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Brandcom PR agency provides full-scale service in the field of public relations: from strategic consultancy to effective PR programs implementation

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Brandcom credentials

  1. 1. brandcom Public Relations Agency Agency’s Credentials
  2. 2. “ Brandcom – is the team inspired by creativity and interestingcommunication projects entrusted to us by our Clients. It is a teamof professionals where quality and constant development is a dailystandard. Brandcom – is a team that I personally love and our clientsrespect. Brandcom – is the team, ready to work for you startingtoday! Iryna Petriv
  3. 3. [ Contents ] 4-5 6-7 8 9-13 About us Team Expertise Services 14-17 18-19 20-65 3Cooperation Clients Projects
  4. 4. 41 /About us
  5. 5. Why Brandcom? Brandcom brand & corporate communications agency [ Unique experience of media relations and tight connections with key media of Ukraine ensures qualified development and implementation of non-standard projects [ Unique experience of development and implementation of integratedBrandcom/ projects with national coverage [ Successful experience in new me- dia, pool of active profiles in social net- works, connections with TOP Ukrainian bloggersB randcom agency was established in 2007 by experts in the field of indirect communications.Agency has experience of large-scale communication projects:• national program “Ukraine is a heart of Europe” by Kyivstar company, dedicated to EurovisionSong Contest 2005;• national program “Your country. Your football. Your Kyivstar”, dedicated to support of WorldCup 2006;• unique program “Rexona. You are a superwoman!”, dedicated to Rexona deodorant productsupport;• national Quest “Samsung Galaxy Quest: World with no limits”, dedicated to Samsung GalaxyS II smartphone launch;• national charity program «Together We Win» by Kyivstar company.Brandcom provides full-scale services in the field of public relations: from strategic consultancyto implementation of effective PR programs.In 4 years of its functioning, Brandcom has implemented more than 70 communicationprojects for leaders of the Ukrainian market.
  6. 6. Iryna Petriv Artem Kolesnyk Managing Director Partner Education: University of “Kyiv- Education: University of “Kyiv- Mohyla Academy”, MA in Mohyla Academy”, History of Journalism Philosophy; Professional background: 8 Taras Shevchenko National years experience in PR University of Kyiv, Journalism; Clients: Kyivstar, Samsung, Central European University, Nokia, Soyuz-Viktan, Gillette, Budapest, MA in Philosophy Unilever, Eurocar, BBH, Professional background: 11 Vitmark years experience in PR & GR Hobbies: football, tennis, books Hobbies: travelling/Team Marina Dadinova Olga Filipenko Client Service Business Director Development Director Education: National Academy of Management, Marketing Education: International Professional background: Christian University, Kyiv- 7 years experience of Vienna, Management; Marketing Communications Chartered Institute of PR, Clients: Kyivstar, Unilever, London, PR Gillette, Suntrade, SHAKE, Professional background: 7 Alef, Samsung years project management Hobbies: children, history of experience for Roche, Coca- 2 6 art, travelling cola, Alfa-Bank, I-box Clients: Kyivstar, Djuice, Samsung, iStore Hobbies: ballet
  7. 7. [ our teambrandcom Bukreev Danil Aleksandr Kucherenko Oksana Kirill IgorAnastasiya Guzova Ovsyannikova Tereshchenko Melnikov Denisyeva Moiseeva Viktoriya Evgeniya Kukhtik Iryna Maksim Stanislava Elena Chalenko Lipinskiy Padalka 7
  8. 8. Expertise/ 3 [ Telecommunications ] [ IT and audio-video ] [ FMCG ] [ Sports ] [ Cars ] [ Public organizations ] [ Show business and book publishing ] [ Banks and insurance companies ] [ Advertising and consulting agencies ]8
  9. 9. 4/Services9
  10. 10. Strong reputation We build reputation 14 Corporate PR/ 1. Reputation audit 2. Strategic planning and implementation of PR campaigns . Development of communication programs 3 4. Development of CSR programs . Development of internal PR programs 5 . Creation and support of informational sources (TV and10 6radio programs, internet resources, print editions) 7. Special events
  11. 11. 4 2 Brand PR/ Organization of special events aimed to boost1brand reputation . Informational and educational campaigns in2.media3.communications support marketing PR programs to . Management of sponsorship projects45. Celebrity marketing, work with opinion leaders . Viral marketing6 . Digital communications: Internet and mobile7marketing 11
