B2B Website Planning Roadmap BrainRider Best Practices


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B2B Website Planning Roadmap BrainRider Best Practices

  1. B2B Website Planning RoadmapA Better Practice Guide1Click Here ToDownload
  2. 7 Steps To A Better B2B Website1. Define A Customer-Focused Strategy2. Prioritize Your Website Objectives3. Target Customer Needs & Pains4. Develop More Valuable Content5. Organize Your Content By Needs & Pains6. Build Best Practice Page Layouts7. Simplify Your Design & Development Priorities2Click Here ToDownload
  3. Your website is not about you!3Click Here ToDownload
  4. “But Our Website Has Always BeenAbout Us, Our Solutions, Our News”4Click Here ToDownload
  5. Customers Want Content ThatHelps Them Solve Their Problems…@BrainriderClick Here ToDownload
  6. 1. To Design A Better B2B WebsiteDefine A Customer-Focused Strategy6 What business are youreally in? What are your objectives Who is your target and whatare their needs and pains? What do they want to know ateach stage of their decisionprocess? What subject matter expertiseshould you be promoting toattract, acquire, nurture andqualify more prospects?Click Here ToDownload
  7. 2. Prioritize Your Website Objectives7How many…QualifyingSalesReadiness Meet qualified lead criteria Signal readiness to buyMQLNurturingProspects Are increasing their engagementACTIVEPROSPECTSAcquiringProspects Identify themselves &give permission for contactPROSPECTSAttracting Find you & your expertiseVISITORS&Click Here ToDownload
  8. 3. Target Customer Needs & PainsBrainstorm customer questions starting with• How to …• How do I …• Do I need more/less …• Should we …• Comparing …• Choosing a …@BrainriderClick Here ToDownload
  9. Identify What Customers Want To Know AtEach Decision-Stage9If yourcustomeris asking:What’s myproblemHow do I fixmy problemAre youright for meTheywant:Education& ThoughtLeadershipSolutions& ProductSuitabilityDecisionSupport &CredentialsWhat tooffer:• Trends, benchmarks& statistics• What’s new& why it matters• Best-in-classexamples• Problem guides• Opportunity guides• Needs assessments• 101 Education• Solution guides• Solution comparisons• Pitfall analysis• Readiness & suitabilityassessments• Strategy & planningtemplates• How to find & select theright vendor• How to build the budget• Pricing• Trial/demonstrations• Access to subjectmatter experts• Implementation plans& requirements• Delivery examples• Vendor comparisons• Data sheets@BrainriderClick Here ToDownload
  10. 4. Develop More Valuable Content10• A blog focused oncustomer needs &pains• Credentials thathelp customersunderstandsolution & productsuitability• Resourcestargeting whatcustomers want toknow at eachdecision-stageClick Here ToDownload
  11. 5. Organize Your Content ByNeeds & Pains
  12. Branding/HomeSecondaryNavigationPrimary NavigationMain Message:(Objective #1)Engagement Content(Objective #2)SearchAbove The Fold Above The Fold Above The Fold Above The Fold Above The Fold Above The FoldGigantic Footer:SEO copy, Credentials, bottom nav, legal, contact us privacyOptional:SecondaryMessage(Objective #3)6. Design Best Practice Page Layouts12• Content prioritizedby objectives• Follow eye-path bestpractice• Stay above the foldbecause 70% ormore of your visitorswill not get below it• Include SearchEngine OptimizationcopyClick Here ToDownload
  13. Additional Wireframes Can Include• Sub-Pages– With sidebar– No sidebar• Resource Centre Home Page• Resource Post• Blog Home Page• Blog Post• Landing Page– Website look-and-feel– Offer/Conversion focused13Click Here ToDownload
  14. 7. Simplify Your Design & DevelopmentPriorities• Keep it professional but do not over invest indesign or technology – it does not pay off!• Consider implementing a content managementsystem• 4 quick graphic design tips– Decide if you are updating your current designor creating a new look– Define your brand guidelines (logo, colors, type)– Articulate your design style(ie, Modern, Simple, Fun, Corporate)– Share examples of what you like and don’t likehttp://www.brainrider.com/http://fishrecruit.comhttp://www.sklarwilton.com/http://resources.pbecomm.com/14Click Here ToDownload
  15. Next StepsGet Website Design & Pricing DetailsGet free resources at brainrider.infoVisit blog.brainrider.com for B2B marketing ideasFollow us at twitter.com/brainriderVisit us on linkedin.com/company/brainrider15Let Us Review Your Existing WebsiteContact Us For A Free ConsultationClick Here ToDownload