Staying Creative


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Getting a job as an advertising creative is tough. Staying in the job after many years is even tougher.

This presentation was designed to inspire the wannabe young creatives of Melbourne who attended my talk at JUNIOR.

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Staying Creative

  1. 1. STAYING CREATIVE Lessons in life from an adland warrior.
  2. 2. You can find inspiration in everything. And if you can’t - look again. Paul Smith
  3. 3. When you look out the window, make sure that you don’t just see your reflection. LOVE - Manchester
  4. 4. The only really good ideas are ideas that happen. Dave Birrs
  5. 5. Ever tried? Ever failed? No matter. Try again. Fail better. Samuel Beckett
  6. 6. You know you’re on the wrong track if you’re thinking too much. Marty Rubin
  7. 7. Feed your mind. Ideas will follow. Stanley Johnson
  8. 8. Be nice to people on the way up. You will meet them on the way down. Industry Proverb
  9. 9. Every day is a winding road. Some days you skip down it, other days you stumble. And some days you simply have to focus on staying on the road. Jennifer Wood
  10. 10. Don’t try to stand out from the crowd. Avoid crowds altogether. Hugh Macleod
  11. 11. Practice Kreative Karma. Stanley Johnson
  12. 12. Thank You