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Mobile Centric Innovation on the Luxury Shopping Journey


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Mobile Centric Innovation on the Luxury Shopping Journey
by Nuno Santos on Oct 10, 2012
The deck focuses on using mobile technology to innovate and accelerate customers luxury goods shopping journey. We use the principles of calm technology to accelerate the journey: Rather than immersing the customer in adds, data and choices, we use mobile to collect information, deliver content and being the bridge to immersive experiences in-store.

Adaptation for print of the deck with the same title presented at a luxury innovation session.

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Mobile Centric Innovation on the Luxury Shopping Journey

  1. 1. Mobile CentricInnovation on the LuxuryShopping JourneyNuno SantosBrandEmotivity - Global Partner, Head of StrategyParis, 9 October 2012
  2. 2. “... Next comes ubiquitouscomputing, or the age of calm, when technology recedes into the background of our lives...” Mark Weiser, 1996
  3. 3. Luxury Brands - Shopping Journey Attention Intention Interaction Cyclic Search Select Buy Amplify ReSearch Serendipitous
  4. 4. From Physical to Digital Shopping Journey Attention Intention Interaction Malls Advertising In-Store High-Streets Everywhere Immediate Permanent
  5. 5. Risk to Luxury Brands Everywhere Immediate Permanent Adverts in every No time to No effective No paper medium. Barrier to consider. Poor curation. Social Possible Regret. shopping bag, no attention. experiences. poor everywhere. Uncertainty. No ritual value. Conspicuous Insignificance. interaction Dependency on equals no value. consumption. Flood Privacy invasion. mechanisms. friends. of sharing. Lack of Vague No Experience, No Storytelling Attention Intentions Brand Dilution Unqualified Loss of Sales, Overspending Sales Leads Sales to the wrong Customers
  6. 6. A new approach to the Digital Shopping Journey Attention Intention Interaction Search / Intelligent Attention ReSearch The product fits Amplify experience Capturing. Curation from On Demand. Perfectly. of Usage, not of Contextual Selected Influencers Intelligent, It is “made for me”. buying. Advertising personalised. Contextual Personalised Immersive Technology / In-Store Experience Right Qualified Luxury Experience at the crossing of Spending Leads Digital and Physical worlds
  7. 7. Extending the experience management Attention . Contextual Advertising Localised Socialised Intention . Reactive Personalised Results Interaction Browse Save . Interactive Immersive In-Store Augmented Digital Experiences Decide Buy Amplify Talk Query Personalised Prestigious Customer Data and Experience Management
  8. 8. Smartphones bring the age of Ubiquitous Computing Gyroscope GPS Loud Accele- speaker rometer Memory Smartphone 3G/4G . Ubiquitous Video Computing Wi-Fi Voice Control Vibration Bluetooth Camera
  9. 9. Shopping Journey - AttentionMobile enabled Contextual Comms Community Mobile as the tool to Mobile as the tool to put the Advert in put the Advert in Local Context Social Context (eg. Where to find the product,(eg. See people on my network Social Local how is the product trending that “wish” that product; etc) Relevance Relevance locally, etc) Influence Augmented Action Advertising Mobile as the tool to Interact with Adverts (eg. Add to Wish Lists; Discover more Content; ...;)
  10. 10. Shopping Journey - IntentionPersonalised Results User Search Engine Social Visual Geo Search Search Search Collect user data at Provide the user with the every point and platform ReSearch right personalised choices of interaction and results, “invisibly” Influencers Fit Stock Validation Validation Validation Personalised Results Data and Personalisation Engines
  11. 11. Shopping Journey - InteractionMobile enabled Immersive In-Store Digital Experiences Enable the shop- assistant, “kill-the-till”, associated products up- sell, reserve, deliver. Automatic Share the “check-in”, usage experience. Shop-Assistant Becoming a “club Interaction, Interaction member”. “Augment the “how it looks” walls, . usage” - use better. Digital fit, Social Validation Immersive In-Store Educate. Inform. Digital Experiences Amplify. Decide Buy Amplify Customer Data and Experience Management
  12. 12. Mobile - Bridging the physical and digital journeys Moment Attention Intention Interaction Cyclic (Using mobile for predictive Search product needs through (Mobile as the immediate Decide Buy Amplify comms regularity) tool for search about the attention subject) (Mobile as the in-store tool to (Effectively make the (Influence other customers or Validate - after Social and transaction) potential customers) Cultural context) Activity ReSearch (Mobile as the tool to (Mobile as a payment, (Mobile as the platform Serendipity (Mobile as the medium for enrich the decision identification, loyalty, of usage / satisfaction (Mobile as a medium to Social and Cultural identifier) experience in-Store) follow-up and social interact, augment, and Contextualizition) amplification) contextualise Adverts) in-Store Print Digital Display Visual Search Interaction with Assistant Medium Paid Search Social Search Interaction with in-store Digital Experiences Apps Local Search Interaction with products and “shelves” (...) (...) (...) Mobile Integrated with customer data and digital in-store experiences
  13. 13. Thank you! Nuno Santos Global Partner, Head of Strategy London Paris Singapore Shanghai