Getting Started with BrandYourself


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Tutorial to getting started with BrandYourself.

BrandYourself helps you improve your online reputation and empowers you to take control of Google search results for your name so you can put your best foot forward online when people look you up. Learn how to get started with BrandYourself's free DIY tool that takes you step-by-step through the process of making sure the first page of search results for your name are filled with positive, relevant content about YOU. Need someone to handle the work for you? Learn about their custom services as well as resources for additional help.

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Getting Started with BrandYourself

  1. 1. Getting Started - with - Look great when employers, clients and even dates Google you.
  2. 2. BrandYourself empowers anyone to take control of Google results for their own name & improve their online reputation.
  3. 3. Free Do-It-Yourself Tool Our DIY online reputation tool takes you step-by-step through the process of controlling Google search results for your name. For most people, our DIY tool is all you need. Concierge Services Some people require more hands-on help, whether you have a particularly difficult situation or simply don’t have the time. We’ll handle the work for you.
  4. 4. DIY TOOL
  5. 5. Submit a positive profile or link about you that you want people to find when they Google your name in the My Links tab.1 Start by submitting one of our top recommended profiles. If you don’t have one of those, click the “(+) view all” link on the right to see more recommendations Or paste a link in the bar and hit “submit”!
  6. 6. If you click “(+) View all” in the previous screenshot, you’ll see the full list of recommended profiles, if you have one, just click its name to submit it
  7. 7. Follow the suggested Boost Steps to help the link rank higher in Google results for your name2 When you submit a profile or link (we picked LinkedIn here), our software automatically analyzes it and finds steps you can take to help it rank higher in Google. Click “Boost” to see the ones you should take.
  8. 8. You’ll see this overview popup when you click “Boost”. It lists all the steps you can take to help your LinkedIn. Every step you take will help make the link more search engine friendly
  9. 9. Setting my name is my first boost step because my name on LinkedIn is “PeteK179”, which is a problem. I need to change it to “Pete Kistler” (my full name) so Google knows it’s about me.
  10. 10. To do this step, I’ll click the “set your name” link. This will open simple directions showing me how to change my name correctly on LinkedIn.
  11. 11. BrandYourself links to the exact page on LinkedIn where I can set my name. I’ll change my name to “Pete Kistler”, click save, close this LinkedIn window and then return to BrandYourself.
  12. 12. Back on BrandYourself, click “Verify this step” to mark the step as complete. 3
  13. 13. Woohoo! This step is complete, and my LinkedIn profile is now more likely to rank higher when people Google “Pete Kistler” Earn boost points with each completed step - see how many you can get!
  14. 14. Keep submitting positive profiles/links about you. You can submit up to 3 links as a free BrandYourself user and unlimited links as a premium user.4 IMPORTANT: My LinkedIn won’t immediately rank higher. In can take Google 2-6 weeks to rerank it among millions of other webpages.
  15. 15. Monitor your profile / links’ movement in search rankings & receive alerts when something changes.5 If you find a link slipping in results or not ranking as high as you would like, revisit the boost steps for tips to keep it relevant & ranking well.
  16. 16. Set up your BrandYourself profile in the profile tab. It’s optimized to rank well in search results for your name.6 Fill out all areas of your profile completely to give it the BEST chance to rank well for your name.
  17. 17. See when someone visits your BrandYourself profile 6 Know if the hiring manager looked you up after the job interview or put a link to your profile on your resume and know if your resume has been looked at
  19. 19. For most situations, our DIY tool is all you need to start improving your Google results, but some situations need more hands-on attention. As a client of our Concierge Services, a Reputation Specialist will create and implement a custom strategy to improve your online presence and make sure you put your best foot forward online. That’s Trevor, one of our Reputation Specialists
  20. 20. NEED MORE HELP?
  21. 21. Contact our awesome support team Or chat with someone during business hours (yes, a real person!) 315-565-1799 )
  23. 23. What are you waiting for?! create a FREE account today at
  24. 24. Look great when employers, clients and even dates Google you.