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10 twitter layouts to inspire your social marketing


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10 twitter layouts to inspire your social marketing

  2. 2. BH COSMETICSBH Cosmetics focuses on creativity. The companys header photo uses an expansiverange of colors and brushes to inspire fans and followers. Capturing brand identity withTwitter backgrounds and header photos shows prospects what a company is all about.
  3. 3. WORLDSOCCERSHOP.COMOne of the premier vendors ofinternational soccer merchandise, appareland equipment, WorldSoccerShop.comhas leveraged Twitter’s header photo tohighlight specific players and matches.Focusing on timely event with its designencourages fans to make purchases toprepare for upcoming games and showsthe company keeps up with the latestsoccer news.
  4. 4. BMC SOFTWAREA leader in business service management software, BMC Software’s social marketingpresence must convey a positive message to its users. In technology, its innovation andreliability attract fans and followers. The futuristic design and color scheme makes BMC’sTwitter presence engaging and it’s indicative of a company businesses can depend on.
  5. 5. BURBERRYA long time leader in social marketing and branding, Burberry’s use of Twitter’s newheader photo feature captures the brands essence. The simple but sharp look tells fansand followers Burberry is an authority on style.
  6. 6. COCA-COLAIn the past, Brafton has highlightedCoca-Cola’s use of different socialnetworks for its dynamic and engagingcampaigns.Storytelling is almost always at theforefront of these strategies, and thecompany’s new Twitter page is nodifferent. Images of people enjoyingCoca-Cola in different settings showfans and followers Coke is truly a softdrink for all seasons.
  7. 7. ETSYA colorful profile that sparks users’ imaginations and inspires creativity suits Etsyperfectly. The company empowers people to create and sell items they want to share withthe world. From the playful background design to the festive header photos, Etsy’s Twitterpresence encompasses the brand.
  8. 8. FORDThe Ford Motor Company strives to build customer pride. They don’t just wantpeople to buy a Ford, they want people to want to buy a Ford.A simple background pairs well with the steering wheel header photo to let fans andfollowers know they are in charge.
  9. 9. GENERAL ELECTRICGeneral Electric is about innovation. Constantly developing new ways to power theworld, GE’s Twitter presence focuses on the inner workings of its plants. Meanwhile, thesocial content it shares encourage users to be creative and dynamic as well.
  10. 10. GENERAL MOTORSGeneral Motors captures the rough-and-tumble American worker with its Twitterpage. Its header photo and background both show off a heavy-duty pick uptruck, along with the company’s partnership with the National Football League.What’s more American than that?
  11. 11. STARBUCKSStarbucks’ header photo and background image illustrate that customers can enjoycoffee created with a commitment to quality. The message is brilliantly expressedthrough fresh coffee beans and two people enjoying mugs of coffee.
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