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Digital hotel & SPA solutions | Brand Touch


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Total digital hotel & SPA high-end solution by Brand Touch | 2012

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Digital hotel & SPA solutions | Brand Touch

  1. 1. Digital Hotel &SPAHIGH-END SOLUTIONS 2012 © | patents, designs and TM
  2. 2. TV Channels : IP / DTV / VOD / legacy RF Custom Hotel Menu, Content and Branding Hotel Info Guest Service Internet Attractions Welcome Dining Browser Advertisement Weather Room Service Twitter Calendar Room Restaurant facebook Golf SPA / GYM YouTube Shopping Check-out Map Map Selection of +1200 retail / Custom Widgets (general social and custom hotel applications)Improved customer satisfaction and increased repeat business
  3. 3. CMS (Content Management System) Hotel Widgets Selection - Contain data for each hotel’s app and widget - Download frame layout, build menu - Support data managing by WYSIWYG editor - Data and content received from CMS Hotel CMS Hotel CMS Guest rooms Server Meta Data DB IP or RF infra Restaurant FM Server TV data DB SPA LobbyIntegrated set top box = no extra hardware / updates / upgrades costs
  4. 4. Widgets Hotel CMS Text ServerTemplates ImagesCustom menu Logo
  5. 5. 32” - 56” designer’s displays (guest suite wall, table-top and SPA/bath IP65) Slim Full-HD LED displays: 3D, water-proof multi-touch Hot Spot: Reserve, check-in, dining, SPA, 120+ services Ambience Control: lighting, A/C, A/V, aroma, water to Total hotel system: lobbies, dining, suites, SPA, pool Built-in Wi-Fi: Internet access – browser and apps Energy efficiency: up to 50% energy bill reduction IP/RF + VOD + 4 TV tuners: DVB-T / C/ S2 / T2 HiFi sound-shower: suite + bathroom sound / light Flex-Mount: mirror integration/ wall/ swivel stand 18 x Connectivity: WiFi, LAN, SCART, USB, HDMI… 22 x Languages: Multilingual OSD / remote control
  6. 6. “ You don’t need to wait SI tech supporter visit to update your contents, just click the image and change immediately!”
  7. 7. Smart Widget Solution Energy Efficiency, Slim body Soft AP , device connect ◦ Slim Depth & Narrow Bezel100% Managed Content Superior Picture Quality Wireless content sharing
  8. 8. Cost TV + Conventional Widget (TV+STB)CAPEX STB & €80 €400 InstallationOPEX Electricity €63 €257(6 years) Bill* Total €143 €657A hotel saved €77.1K in 6 years!( €514/ room x 150 = €77.1K )
  9. 9. Guests find easily the favorite channels by countries and genres
  10. 10. Your own amazing design, color and styleperfect sized display: 20”- 82”built in hi-end multimedia © 2012
  11. 11. world’s first See-Through® digital totem
  12. 12. self-service and branding lobby totem
  13. 13. multi-touch multi-user multi-media table
  14. 14. iDECS iDS | Interactive Digital Signage platformadvertisements, applications, presentations, videoconferencing…
  15. 15. Worldwide delivery in 72 hours!
  16. 16. Brand Touch is an European supplier of touch screen displaysystems and digital signage services for the retail industry.We design, produce, deploy and support digital signage forbanks, malls, hotels, galleries, showrooms and trade shows.With dozens of representatives in the EMEA region and a hugenetwork of suppliers, our customers receive solution strategyconsulting, system configuration, deployment and support -custom all-in-one digital solution from a reliable partner.
  18. 18. ALL-IN-ONE PACKAGE Don’t talk to 5 providers, talk to 1: Design & Production Screens & Players Content Creation Network & Software Management & Support3 years warranty & support
  19. 19. coming soon to your hotel