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UX Strategy & Design

Experience Engineering philosophy of Market Simplified is a fusion of Function, Technology & Experience. The drift from ‘Connecting the Channels’ to ‘Engineering Experiences’ is delivered through Market Simplified’s DIGITAL ACCELERATION SOLUTION.

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UX Strategy & Design

  1. 1. Engineering Experiences UX Strategy & Design
  2. 2. Function ExperienceTechnology Experience Engineering About Us 12 Countries 35+ brokerages 5+ banks Specialized Financial Technology Services Company with 15+ Years of focus in delivering digital experiences across channels.
  3. 3. India USA APAC Others Customers Europe White Label Partners
  4. 4. UX Strategy and Design Understand What are the needs, business need and technology capacities? Define What is the key strategy and focus? Diverge How might we explore as many ideas as possible? Prototype ValidateDiverge DecideUnderstand Define Decide Select the best ideas so far. Prototype Create an artifact that allows to test the ideas with users. Validate Test the ideas with users, business stakeholders and technical experts.
  5. 5. To design world class solutions reach us or call us on +91 9840359151 Reach Us