  12. 12. 4 3 DigitalCommunications/ 1. Internet audit: reputation online [Analysis of brand [ Analysis of promotion tools . Development of communication strat- 2egy/ correction of existing situation: [ Choosing communication channels and pro- motion tools [ Determining KPIs for efficiency measure 3. Production:interactive design [Visual and [ Content copyright [ Photo and video production [ Development of promo-sites [ Online applications . Promotion: 4 [ Blogs [ Forums, portals12 [ Marketing in social networks [ Promo support [ Viral marketing
  13. 13. Media Relations/ 441. National level: [ Development of informational occasions and informational messages for media [ Press events for media: press conferences, round tables, press lunches, press briefings, press tours [ Composition and distribution of press releases [ Media support of brand events in business, specialized and sociopolitical edi- tions [ Media monitoring, press clipping composition [ Placement of image publications and video plots in Internet, print editions, TV channels [ Media projects efficiency estimate2 . Regional level: [ Strategic partnership with “Reform” network of press clubs in 25 regions of Ukraine [ Media support of brand events in regional media, media coverage control [ Press events for regional media 13 [ Cooperation with opinion leaders in 64 cities of Ukraine [ Media projects efficiency estimate
  14. 14. 145 /Cooperation
  15. 15. 1. Full-scale services:Determined scale of servicesFixed retainer2. Project services:Agency reward as project fee3. Risk management:Success fees 15
  16. 16. 1 5 Cooperation stages/ . . . . .1 2 3 4 5 Diagnostics Determination Development Adaptation Implementation of objectives of solutions of final offer16 6 . Estimate of results
  17. 17. 17
  18. 18. 186 /Clients
  19. 19. 19
  20. 20. 207 /Projects
  21. 21. 7 1 Offline Projects/ 7.1.1. Corporate PR 7.1.2. Brand PR 7.1.3. Special projects with media 7.1.4. Event marketing 21
  22. 22. 11 Corporate PR/ 7 [ Communicate More With Your Children! ] 1 Client: Kyivstar 2 Geography: national level 3 Task: bring attention to social problem – the gap of communication between children and parents22
  23. 23. 4 Solution: [ National research concerning problem of communication between parents and children [ Art-project in the center of Kyiv [ Maxi-single “The Warmth of Words” performed by Gaitana – a popular Ukrainian singer [ Launching family holidays in 21 cities of Ukraine [ Presentation of songs album for children. Charity gala concert for orphans from all over Ukraine [ Digital communication: development of innovative site of the program, work with blogs, forums, social networks, banner campaign [ Cooperation with 705 media nationwide Results:5 [ Large-scale free coverage: [ 169 publications in media [ 49 TV plots [ 370 publications online [ 23 radio programs [ The level of awareness among Ukrainians – 46% [ Approval of Kyivstar social initiative – 75% 23 [ Active discussion of social problem – 25%
  24. 24. 11 Corporate PR/ 7 [ DJUICE Grants ] 1 Client: Kyivstar 2 Geography: national level Task: develop idea and realize Grants social project for students to 3 popularize brand, modern Ukrainian music and student volunteer movement in Ukraine24
  25. 25. 4 Solution: [ Development and implementation of student grants contest [ Coordination of implementation of student projects and financing social initiatives of youth for realization of personal projects, dedicated to Ukrainian music popularization [ Development of pool of loyal student audience all over Ukraine [ Development of partner relationship with governmental organizations, regional and student media5 Results: [ Massive free media coverage: [ 50 print publications in media [ 10 TV plots [ 337 publications online [ 569 radio programs [ 5 festivals, 2 concerts, 3 student music record studios and one radio station have been launched. Special documentary about history of Ukrainian music has been filmed 25 [ Total coverage – 550 000 people
  26. 26. 11 Corporate PR/ 7 [ European 1 Client: Eurocar Auto Culture ] 2 Geography: national level Task: build up a system of SCR communications, aimed at 3 actualization and informational development of social responsibility project26
