…   11  
  12. 12. Mom  Clubs  Have  Given  Way  To  Online   Communi=es  That  Are  Fully  Connected   12   80%  of  working  mothers  use  message  boards  or  forums    75%  naming  it  as  one  of  the  top  two  most  valued  resources  for  informaKon  
  13. 13. “Mom,  I  really  want  this!”   The  Consump=on  Behavior  Now  Has  a   Major  Influencer   “I  know  you  do,  but  my  social   community  told  me  of   something  be?er”   13  
  14. 14. Brands  Need  To  Change  How   They  Drive  Consump=on   Consump=on   Influencer   Consumer   14  
  15. 15. 15   About  The  SoLoMo  Mom  
  16. 16. 93%  of  moms  have  internet  access  at   any  loca=on   16  
  17. 17. Internet  Is  Mom’s  #1  source  for  info  on   products  and  services   Source  Google  2012-­‐moms-­‐digital-­‐path-­‐to-­‐purchase_research-­‐studies   17  
  18. 18. 77%  of  moms  follow  1  or  more  brands  on  social  media   23%  follow  10  or  more  brands   18  
  19. 19. Type  of  Social  Media  that  most  affects  the   purchase  decisions  of  US  mom  internet   users     Source:Marketer   Blogs  18.3%   Friends’  opinions   online   20.7%   Product     Reviews   49.5%   19  
  20. 20. Mom’s  that  have  made  a  purchase  as  a   result  of  a  recommenda=on  on  a  social  site   (Source:  Sta,sta).   20  
  21. 21. What  Does  This  Mean  for  Brands?   21  
  22. 22.   Stay  With  The  Consumer  Out-­‐Reach,  But  Stop   Trea=ng  The  Mom  Only  As  “The  Shopper”   Consump=on   Influencer   Consumer   22  
  23. 23. HOW?   Make  An  Impact    At  the  Right  Place  and  The  Right  Time   23  
  24. 24. Social:  Content  that  MaEers  
  25. 25. Mobile:  Beyond  the  Banner  
  26. 26. Local:  Personal  to  Her  
  27. 27. 27        connects     Brands  to    Consumers  and  Shoppers   We  are  a  naKonal  focused  digital  adverKsing  plaSorm  driving  consumer   awareness  and  in  store  purchase  with  unrivaled  efficiency   Leading  to  up  to  50%  Increase  In  Sales  
  28. 28. What Sets Us Apart  Valassis  Offline  soluKons,  together  with  Digital  soluKons,   are  with  your  consumers  along  the  enKre  path  to   purchase     35  billion+  inserts   distributed  via     Shared  Mail   70  billion+  FSI   pages  distributed    6  billion+  solo   newspaper  inserts   distributed   12  billion+  display   impressions  served   (PC,  Tablet  &  Mobile)   1.2  million+  AdverKsing   Signs  and  Coupons  In  Store  
  29. 29. Sharpshooters®     ONLINE     Syndicated  offers  more  data  sources  than   compe==on     ONLINE     Proprietary   OFFLINE     Syndicated   OFFLINE     Proprietary   TradiKonal  digital   targeKng  approach…  extends  beyond  tradiKonal  digital  targeKng     to  include  addiKonal  online  and  offline  data  sets…  
  30. 30. Efficient   Reach  provides  the  high   precision  of  tradiKonal  online   targeKng  in  combinaKon  with   expanded  reach  uKlizing  offline   targeKng.     ONLINE  DATA   •  High  precision   •  Limited  reach     OFFLINE   •  Expanded  reach   •  Quality  precision   The  approach  to   Efficient  Reach  
  31. 31. THANK YOU 31