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This presentation reviews all that is being said about Graph Search and what it means for Facebook users as well as businesses on Facebook. Read on to know how Graph search can be a breakthrough in enhancing your Facebook experience!

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Facebook Graph Search by BrandAppZ

  1. 1. Facebook Graph Search Worth the Hype? Presented By www.brandappz.com
  2. 2. 3 Pillars of Facebook According to Mark Zuckerberg, there are few pillars of Facebook that define a user’s experience on Facebook - News feed Shows a user’s friends activities Timeline Where each person can share whatever they want with whomever they want And Now - Graph Search Expected to be the third pillar.
  3. 3. Why Graph Search? Tom Stocky, product director at Facebook, goes on to prove the relevance of graph search by giving some practical examples. According to him people want to make searches like –  Photos of two people together  Find all friends in a city he is planning to visit  Friends who have been to a Restaurant he is planning to visit
  4. 4. High Hopes from Graph Search! Tom Stocky is highly optimistic about the impact graph search will have in improving the experience of Facebook users
  5. 5. Implication of Graph Search for Businesses  Just like Facebook users, businesses on Facebook will also be able to extract more value with the graph search feature  Graph search gives them advanced targeting option thanks to the kind of search combination possible!
  6. 6. Graph Search Example The following search helps find leads at a specific location, which have shown interest in our company and also are likely to belong to the marketing domain.
  7. 7. Verdict On Graph Search  The Graph search has been received with mixed feelings  On one side the marketers and users had been waiting for this feature with excitement as it lets them explore and do more on Facebook  On the other side some popular tech bloggers have written a lot about how this feature is going to compromise the privacy of Facebook users  However most of these fears are baseless as a user’s info being shown in a search result are subject to his/her privacy settings  Based on the above analysis and the zeal with which Graph Search has been received, BrandAppZ gives thumbs up to Graph Search!  What’s Your Call on Facebook Graph Search?
  8. 8. Thank you Team BrandAppZ www.brandappz.com