  27. 27. 4 Solution: Full-scale communication program of social responsibility: [ Work with opinion leaders about auto culture for topic actualization [ Educational program: 10 rules of European auto culture [ Integration into specialized events: - European Days in Ukraine - Driver’s Day - Gathering of young traffic control specialists [ Special project on Hit FM radio “Young foot-passenger” [ Development of program web-site5 Results: 52 000 direct contacts Free media coverage: [ 7 TV plots (2 paid out of 7) [ 8 publications in key automobile media and national socialpolitical newspapers 27 [ More than 30 publications online
  28. 28. 11 Corporate PR/ 7 [ KONTI. Round table for experts and journalists about trans fats ] 1 Client: Кonti 2 Geography: national level 3 Task: ensure informing of mass market about trans fats in confectionary and share KONTI’s attitude towards it28
  29. 29. 4 Solution: [ Organization of round table: rent of place, decoration of place [ Invitation of scientists specialized in food technologies and gastroenterology [ Generation of public discussion in press about trans fat including in confectionary [ Development of relations with editors and analytics of specialized editions5 Results: [ 21 press publications [ 5 TV news [ 38 publications online 29
  30. 30. 11 Corporate PR/ 7 [ Visit of president of Lithuania in Lithuanian Fair in NOVUS supermarket ] 1 Client: Novus 2 Geography: Rivne, Rivnenska region Task: in terms of official visit of the president of Lithuania to 2 Ukraine grant presence of media, and coverage on TV, in press and Internet30
  31. 31. 3 Solution: [ Formation of press-kit: - Composing press-release dedicated to official visit of the president of Lithuania to Ukraine - Business reference about NOVUS as an example of successful Lithuanian project [ Invitation of 45 key media to the event (TV, press, Internet) Results:4 Free media coverage: [ 4 publications in press [ 4 TV plots [ 80 publications online 31
  32. 32. 12 Brand PR/ 7 [ Quest “Samsung Galaxy S II: world with no limits” ] 1 Client: Samsung Electronics Ukraine 2 Geography: national level Task: introduce of Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone’s functionality 3 to target audience through the unique media project – quest through 7 Ukrainian cities with massive communication support32
  33. 33. 4 Solution: [ 4 teams were formed by opinion leaders and media partners representatives [ Tasks in quest were based on smartphone’s features and Android applications [ Media partnership with MTV Ukraine, KISS FM, and [ Educational program in press [ Recruiting of brand ambassadors5 Results: [ Real experience in using smartphone among opinion leaders who share their impressions among target audience in social networks [ Unique multimedia (photo, video) Galaxy S II content generated by users and ready to share online [ Massive coverage of target audience 33 [ Project «Samsung Galaxy S II: world with no limits» has been included to the shortlist of PR-projects Contest PRAVDA Awards
  34. 34. 12 Brand PR/ 7 [ Djuice Goal ] 1 Client: Kyivstar 2 Geography: national level Task: inform Ukrainian publicity about Ukrainian “Djuice Goal” 3 Football Championship and strengthen Djuice reputation as a brand that supports sport34
  35. 35. 4 Solution: Communication program: [ Extensive coverage in all regions – championship was covered by all 64 cities [ Information sponsorship: national and regional level [ Championship website: news and interactive format [ Media tours on regional stages and national final [ Active work with fan clubs [ Celebrity marketing [ Special project with М1 music channel5 Results: [ 369 publications in media [ 330 publications online [ 129 radio programs 35 [ 70 TV plots
  36. 36. 12 Brand PR/ 7 [ Rexona. You are a Superwoman! ] 1 Client: Unilever 2 Geography: national level Task: generate communication program with special TV project 3 and maximum TA involvement in woman’s brand Rexona deodorant activities36
  37. 37. 4 Solution: [ TV program “Rexona. You are a superwoman” on New Channel [ Rexona team tour among biggest cities of Ukraine [ On-line diary on tour website [ Advertorials in “Liza” magazine [ News on popular radio stations [ Creation of special video “Rexona. You are a superwoman” [ Distribution of press materials about the program Results:5 [ More than 600 000 views of program on New Channel [ Almost 300 000 radio listeners [ Free coverage (6 print, 13 online publications) [ Total website impression – 54 470 [ 5 000 direct contacts [ The biggest sales boost in the category 37 [ The biggest sales boost in CIS countries
