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Social Fresh prezo - Spike Jones

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Social Fresh prezo - Spike Jones

  1. 10 Lessons Learned Igniting Brand Ambassador Movements Spike Jones I Social Fresh August 24, 2009
  2. Everything you’ve heard today is complete and total CRAP
  3. unless you have a strategy behind it.
  4. Is this your SM strategy? 1. Listen 2. Blogger outreach 3. Twitter 4. Facebook Fan page
  5. % of people that think companies lie in ads: 76% 2009 Yankelovich Study
  6. % of people that trust companies less than they did last year: 77% 2009 Edelman Trust Barometer
  7. People’s trust that businesses will do what is right has dropped from 58% to: 38% 2009 Edelman Trust Barometer
  8. 90% of WOM is Offline 70% in-person • 19% phone • 4% email 3% IM or text messages 1% chatroom or blog • 3% other
  9. We need to use our BRAND AMBASSDORS so they can get some VIRAL BUZZ and our COMMUNITY INFLUENCERS can EVANGELIZE the PRODUCT SEEDING and create some SOCIAL MEDIA about it. Then we’ll TWEET about it and update our FACEBOOK status.
  10. I’m sorry, but WTF?
  11. It’s the TACTICS that are bogging us down.
  13. And the TACTICS will come.
  14. Awareness
  15. Credibility
  16. Movements Elevate and empower people to unite a community around a common cause, passion, company, brand or organization
  17. Campaigns
  18. Movements
  19. Target Customers Campaigns Capture Market Share Penetrate Markets Market Domination Launch an attack on competitors
  20. Kindred Spirits Movements Fans Love Inspiration Grassroots Loud and Proud Evangelists Passion Spreading the word
  21. Campaigns
  22. Movements
  23. Campaigns
  24. Movements
  25. Campaigns
  26. Movements
  27. Campaigns
  28. Movements
  29. Campaigns
  30. Movements
  31. Campaigns
  32. Movements
  33. 10 Lessons Learned Igniting Brand Ambassador Movements
  34. 1 Movements are about the PASSION conversation. Not the PRODUCT conversation.
  35. 2 Movements begin with the first conversation.
  36. 3 Movements have inspirational leadership.
  37. Insert influencer debate here.
  38. 4 Movements have a barrier of entry.
  39. 5 Movements empower people with knowledge.
  40. 6 Movements have shared ownership.
  41. Build it like it has got to live forever. Build it like you’re gonna run out of money tomorrow.
  42. 7 Movements have powerful identities.
  43. Everyone wants to be a part of something bigger than themselves.
  44. I am a...
  45. 8 Movements live both online and offline.
  46. 9 Movements make advocates feel like rockstars.
  47. 10 Movements get results.
  48. •600% increase online mentions •Doubled sales in key cities •500% return on value •Creating their own mktg/PR •13 new product ideas per month
  49. Results: Smallest budget in the nation gets the biggest results: over 18% decrease in teen smoking rates
  50. BONUS Movements fight an injustice.
  51. Spike Jones Brains on Fire e: twitter: you’re on your own p: 864.676.9663 Change This Manifesto: