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Presentation Wisdom Learned from Comedians and Improvisers | PCA8


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Delivered on Feb. 18, 2012 at ProductCamp 8 (Austin, TX). The actual presentation included video clips of comedians.

Good Product Managers must also be Good Presenters. Whether you’re pitching concepts to your boss or presenting a case study at a conference, it’s vital for you to convincingly share your message. John Moore has pitched and presented hundreds of times. He learned to be a better presenter by studying comedians and dabbling in improv comedy. In this presentation, you’ll laugh while learning how to share your unique point-of-view in smart ways, how to tell a story through movement, and how to speak more naturally while on stage.

John Moore is a retail marketing strategist. He successfully pitched countless marketing concepts during his days at Starbucks and Whole Foods. These days, John leads Brand Autopsy, a marketing firm that consults with businesses aspiring to become a beloved brand. USA Today, Best Buy, Little Caesars, and Outback Steakhouse have all benefitted from marketing concepts John pitched.

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