  38. 38. 12 Brand PR/ 7 [ Samsung LED TV 9000 Integration into First Charity Gala Auction by Klitschko Brothers Foundation ] 1 Client: Samsung Electronics Ukraine 2 Geography: national level Task: demonstrate unique combination of high technology and 3 sophisticated design of TV to premium target audience and ensure maximum direct contacts of TA with Samsung LED TV 900038
  39. 39. 4 Solution: Participation in Charity Auction, organized by Klitschko Brothers Foundation: [ Samsung logo was placed on the press banner, which was used as background in all communications with media [ Samsung 3D-zones were equipped in special relaxation zone of the event with comfortable sofa, attractive girls-hostesses and LED 3D TVs series 9000 [ Hostesses who spoke free Ukrainian, Russian and English languages explained guests the advantages of 3D TVs manufactured by Samsung and conducted training on how to use the product [ Speech of Samsung Electronics in Ukraine CEO addressing guests of the event and presenting Samsung LED TV 9000 as a charitable contribution to Klitschko Brothers Foundation5 Results: [ 150 most influential and richest people of Ukraine got familiar with the product itself [ 23 publications in press [ 6 video stories on national TV 39 [ 44 publications online
  40. 40. 13 Special media projects/ 7 [ DJUICE+DJ.FM=DJUICE MIX ] Partnership project of DJUICE youth brand with DJFM 96.8 radio station 1 Client: Kyivstar 2 Geography: national level Task: create popular music project involving young Ukrainian DJs 3 from portal and music expert Svyatoslav Vakarchuk (“Okean Elzy”)40
  41. 41. 4 Solution: [ Creation of separate ranking of DJs on the music portal in order to download remixes of songs by “Okean Elzy” band from “Dolce Vita” album [ Daily “DJUICE MIX” program on DJFM 96.8 radio station [ Partnership with “Pidyom” program on New Channel (video announcements, winners present in program air) [ Daily broadcast of Twishow on Twitter through radio station DJFM 96.8 account with required hash tag of #djuicemusic [ Final party at Saxon club with speeches from the winners of the project Results:5 [ 22,896 – total contacts [ 360 unique TwiShow participants [ 120 Twitter posts with hash tag #djuicemusic and #djuice [ About 800 guests at final party in Saxon club 41
  42. 42. 13 Special media projects/ 7 [ Samsung NX10 “Create the World of Your Imagination!”] 1 Client: Samsung Electronics Ukraine 2 Geography: national level Task: present a new Samsung NX10 camera, initiated on 3 ambitious television project to public42
  43. 43. 4 Solution: [ Organization of national photo contest [ Involvement of a professional photographer Dmitry Peretrutov as a member of contest jury and expert in photography [ Partnership with “Pidyom” program on New Channel (diaries which cover the photo competition, awarding the winners during the program) [ Partnership with “TOP10” magazine (publication about the competition, support in social media) [ Special project with 4 regional media (Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, Lvov, Kharkov): announcement of photo contest, photo contest publications in media, photo exhibitions by media in their cities) Results:5 [ 44 publications in press [ 12 programs on TV [ 3 radio programs [ 68 publications online 43
  44. 44. 13 Special media projects/ 7 [ 3D cover of “Korrespondent” magazine ] Partnership project of Samsung and “Korrespondent” magazine 1 Client: Samsung Electronics Ukraine 2 Geography: national level 3 Task: popularize 3D technology among TA of Samsung 3D LED TV - TV that allows conversion of video from 2D to 3D mode44
  45. 45. 4 Solution: [ Design of magazine cover by best professional creators of 3D images [ Design and manufacturing of 3D glasses that let you see the cover in a new dimension (3D) [ Promotional support of this magazine on TV, radio, city-lights in Kiev5 Results: [ Wide publicity in media [ 35 publications online [ Active discussions in social networks [ Award from “MMR” magazine [ “Korrespondent” best sold issue of the year 45
  46. 46. 13 Special media projects/ 7 [ Nokia N93 on “Molodist” Film Festival ] 1 Client: Nokia 2 Geography: national level Task: draw attention of the audience to a new multimedia 3 computer N93 by Nokia; demonstrate the possibilities of N93 to shoot and edit video in DVD quality46
  47. 47. 4 Solution: “I love Kyiv” project - series of films produced by using N93 by young Ukrainian filmmakers and shown at “Molodist” film festival [ Sponsorship of “Molodist” international film festival [ Presentation of “I love Kyiv” series within “Molodist” film festival program [ Partnership project for readers of “Afisha” magazine5 Results: Extensive free media coverage: [ 42 publications in press [ 59 publications online First place at International Advertising festival “Silver Mercury” (held in Moscow) in “Digital Technologies” nomination 47
