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Benefits to Manage Survey Project


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With benefits of online survey solution you can manage, your panels, your survey projects, survey invoicing and payments, survey links and many more.

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Benefits to Manage Survey Project

  1. 1. Know The Benefits To Manage Survey Projects
  2. 2. Here we take the honour to present the solution to manage and analyse your survey research projects Manage Survey Projects
  3. 3. Develop & Manage, Your Own Research Panel Version 1.00, Published on June 2016 3 Capitalize on your data. Create and maintain your own Panel for research. The bigger the PANEL, The bigger the PROFITS. We specialize with a feature to online recruit new panel members for your survey research.
  4. 4. Self Manage System Version 1.00, Published on June 2016 4 Survey Back Office, facilitates Mini Panel List Portal where by the panel-list can manage their profile, surveys, rewards and many more.. Panel Management  Build Panel  Filter and Invite your panel for conducting surveys  Send new invitations to part filtered search  Send reminders for surveys invitations  Define rewards for your panel  Track and pay rewards to your panel-list/respondents  In-Build support system to manage panel-list/respondents queries
  5. 5. Create & Manage Survey Projects Version 1.00, Published on June 2016 5 Resolve Issues like:-  Un-Managed CPC/CPI  Un-Managed Length of Interview  Un-Managed Survey Link Management  Survey Project is outsourced to which vendors ?  How many survey invitations have been sent to my panel ?  How many survey invitations are been accepted and how much are pending ?  How are the panel vendors performing ?  Check ROI on survey project  How to manage survey redirections  How to get live project statistics
  6. 6. Manage Invoicing & Outstanding No more hassles for managing a separate invoicing/accounting system Version 1.00, Published on June 2016 6  Create client & vendor invoices automatically  Email Invoices to clients and vendors  Manage their receipt/payments  View outstanding and ledgers
  7. 7. Share & Earn More A full fledge sales and project management commission system, with lot many configurations to set commission as per your choice Version 1.00, Published on June 2016 7  Sales Commission  Project Management Commissions  Manage Commission Payoffs  Check Commission Outstanding & Ledgers
  8. 8. Communicate Our bulk email facility, Allows you to communicate more with your, clients, vendors and/or panel-list. And the best part is “Giver your contacts the right content in the right context” Version 1.00, Published on June 2016 8
  9. 9. We provide a free plan where by you can manage up to 25 projects and be sure about, “What we serve is what we say” This registration is 100% free. We don't ask for any credit cards or bank details. Just simply fill the form and start managing your survey projects as never before. If interested then can register at Absolutely Free
  10. 10. That’s it folks Version 1.00, Published on June 2016 10 Write us at: Chat with us: Skype (tarakgandhi), Google ( Phone: +91 98241 47822 (10:00 to 19:00 IST, Mon-Fri) Demo Link: Contact Us Link: If you have any queries or are interested in our product/services then get in touch with us