3 steps to make your facebook app viral


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Learn how these 3 simple steps can help your Facebook campaign turn into a social marketing success.

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3 steps to make your facebook app viral

  1. 1. 3 Steps to make your Facebook App Viral By Team BrandAppZ www.brandappz.com
  2. 2. ROI criteria for a Facebook Campaign - Engagement will consumer base Online buzz creation Generating new leads Ultimately, an increase in the bottom line revenues
  3. 3. Facebook Campaigns Your key to effective marketing  So your brand has decided that a chunk of the marketing budget needs to be spent on Facebook Campaign.  Considering the ever increasing reach and engagement levels on Facebook, surely your marketing strategy is headed in the right direction.  However, the big question remains, will your Facebook campaign be a great success?
  4. 4. 3 steps to a Viral App Inbuilt Viral Components Timing is the Key Get your Financials Right
  5. 5. Inbuilt Viral Components The app needs to be designed in a way that • App provides incentive for sharing & Inviting • Generates stories on users timeline to maximize reach • Innovative and engaging enough so that participants make multiple entries
  6. 6. Flow of a Viral App What starts with a few participants blows up into a full scale marketing success Participants boost app reach by sharing with friends & family Reach multiplied with promoted posts & ads directing people to the app Engages users on its own page who are reached via Facebook posts
  7. 7. Case Study -http://goo.gl/hFAZAM Winner -Best Social App Award The innovative touch along with viral components helped the freaky traveller hunt campaign generate over 1.2 lakh entries
  8. 8. Timing is the key Timing for an application would vary depending on the industry, the target consumer as well as the positioning of the brand Let’s take a few examples- a. Industry Driven – For companies in healthcare related business running campaign around ‘World health day’ and ‘world heart day’ can assure greater success. b. Brand Positioning & TG – A perfect example for this would be the Gillette ‘Soldier for woman’ campaign which was launched at a time when the nation felt the need for responsible men in society. This was in sync with the positioning of Gillette which glorifies masculinity.
  9. 9. Get your financials right The app needs to have a significant budget for promotion both pre- launch and post launch. A rough estimate-  If App development cost = Rs 3 Lakh  Suggested promotional spent = Rs 2-3 Lakh  Suggested medium for promotion- Facebook Ads directing to app Sponsored Facebook posts Google ads
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