Tutorial: Get the Most From Your BrandYourself Profile


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In this step-by-step tutorial, get tips on how to get the most out of your BrandYourself profile. BrandYourself helps you improve the type of webpages / profiles that show up in search results when someone Googles your name.

Profiles come with a free BrandYourself account and are a professional webpage dedicated to YOU. Learn how to optimize your profile to rank well in search results, show you in the best light as possible and even let you know when someone Googles your name.

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Tutorial: Get the Most From Your BrandYourself Profile

  1. 1. GetthemostFROM
 BrandYourselfprofile -your-
  2. 2. That’s Pete, BrandYourself’s co-founder! Submit a positive profile or link about you that you want people to find when they Google your name in the My Links tab. With your BrandYourself account, you can set up a BrandYourself profile (it’s free!). This is a positive webpage about you that you control. It ranks, on average, #5 in search results for your name AND you can see who views your profile after they’ve looked you up online.
  3. 3. There’s a couple things you can do to get the MOST out of your BrandYourself profile
  4. 4. ADD A WELCOME TAGLINE1 Introduce yourself in few sentences. 
 IMPORTANT: Use your full name to help it rank higher in search results for your name
  5. 5. ADD YOUR BIO2 Introduce yourself in the 3rd person, say what you do, include accomplishments/ experience, etc. - the more info, THE BETTER
  6. 6. SET YOUR LOCATION3 For example, if someone Googles your name while in New York, setting your location as New York will help it rank higher for your name AND if people look up YOUR NAME + New York, it will show up higher
  7. 7. INCLUDE YOUR PROFESSION4 People typically use an identifying term in addition to the name when looking someone up (like if you’re a real estate agent, people will probably search for “YOUR NAME real estate”
  8. 8. INCLUDE YOUR INDUSTRY5 (This is the same concept as setting your profession )
  9. 9. INCLUDE YOUR EXPERIENCE6 (add as much relevant info as possible)
  11. 11. SHOW OFF YOUR INTERESTS8 This follows the same concept we’ve been using throughout this tutorial, the more info you include about you the better chance you have of the profile ranking
  12. 12. ADD A PROFILE PHOTO9 The image will be automatically tagged with your name, which will help image results for your name in addition to your other search results. TIP: Use a professional photo
  13. 13. APPLY A CUSTOM DOMAIN10 If you’re a free BrandYourself user, your profile domain will be “yourname.brandyourself.com” but if you upgrade your account to premium, you can apply a custom domain so that it is something like your “yourname.com”.
  14. 14. ACTIVATE YOUR SOCIAL STREAM11 Your social stream will stream updates from the social profiles you added to your BrandYourself account. This is incredibly important because it keeps your profile updated (a huge factor in search rankings)
  15. 15. Once your profile is filled out completely, it can be one of your best assets in getting positive content about you to rank in search results for your name.
  16. 16. But, probably the coolest feature of your BrandYourself profile is…
  17. 17. YOU CAN SEE WHO’S GOOGLING YOU If someone Googles your name and comes across your BrandYourself profile, we’ll send you an alert with their information.
  18. 18. Have any questions?
  19. 19. Contact our amazing support team Or chat with a person during standard business hours (yup, a real person!) 315-565-1799 support@brandyourself.com( )
  20. 20. Don’t have a BrandYourself profile?
  21. 21. Create a FREE account now at BrandYourself.com
  22. 22. Look great when employers, clients and even dates Google you.