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Braineet for Employees (ENG)


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Braineet for Employees enables all your employees to share all their innovative ideas with every division within your company to innovate faster and at lower risk.

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Braineet for Employees (ENG)

  1. 1. The internal collaborative innovation platform WWW.BRAINEET.COM App Store
  2. 2. You are missing a significant ROI in your internal innovation process YOU ARE LOSING 90% OF YOUR EMPLOYEES’ INTELLIGENCE. Employee ideas Decision process Execution YOUR SELECTION IS NOT EFFICIENT AND CONSUMES TOO MANY RESOURCES. YOU EXECUTE PROJECTS SLOWER AND AT HIGHER COSTS THAN EXPECTED. Problem Very few employees are sharing their ideas and they are not aware of ongoing innovations. The multiple internal channels are preventing you from pooling and prioritizing innovations. Turning selected ideas into projects and executing them quickly is complicated within the organization. - 2 -
  3. 3. Benefit from a collaborative innovation platform with your colleagues and co-create together your future innovations - 3 - answers your needs ! What if… ? +1 BRAND In progress !
  4. 4. You benefit from an optimized and intuitive internal ideation interface What makes us different Simple: spontaneous innovative ideas shared in one sentence. Collaborative: ideas are voted and enriched by your employees themselves. Interactive: divisions assess ideas and work on them with your employees. What you gain with Braineet For Employees • More ideas, of higher quality. • Employees are committed and delighted. • Talents’ identification and recognition. - 4 -
  5. 5. Your employees share ideas and come back On your customized platform integrated on your sites and mobile apps - Easy access without account registration (SSO) on all your tools (web, intranet, app). - Customized communication : mailing and notifications. On and our iOS et Android mobile apps - Synergies with and its “switch” feature that enables users to go from Employee space to Consumer space. - A native mobile experience to never lose an idea again - 6 -
  6. 6. Each of your divisions get solutions to all their business questions through Idea Challenges International Rémi Rems 255 followers 255 followers Auriane Bertrand 123 followers INVITE EMPLOYEES How to follow Chris Flores SEE MORE Tools My Statut SEE MY PROFIL 978 pts GÉNIE next level: 1 000 pts Search… POST 1 BRAINEES CHALLENGES ASSESSMENTS + NEW CHALLENGE
  7. 7. You select and manage your ideas very easily while minimizing your resource time What makes us different Prioritized: you review ideas already ranked by your employees. Labelled: your divisions assess and manage ideas thanks to a series of progress labels. Collaborative: you ask for your internal experts’ opinion in one click depending on the topics. What you gain with Braineet For Employees • You minimize the risks of your future innovations. • You gain time and efficiency in the selection process. • You leverage experts before project execution. - 7 - John DoeINNOVATION DEPARTMENT 2 BRAINEES CHALLENGES ANALYTICSSEMANTICS PROJECTS ADMIN IDÉES LIKES DISLIKES COMM. DATE Et si le portail permettait de se défier au travers de jeux ? Morpions, Monopoly ou… 3 0 0 06/01/2017 Et si le temps d’attente devient utile&confortable ? Design (épuré & fédé…à l’étude 44 1 1 06/01/2017 AllAssign to a project Challenge 1 Challenge 2 Challenge 3 Challenge 4 Challenge 5 Challenge 6 Free ideas Ideas distribution Semantics distribution Labels distribution 543 BRAINEES 187 BRAINERS Ideas management ideas… Search ideas… 01 Sept. 2016 06 Janv. 2017Interval —
  8. 8. You take the right decisions thanks to our analytics tools - 8 - What you gain with Braineet For Employees • Full and clear real-time dashboard. • Fast and optimized decisions. • Resource time. What makes us different Complete: all the metric you need for a full-scale assessment. Actionable: those metrics all lead to concrete operating decisions. Customized: matching your vision of the world, your segmentation. John DoeINNOVATION DEPARTMENT 2 BRAINEES 543+ 49% ENRICHMENTS 308+ 12% TOTAL LIKES 1k+ 300% TOTAL VIEWS 12k+ 103% FOLLOWERS 134- 0,5% Perfume Design Distribution Promotion 24 12 09 06 Global Semantics 26% 73% 1,4 K Recurring Users New Users 512 Users Statistics 30K 25K 20K 15K DAY WEEK MONTHBrainees Spontaneous Ideas BRAINEES CHALLENGES ANALYTICSSEMANTICS PROJECTS ADMIN 01 Sept. 2016 06 Janv. 2017Interval —
  9. 9. You sharpen your decisions thanks to a precise segmentation John DoeBRAINEES CHALLENGES SÉMANTIQUE ANALYTICS PROJETS ADMINISTRATION - 9 - What you gain with Braineet For Employees • You work with the segments you are used to. • You understand what each segment is thinking. • You limit the risks of unwanted innovations. What makes us different Sliced & diced: display results depending on multiple criteria : divisions, country, responsibilities. Balanced: analyze your target segment’s thoughts, but also what they are not convinced by. Customized: build and track all the specific segments you’re interested in.
  10. 10. You benefit from quantified and actionable semantic analysis What makes us different Reliable: quantified and real-time analysis of all your idea challenge’s trends. Concrete: identification of concrete actions to pursue within each of these trends. Customized: you build and test your own list of key words. What you gain with Braineet For Employees • You identify convergences in employee needs. • You validate your intuition on your strategic key words. • You deduce a series of concrete actions. - 10 -
  11. 11. 1 CONTINUING INNOVATION Quick wins Innovation cycle’s acceleration New Business Identification of key trends 2 EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT Inspire an innovation culture Unlock divisions and hierarchy Empowering project leaders More agile organization 3 EMPLOYER BRAND Positive, collaborative and innovative image Recognition and loyalty of your talents Higher attractiveness for candidates Positive initiative to communicate 3 types of benefits with Braineet for Employees, generating ROI - 11 -
  12. 12. An almost instantaneous set-up - 12 - Formulating your idea challenges We help your divisions to formulate your challenges and plan them in time. Technical set-up Communication and launch We activate together various communication channels to shed light on this very positive initiative. We integrate your plug and play customized platform on your sites.
  13. 13. BRONZE GOLDCHOOSE THE SUBSCRIPTION THAT ANSWERS YOUR NEEDS Two subscriptions depending on the support level you need - 13 - Unlimited spontaneous ideas Unlimited ideas challenges Ideas assessment Idea Management Space Integration on your sites Customization Braineet mobile application Key indicators and recommandations Segmentation analysis Semantic analysis Integration on your mobile app SSO access Integration on slack Skilled: Braineet team is composed of ex-strategy consultants, key account managers and multi-device product developers. Experienced: we have been working with every type of organizations in every type of industries. Reliable: we are very reactive and we accompany your every step of the way.
  14. 14. Innovate with your customers (too) What you gain with Braineet • Long-term positive customers engagement. • Lower innovation risks. • Real-time valuable insights and resource time. What makes us different Complete: you manage your whole innovation cycle in one place. Interactive: you continuously dialog with your customers, better understand their needs and work on the ideas together. Diversified : you reach both your active customers and your other customers, and also your prospects. - 14 -
  15. 15. Braineet brings us tremendous value: we discuss live with our contributors, strengthen our relation with them and listen to their ideas to make them happen. “  Capucine Becquart Innovation Manager at Auchan - 15 -
  16. 16. Customer references.
  17. 17. You too, start co-innovating now. Contact us