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  1. 1. Life Of A Panda Artist By Sarah
  2. 2. To: All The Kids Who Love Art & To My Father"s Side Of The Family Life Of A Panda Artist By Sarah
  3. 3. She realized that the dance was coming soon. By now she was thinking that she would never get an invitation. But then she heard a knock at the door, then she heard music, so she opened the door. Standing there was the prince ’s messenger . He was dressed in purple, gold and red. He gave her the invitation to the ball. When she read the invitation, she read, ‘’ Yo u ’ve been invited to’’ she read on ‘’T he Last Minute Ball’’.
  4. 4. Once upon a time there was a panda. Her name was Anna. She lived in a bamboo forest. She loved to do art. One day she got invited to 30 speeches & she had to fit them all in one year! She had to go to Japan, China then Korea. But there were a few countries that didn ’t have a deadline. So she decided she would travel 15 times a year. Now remember, this is panda land. This is very unusual for a panda. By the time she was 20, she had been almost every place in the world! But was there a place she hadn’t been. Yes. It was panda palace.
  5. 5. There was a big dance coming up. She really, really, REALLY wanted to go. But she didn ’t know much about it. And she had absolutely no idea what the dance was called. But YOU! won ’t know until the end of this book either, so she made herself a bed by the door. She waited for days & days & DAYS. She still did take breaks for food.
  6. 6. She kept on reading. ‘’ Th ere will be food, music and games, and you will get to dance with the prince.’’ with the prince.
  7. 7. After she read that, she gasped for a second. Then she ran to her room. She tried on her old, most fancy dress. Her mouth dropped open because she still fit the dress. She closed her mouth. Then she took it off. Then she opened the invitation once more. She started reading the invitation once more and she read, ‘’ Th e Ball will be at 8:00. It will be over at 12:30. In the last 30 minutes, we will announce who will be princess. The prince will choose the woman who he liked the best. They will get married the very next morning. Have fun, Anna. ‘’
  8. 8. She put the invitation down. A few hours later she was ready to go to the ball. She got in her limo and rode to the ball. When she got there she realized that she was late. She walked in. She saw the prince was dancing with someone else. When the prince turned around, Prince Naveen almost ran to her. They danced for about an hour. When they were done, Prince Naveen announced, Th e fine lady who I am going to marry will be Anna, the greatest artist in the world.
  9. 9. The very next morning they got married. Then they kiss ed. “ Wo , wo, wo, wo. Why do I,” said Anna, “Ha ve to kiss that? ” Director: “Do you wa ….” Anna: “No , I don ’t. ” Director: “We ll, the..? ” Anna: “I quit. ” Director: “Yo u can.. ” Anna: “Th at ’s final! ” Director: “Fi ne, then go. ”
  10. 10. 5 hours later… Anna: “I’m bored.” “ A h -h-h, it ’s a tiger! ” “ Ju st kidding. ” THE END!