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WordPress Theme Development Workflow with Node.js, Ruby, Sass, Bower and Grunt


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Brajeshwar believes that if he needs to get things done, it should be done the right and the better way. It might take extra time in the beginning, but the process should be repeatable and eventually pave way for future enhancements.

He wants to apply the same idea to WordPress Theme design and development too. He will talk about how the life of a designer or a developer can be made easier by using tools such as NodeJS, Ruby, Sass and Grunt to automate the workflow. This will help designers or developers to focus on producing beautiful, usable and well marked-up WordPress Themes.

More details and downloads of the workflow at

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WordPress Theme Development Workflow with Node.js, Ruby, Sass, Bower and Grunt

  1. 1. a smarter WordPress Theme Workflow with node.js, ruby, sass, bower & grunt 1
  2. 2. ONCE UPON A TIME PHP, CSS, Javascript
  4. 4. minify CSS, uglify Javascipt
  5. 5. UPLOAD to the SERVER
  6. 6. clean, archive, upload
  7. 7. WORK smarter NOT harder!
  8. 8. Focus on your Work
  9. 9. Save TIME, better ROI
  10. 10. node.js, ruby
  11. 11. BOWER
  12. 12. SASS, LESS, STYLUS
  13. 13. GRUNT
  14. 14. SCARED?
  15. 15. What the Heck?
  16. 16. Why Not?
  17. 17. Gruntium Buildum
  18. 18. concatenate, uglify, minify
  19. 19. burst the cache with file revision
  20. 20. release an archive
  21. 21. DEPLOY
  22. 22. THANK YOU 22 @brajeshwar