Top 10 ways to focus on the user


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Top 10 ways to focus on the user

  1. 1. WAYS TO 10FOCUS ON THE USEROne Winthrop Square FL5, Boston MA 02110 617 . 206 . 3040
  2. 2. 1PROVIDE SIMPLEPAGE LAYOUTMaking it easy for website visitors to findthe content theyre looking for keepsthem on your site. Googles page layoutalgorithm encourages marketers to keeprelevant information above the fold andsimplify page navigation for SEO.
  3. 3. USE A MIX OF SHORT AND LONGTAILKEYWORDSContent marketing and SEO strategies require diverse and relevant keywordsto help search users find your site. With more than 12 percent of consumers reportingthat they search using longtail keywords, developing a strategy with a healthy mix ofshorter terms and lengthier phrases increases a sites discoverability. It also fosters morenatural use of phrases in written content.
  4. 4. ANSWERFREQUENTLYASKEDQUESTIONSWITH CONTENTThink about the frequent questionsfielded by your sales teams or theinquiries you see on social media.If certain themes arise, these topics makestrong fodder for website content.Answering prospects questions beforethey ask them shows your company caresabout their needs.
  5. 5. DIRECT USERS TOOTHER RELEVANTCONTENT, NOT JUSTCONVERSION PAGESEven highly compelling and creative contentmay not lead directly to conversions. However,that doesnt mean a reader or viewer isntinterested in your products or services.Including links to related articles on a websitekeeps top-of-funnel visitors moving throughyour site and drives them closer to conversion.
  6. 6. 5FREQUENTLY TEST FOR OPTIMUMPERFORMANCENothing is more frustrating for a website visitor than a poor load speed. The averageecommerce-enabled site is 9 percent slower now than it was a year ago. Frequentlytesting for optimum performance ensures prospects can navigate your site withoutdelay.
  7. 7. MAKE CONTENTACCESSIBLE FORALL AUDIENCESMobile users account for an increasinglylarge portion of website traffic, and itsimportant to offer them a site they canaccess from smartphones and tablets.As these devices become more common -and their growth isnt slowing any timesoon - a mobile-optimized website willbecome a competitive necessity.
  8. 8. 7INCLUDE OUTBOUNDLINKS TO SOURCESSometimes prospects reading website contentwant to see where information comes from.If youre citing a research institution, an exclusiveinterview or another third party in an article, blogpost or other kind of content, include a link to theoriginal source.
  9. 9. 8HAVE DIVERSESITE CONTENTNot everyone is swayed by industry trendsand news content. The same applies toinfographics, video and other content types youuse on your site.Create several different kinds of content toappeal to an increasingly diverse prospect base.Many companies have already taken this toheart, with most B2B brands using more than10 different types of content.
  10. 10. 9GIVE USERS OPTIONS FORFINDING CONTENTContent marketing and SEO often go hand in hand. But a strong content marketingstrategy is present throughout the web. Share information on social networks anddeliver opt-in email marketing strategies to make it easy for prospects to findinformation.
  11. 11. USE ATTRACTIVEVISUALSInfographics and video express relevantinformation in a highly engaging format.However, the use of visual contentshouldnt stop there.Whitepapers, industry news articles, blogsand other written content should alsohave images included to make webpagesmore attractive and keep prospectsinterested.
  12. 12. THANKS FOR READING!Get your fix for more content marketing news,tips and trends at Top 10 wasproduced by