  48. 48. 13 7 Special media projects/ [ Creative Product Placement in Lifestyle 1 Client: Samsung Electronics Ukraine Magazines ] 2 Geography: national level Task: ensure maximum integration of Samsung products in 3 editorial materials and provide interesting information about them for consumers48
  49. 49. 4 Solution: [ Special projects with magazines [ Attracting celebrities to be product ambassadors [ Creative photo shoots by famous photographers Results:5 [ Publications in popular magazines [ Partnerships with key editors in media [ Friendship with most popular Ukrainians 49
  50. 50. 14 Event marketing/ 7 [ Time to Express Feelings ] 1 Client: Kyiv Jewellery Factory 2 Geography: national level Task: use series of events associated with romantic relationships 3 (St. Valentine’s Day, 23rd February, 8th March) to draw attention to jewelry as best gifts for the loved ones50
  51. 51. 4 Solution: [ Development of creative idea, called “Time to express feelings”, which unites all these holidays with jewelry from TM «KYUZ» and position it as the best way to express feelings [ Development of an integrated communication project: promotional campaign in 18 cities of Ukraine, promotional website, special promo activities in cinemas, competition among website visitors, stories about the event on New Channel [ Sponsorship of “St. Valentine’s Day” movie with Julia Roberts5 Results: [ 4 video stories about the event on New Channel [ 5000 visitors during the event [ 300 thousand contacts with potential buyers in 18 cities of Ukraine 51
  52. 52. 14 Event marketing/ 7 [ Opening of Regional Branch of NOVUS Supermarket ] 1 Client: Novus 2 Geography: Rivne, Rivnenska region Task: organize press briefing and tour for press a few hours 2 before the official opening of new supermarket in Rivne city52
  53. 53. 3 Solution: [ Invitation of journalists [ Preparation of press materials and a script for speakers [ Moderation of press briefing and creating a plan for excursions in the supermarket [ Ensuring media coverage Results:4 Media coverage: [ 10 publications in press [ 2 TV news packages [ 1 radio program 53
  54. 54. 14 Event marketing/ 7 [ Juicy Holiday “Day of Health” ] 1 Client: Vitmark Ukraine 2 Geography: Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi, Kyiv region Task: create an entertaining event for children and adults in a sum- 3 mer camp and promote TM “Nash sik”, pay attention of TA to consump- tion of natural and healthy fruit and vegetables54
  55. 55. 4 Solution: [ Development of scenario and organization of the event in summer camp [ Development of gaming activities for children [ Branding of the area of summer camp [ Conducting the event where people taste new flavors of natural juices from TM “Nash sik” [ Providing the coverage of this project in regional media5 Results: Direct contacts of TA with “Nash sik” products Free media coverage: [ 4 publications in press [ 10 publications online 55
  56. 56. 56
  57. 57. 7 2 Online Projects/ 57
  58. 58. 21 SMM/ 7 [ Communication Program for iStore Retail Network ] 1 Client: iStore Ukraine 2 Geography: national level 3 Task: use the occasion of 35th anniversary of Apple company to create awareness and confidence in the iStore brand being the largest network of branded stores selling Apple products in Ukraine58
  59. 59. 4 Solution: [ Creating and filling iStore page on Facebook and forming a pool of brand fans [ Integration into “Pidyom” program on New Channel: a review of new MacBook Pro and announcement of iPod touch drawing [ Development of online quiz “Battle for the Macbook Air» on Facebook and Internet advertising campaign to attract the maximum TA to the game Results:5 [ Number of page visitors - 2140 and approximately 8,000 unique contacts made by campaign [ Program “Pidyom” broadcast reaching audience - 360,935 people 1230 active players of online quiz “Battle for the Macbook Air» [ Around 15,000 of covered contacts and increase in users on Facebook page is by 35% 59 [ Increase in customer base of iStore brand by 14%
  60. 60. 22 SMM/ 7 [ Appearance of IPad2 in iStore retail network ] 1 Client: iStore Ukraine 2 Geography: national level 3 Task: draw attention to the official launch of new iPad2 in iStore retail stores and increase the sales of new product60
