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Multi-touch Digital Signage


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Multi-touch digital signage kiosk for interactive advertising and self-service. Touch the future of digital branding today.

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Multi-touch Digital Signage

  1. 1. they used to get used to type a code and get info Advertise on a full HD LED display authorize a transaction Surf on a wi-fi enabled station check-in Leverage multi-touch gestures Feel the SRS sound system Capture with HD webcam Share via VoIP or Skype Flick and print photos Generate CRM leads Draw on the screen Publish content Scan barcodes Play games Play piano kiosk expose
  2. 2. there used to be get used to enjoy kiosk expose
  3. 3. why kiosk? when you can expose
  4. 4. expose is Wi-Fi enabled web station Multi-touch digital signage Multilingual info desk Multimedia player Video conference point Shopping center assistant Hotel concierge Corporate speaker Brand ambassador Way-finder Painting desk Digital piano DJ pad … it’s what you want it to be
  5. 5. your perfect color clear blue green bronze grey your perfect size (size does matter) your top performance
  6. 6. feel the difference touch the future
  7. 7. how may we help you today?
  8. 8. expose has a multi-touch screen allowing users to interact with the content without keyboard and mouse, touching graphic buttons on-screen, browsing through content, applications and guides.
  9. 9. immediate response and direct communication are user-friendly and attention-catching
  10. 10. DIGITAL SIGNAGE is the first ever media which can measure itself – how many people came, touched, responded, for how long time, what have they searched for, where did they go, what did they purchase
  11. 11. no more marketing theory real-time user data!
  12. 12. remotely controlled interactive digital signage with dynamically changed content according to daytime schedule location weather viewer’s presence, gender and age
  13. 13. solid 35% market growth ”Kiosks installations are growing at a rate of at least 35% per annum in Europe, and are set to rise further and faster every year.” Source URL:
  14. 14. smart brands use them to Guide visitors with interactive maps Show branding messages Show advertisements Collect information Impress customers Scan customers Show products Offer services Grow sales and maximize ROI
  15. 15. > 75000 DOOH applications
  16. 16. offer new bank services advertise products & services show maps in corporate buildings compare prices and brands
  17. 17. browse and order a food selection hotel concierge recommendations book, order and buy tickets self-check-in and check-out
  18. 18. take/ share HD photos / videos visualize, brand, decorate play any multimedia / 3D SPA / stylist consultation
  19. 19. research and browse the web paint, mindmap, sketch and draw play and compose music catch faces, gender, age and smile level
  20. 20. at the airport
  21. 21. in your hotel & restaurant
  22. 22. expose for your corporate lobby showroom restaurant retail shop boutique gallery hotel bank SPA … start early and become a winner
  23. 23. © brandtouch. all rights reserved. registered trademark and patents.