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Digital Signage 2.0 - interactive kiosks and digital signage totems by BrandTouch


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Interactive digital signage totems and self-service touch kiosks are in the top3 advertising trends of 2011. See you at Kiosk and Digital Signage Expo Europe 2011.

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Digital Signage 2.0 - interactive kiosks and digital signage totems by BrandTouch

  1. 1. DIGITAL SIGNAGE 2.0interactive digital signage totems & kiosks
  2. 2. Today customers expect to beimpressedinformedentertainedservedfast, efficiently, pleasant
  3. 3. find attract recognize impress know foresee understandHOW TO inform serve support THEM? assist regard reward educate entertain retain
  4. 4. world’s first transparent digital signage totem
  5. 5. intelligent digital totem & self-service kiosk
  6. 6. the multi-touch coffee table
  7. 7. the ultimate interactive DS software
  8. 8. designed in your style and colorclear blue green bronze silverwith a perfect size displayintegrated top multimedia
  9. 9. See it. Hear it. Touch it.“Digital signage 2.0 is when we startto communicate with the display”Unique branded designsafe nano-coated glassIntegrated multimedia pcwheels or smart-fix baseremote network control14"- 60“ display w/o touch PROMO 22
  10. 10. Luxury multimediaExpos & TradeshowsCorporate officesBank lobbiesHotel receptionsLuxury boutiquesWelness & SPAAuto-salonsRestaurantsArt GalleriesMuseums EXPOSE 24
  11. 11. TotemMulti-language Info portalWi-Fi Access terminalVideo-conference portalBrand AmbassadorCorporate speakerMultimedia playerSales AssistantDirections centereverything you need it to be TOTEM 32
  12. 12. STANDOUT 46How happy are your customers today?
  13. 13. See-Through TouchSimply fantabulous. LUMINA 47
  14. 14. Smart media with countless applicationsThe adaptive content and functions could be remotely changed according todaytime schedule, location and weather, viewer’s presence, gender, age, etc. Guide visitors with interactive maps Show branding messages, ads and multimedia Collect information and surveys Audience measurement, visitor’s check-in Show products, prices and promotions Offer services, booking, ticketing, payment Share photos and videos, send e-cards Internet access
  15. 15. KIOSKSreduce costs and queuesimprove customer satisfaction >30%Increase unplanned sales up to 30%over 37% of the PEOPLEuse iPhone, iPod, iPad, Facebook >37%TECHNOLOGYgets 40% more powerfuland cheaper every year >40% 35% annual growth of the EU kiosk market
  16. 16. ALL-IN-ONE PACKAGE DEAL Don’t talk to 4 providers, talk to one who offers the deal:  Design  Screens  Players  Content Creation  Management & Support2 years warranty & support
  17. 17. CUT YOUR ENERGY AND PRINTING COSTS! go Green! Digital Signage is the most economically efficient of all media, including print. All resources and delivery are digital, the costs are focused on content creation.LUMINA™ needs 85% less power!
  18. 18. “I don’t need 7 different kiosks.I need one, branded with our company name,to use it for presentations at events, expos andwith clients at the office…”What do you need?
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