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2013 B2B marketing plan template (free to download)


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  • Thanks- I want to go from preaching stats to giving my audience the keys to start making changes for their business. Customer's find me because they want a working solution and they understand it does not come out of a box. Solution is first, marketing is second. You can talk to the world and be all by yourself- but if your talking to your specific customers and they are hearing and conversing with found your zone!
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2013 B2B marketing plan template (free to download)

  1. 1. 2013 B2B Lead Generation PlanTemplateClick to download a working version
  2. 2. Template NotesThis template is designed to help you plan better leadgeneration programs for 2013 by helping you:• Prioritize your marketing objectives• Identify gaps in your current programs mix• Consider new programs to include in your plan• Outline your programs plan on a blocking chartPlease contact us if you have any questions, want helpwalking through the planning process or want to share anycomments2Click to download a working version
  3. 3. Prioritizing Your Objectives From 1-43Click to download a working version
  5. 5. Programs Pick-List5NURTUREPROSPECTSQUALIFYSALES READINESSATTRACT & ACQUIREPROSPECTS Inbound Resource publishing Blogging SEO Gated content Progressive forms Tiered opt-in Social Social publishing Social listening Paid PPC E-Blasts Content sponsorship Other Nurturing activeprospects Auto-responders Thank-you content Nurturing coldprospects First visit follow-up Newsletters Other Contact us Sales Readiness Offers Pricing Quote Trial Needs assessment Free consultation Demo ROI Tool RFP/RFQ Guide Events Product WebinarsClick to download a working version
  6. 6. Offers: Target What Customers Want To Know6If yourcustomeris asking:What’s myproblem?How do I fixmy problem?Are youright for me?Theywant:Education& ThoughtLeadershipSolutions &Product SuitabilityCredentials &Decision SupportWhat tosharewiththem:• Trends• Benchmarks• Analyst coverage• 101 Education• How to guides• How other peopleare solving this?• What is the solution &how does it work?• Solution comparisons• Pitfall analysis• Readiness & suitabilityassessments• How do I choose avendor?• Pricing• Bench strengthdemonstration• Case studies• ROI/TCO• How to buy• Working with usClick to download a working version
  7. 7. 7Marketing Program CalendarPeriod: JAN 2013-DEC 20131 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41Generate Awareness & Acquire ProspectsPaid:AdWords PPCLinkedIn PPCVertical Publication PPC3rd Party E-BlastReferral/affiliateContent sponsorshipAcquisition Events:Tradeshow #1Tradeshow #2Partner event #1Acquisition Webinar #1Acquisition Webinar #2NetworkPartner co-marketingLinkedInTwitterGoogle+SlideshareYouTubeContent syndicationDiscussion forumsBlog on blogInbound:Resource publishing & SEO optimizationBlogFeatured ResourcesGated contentNurture Prospect ActivityExtending the burstContent merchandizingEducation programDrip programActivating a burstTimed reactivation: first visit follow-upContent updatesNewslettersList reactivation & hygieneNurturing EventsWebinar #1RoadshowTradeshows & eventsQualifying Sales ReadinessSales Qualification OffersContact MeDemosRecorded DemoLive Demo RequestProduct WebinarMQL Pages: Pricing, etcOctoberAugustMarchFebruaryJanuary June JulyProgram SeptemberApril MayClick to download a working version