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IP and Biotechnology - Indian Patent Law


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Patentability of Biotech Inventions in India / A presentation at NLSIU by Dr. Kalyan C Kankanala

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IP and Biotechnology - Indian Patent Law

  1. 1. © BananaIP -2007 Patentability of Biotech Inventions in India By Dr. Kalyan Chakravarthy Kankanala. Blog:
  2. 2. © BananaIP-2007 Patentability requirements Patentable subject matter Industrial Applicability Novelty Inventive Step Specification
  3. 3. © BananaIP-2007 INVENTIONS Subject Matter Usefulness Novelty Non-obviousness Specification PATENTS Kalyan’s Patent Filter Model
  4. 4. © BananaIP-2007 Patentable Subject Matter India Product or Process Genes Living Organisms
  5. 5. © BananaIP -2007 Exclusions India Public order or morality New form Efficacy New property or use Mere use of known process New product New reactant
  6. 6. © BananaIP-2007 Exclusions Explanation: Salts, Esters, Ethers, Polymorphs, Metabolites, Pure forms, Particle size, Isomers, Mixture of isomers, Complexes, Combinations and other Derivatives of a known substance considered same substance Efficacy Novartis case
  7. 7. © BananaIP-2007 Exclusions Mere admixture Medical methods Agricultural methods Plants, Animals or Parts thereof Traditional Knowledge ...
  8. 8. © BananaIP-2007 Industrial Applicability Make Use Repeat
  9. 9. © BananaIP -2007 Novelty Known or used Patented or published Public Working On sale Abandoned Foreign priority Patented in another country Derived
  10. 10. © BananaIP -2007 Inventive Step Technical Advance or Economic Significance Not obvious to a person skilled in the Art
  11. 11. © BananaIP-2007 Secondary Indicia Commercial Success Copying Praise by expert Unexpected results Long felt need
  12. 12. © BananaIP -2007 Specification Written Description Enablement Best Mode Claims Object: Notice and Dissemination
  13. 13. © Brain League IP Service -2007
  14. 14. © BananaIP -2007 example ICMR's patent application Bacillus thuringiensis var. israelensis as mosquito larvicidal formulation Patent App. No.: 244/Del/1999 Is it patentable subject matter?
  15. 15. © BananaIP -2007 Thank you Further Information