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Hoardings from Kundli to Ambala


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Hoardings from Kundli to Ambala

  1. 1. Outdoor Media Option Ambala Delhi Highway 9068686868 9215811440
  3. 3. 2. Kurukshetra Pipli Light Point size 40x20
  4. 4. 3.Karnal Toll size 35x20
  5. 5. 4.Nilokheri Facing Chandigarh size 35x20
  6. 6. 5.Nilokheri Facing Delhi size 35x25
  7. 7. 6.Ghrounda Facing Chandigarh size 30x20
  8. 8. 7.Ghrounda Facing Delhi size 30x20
  9. 9. 8.Ghrounda Facing Chandigarh size 40x20
  10. 10. 9.Karnal Nr. Haveli Facing Chandigarh size 40x20
  11. 11. 10.Karnal Nr. Haveli facing Delhi size 40x20
  12. 12. 11.Gannaur facing Delhi size 30x25
  13. 13. 12.Murthal facing delhis size 20x15
  14. 14. 13.Murhtal facing chandigarh size 20x15
  15. 15. 14.Panipat Entry Facing Chandigarh size 40x20
  16. 16. 15.bhalgarh facing chd 20x25
  17. 17. 16.Bhalgarh Facing Delhi size 30x15
  18. 18. 17.Smalkha facing chandigarh size 50x20
  19. 19. 18.Kundli Facing Chandigarh size 30x15
  20. 20. 19.Kundli Boarder Facing Delhi size 20x15