  61. 61. 4 Solution: [ Announcing the start of sales by thousands of Livejournal bloggers [ Twitter aggressive campaign [ Customized application and lottery certificates on Facebook [ Advertising on Facebook [ Shopping in iStore with crew of New Channel [ Photo report on the sales launch in iStore retail stores from popular bloggers Work with opinion leaders: Test Drive of iPad2 by designers, models, artists, top managers, DJs, musicians Results:5 [ As a result of communication 425 posts have been placed, 395 sources in new media mentioned the name of the company [ Reached TA (without Facebook): 110,000 people [ Coverage of TV audience: 328,842 people [ Reached TA through Facebook: 18,000 people [ iPad2 testing by 16 people (specialists in the industry and opinion leaders). [ Increase of iStore Facebook page visitors by 571 people (for the campaign period) 61 [ Overall audience increase - 7500 people
  62. 62. 23 SMM/ 7 [ Get in Contact! ] Livecam and Twitcam broadcast with Svyatoslav Vakarchuk for young musicians 1 Client: Kyivstar 2 Geography: national level Task: organize live broadcast with Svyatoslav Vakarchuk in 2 order to establish direct contact with the audience of dmd. portal62
  63. 63. 3 Solution: [ Announcement of activity and selection of questions from participants of dmd. and in social networks - Vkontakte, Twitter, Facebook [ Using Twitcam in broadcasting on Twitter and Stickam to get integrated into Facebook [ Communication in question-answer format in live broadcasts on Twitter and Facebook Results:4 [ Twitcam: 196 - maximum number of simultaneous participants. Overall broadcast coverage of contacts - 2000, 100 followers added [ Livecam: 92 - maximum number of simultaneous participants Overall number of participants who accessed broadcast - 622, 63 Number of covered contacts - about 4000
  64. 64. 24 SMM/ 7 [ Twitts from London ] 1 Client: Grata Consulting Group 2 Geography: national level Task: present Max Panfilov - Corporate Business Director of 3 Grata consulting group - as an expert analyst in the field of economics, business and finance64
  65. 65. 4 Solution: [ Position Max as a reputable informant from the Ukrainian Investment Summit held in London [ Make twitter @maxpanfilov to be constant news feed from the Ukrainian Investment Summit [ Bring journalists and editors of Ukraine’s leading business editions to Max Twitter news feed Results:5 [ Increased number of followers for @maxpanfilov by 47% during UIS [ Growth of followers’ activity on @maxpanfilov increased by 93% [ Non-paid coverage in key Internet resources on finance and investments – 10 [ Maxim Panfilov comments as an expert were published in 3 print business magazines 65
  66. 66. 668 /Feedback from our clients
  67. 67. In collaboration with Brandcom agency, “Kyivstar”has successfully implementedsuch large-scale and well-known projects as “Ukraine is the heart of Europe” (2005),dedicated to supporting Eurovision Song Contest in 2005, “Mobile National Teamof Ukraine” (2004) - support of Ukrainian National Olympic team, PR program “YourCountry. Your football. Your “Kyivstar” (2006) - partnership with the national footballteam, “Communication for the Future’s Sake” dedicated to the 10th Anniversary ofthe company (2007) and “Communicate more with your children” (2008) and others.The success and good results of these projects were key to successful developmentof “Kyivstar” corporate brand in gaining trust of every second Ukrainian. Zhanna Revnova, Director of Corporate Communications, “Kyivstar” Samsung is a market leader in high technologies and sophisticated design.Working with us requires special skills in effective communications and solvingtasks. Brandcom team demonstrated professionalism, focus on results and financialtransparency. Konstantin Cherepovskyy, Head of Brand Marketing and PR, “Samsung Electronics Ukraine” To develop and implement communication campaigns for iStore retail networkin social media, we have chosen Brandcom Agency, which offered a comprehensivelong-term strategy of communications and a clear implementation plan. I would like to note the high level of client service and quality of solutions proposedby the agency team. Completed projects with Brandcom agency - is a confirmation ofprofessionalism, creativity, teamwork and result-orientation. Natalia Bahmut, 67 Marketing Manager, “iStore Ukraine”
  68. 68. Liked whatyou saw? Don’t hesitate. Get in touch! Brandcom 8/14 Velyka Zhytomyrska str., of.8 01034 Ukraine, Kyiv tel/fax: +380 (44) 279-05-38, 279-05-35 e-mail: Olga Filipenko Business Development Director cell. +380 (67) 215-37-05 e-mail: