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Top hills midwest avenue sales kit ver1


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Please contact me for booking and more info on Midwest Avenue Office Suite + Soho Concept
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Top hills midwest avenue sales kit ver1

  1. 1. SOHO Suites
  2. 2. FLAGSHIP AJB CITY CENTREFLAGSHIP BNUSAJAYAFLAGSHIP CWESTERN GATEDEVELOPMENTFLAGSHIP DEASTERN GATEDEVELOPMENTFLAGSHIP ESENAI-SKUDAI• New Financial District• Danga Bay IntegratedWaterfront City• Upgrading of CentralBusiness District• Tebrau-Plentong MixedDevelopment• Customs Immigration andQuarantine Complex (CIQ)• JB-Singapore Causeway• Lido Boulevard• Kota Iskandar• Puteri Harbour• Medini• EduCity• Southern Industrial LogisticsCluster (SiLC)• LEGOLAND ® Malaysia• Pinewood Iskandar MalaysiaStudios• Health and Wellness Projects• Port of Tanjung Pelepas• Tanjung Bin Power Plant• Malaysia-Singapore SecondLink• RAMSAR World Heritage• Tanjung Piai – SouthernmostTip of Mainland Asia• Free Trade Zone• Tanjung Langsat IndustrialComplex• Tanjung Langsat Port• Pasir Gudang Industrial Park• APTEC (Lakehill Resort City)• Senai International Airport• Senai Cargo Hub• Senai High-Tech Park• MSC Cyberport City• Johor Technology Park• Johor Premium OutletIskandar Malaysia is divided into fiveeconomic flagship zones, of which Nusajayalies in the centre.Estimated to have 1.35 million people or43% of Johors population of 3.17 million by2025Iskandar Malaysia attracted committedinvestments totalling RM111.37bil from 2006up to March 31 2013.Of the total cumulative committedinvestments, RM44.82bil, or 40.2%,represents investments that have beenrealised.5 FLAGSHIP ZONES IN ISKANDAR MALAYSIA
  4. 4. Flagship A: Johor Bahru
  5. 5. Flagship A: Johor Bahru The city of Johor Bahru is Malaysias Southern Gateway,receiving 60% of foreign tourists who visit Malaysia. Johor Bahru is the Central Business District and the StateCapital of Johor. It is also the main gateway into and outof Singapore (via the Causeway). The current key economic activities in Flagship A arefinancial services, commerce and retail, arts and culture,hospitality, urban tourism, plastic manufacturing,electrical and electronics (E&E) and food processing. In the future, a multi-modal terminal will be developed inFlagship A, as well as an MRT/LRT system connectingJohor Bahru City Centre to other areas in IskandarMalaysia.
  6. 6. Key Landmarks: Danga Bay Danga Bay is an integrated waterfront development withinIskandar Malaysia covering approximately 450 acres, including aninternational financial and commercial centre, a multi-modelterminal and other iconic developments. This "Vision City of the South" Phase I makes up 240 acres of anIntegrated Waterfront Development comprising financial,commercial, residential, lifestlye, leisure and family-orientedtourism development.
  7. 7. Key Landmarks: CIQ Complex The Bangunan Sultan Ibrahim (BSI) is the largest Customs,Immigration and Quarantine Complex in Malaysia. It occupies anarea of 232,237 sqm (2,499,780 sqft). The CIQ is connected to JB Sentral, which is the transport hubfor Johor Bahru. The total area of JB Sentral is 79,000 squaremetres (850,000 sq ft), almost two times larger than KL Sentral.
  8. 8. Key Landmarks: CIQ Complex The hub has a KTM railway station and a bus station (9,500 sqmor 102,000 sqft). The bus station is expected to handleapproximately 15,000 bus passengers per hour. A LRT (light rail transit) system will be constructed beginningaround 2015 to include JB Sentral as its main terminal. Theproject is expected to complete by end of 2019. The systemwould be known as RAPID (Rangkaian Pengangkutan IntegrasiDeras) Transit System (RTS).
  9. 9. Key Landmarks: The Causeway The Johor-Singapore Causeway is a 1,056-metre causeway that links Johor Bahruacross the Straits of Johor to Woodlands in Singapore. It serves as a road, rail andpedestrian link, in addition to supporting the water pipeline system into Singapore. The causeway is connected to the CIQ in Johor Bahru. The complex is linked to JohorBahrus Eastern Dispersal Link (EDL) and Inner Ring Road which intersects with theSkudai Highway (Federal Route 1). On a typical day, it carries 60,000 vehicles.
  10. 10. Key Landmarks: City Centre Given city status in 1994, Johor Bahru is a rapidly growing city. Latestcensus figures indicate that it is fast becoming Malaysias second largestcity, with a population of over 1 million. The city in itself has a population of 1,334,188 as of 2010, while themetropolitan Johor Bahru, also known as Iskandar Malaysia, has apopulation of 1,730,000.
  11. 11. Key Landmarks: Sultan Ibrahim Building Sultan Ibrahim Building was built between 1936 and 1939, officiallyopened in 1940 by Sultan Ibrahim himself. It is located at BukitTimbalan. The building uniquely features a combination of Western and Malayarchitecture with its Saracenic design and tower. This building is alandmark in Johor Bahru as it used to be the tallest building duringthe pre-independence era. The building once housed the Chief Minister’s office and StateAssembly Hall until they were both moved to Kota Iskandar in 2009.
  12. 12. Johor Bahru City Centre:Existing Land Use and Activities Most of the land in the city centre cannot be developed, especially those classifiedunder special land use like the Grand Palace (Istana Besar), the Abu Bakar Mosqueand Bukit Timbalan. As the capital city, a large part of the city centre is devoted tothe state administration departments. This is reflected in the 34.9% use of land in the city as institutional and governmentreserves, the single largest category in the city. Land use by other sectors such asresidential and commercial are relatively lower especially when compared to theamount of infrastructure available in the city centre.
  13. 13. Johor Bahru City Centre: Land Supply Johor Bahru City Centre has limited land supply especially with existingdevelopments and large portions designated for special use. The following areaslisted below have been identified in the Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) aspotential areas for development or re-development.
  14. 14. CDP: Regenerating Johor Bahru City The key development strategy for the Special Economic Corridor (SEC)is to regenerate Johor Bahru into a vibrant economic centre whilepreserving its cultural and heritage values. Its heritage and culturalvalues are important urban elements that give soul and character tothe city. South Johor Economic Region (SJER) Concept Development Plan (CDP)includes comprehensive action plans for urban redevelopment andurban beautification for regenerating Johor Bahru city.
  15. 15. CDP: Regenerating Johor Bahru City Objective 1 - Create a distinct Central Business District (CBD) Objective 2 - Encourage diversity in terms of land use, activities and built form Objective 3 - Encourage Brownfield Development Objective 4 - Encourage living in the city Objective 5 - Foster physical continuity and connectivity Objective 6 - Reinforce the unique local character and heritage features Objective 7 - Preserve and enhance natural environment Objective 8 - Promote a vibrant cultural atmosphere Objective 9 - Preserve important view corridors Objective 10 - Promote public art Objective 11 - Promote appropriate street activity Objective 12 – Enhance the Waterfront areas of Johor Bahru City
  16. 16. CDP: Regenerating Johor Bahru City
  17. 17. CDP: Regenerating Johor Bahru CityProposed Land Use Activities For Johor Bahru City Centre
  18. 18. CDP: Johor Bahru New CBDThe Development Approach In creating a new business district for Johor Bahru, the approach is tocreate a new and bigger core area for the city. The new businessdistrict will create a new business address for the city that must be ofa sizeable size of land development. Thus, the proposed new CBD for Johor Bahru will encompass a totalarea of 392.40 acres of land or 35.2% of Johor Bahru city centre.
  19. 19. CDP: Johor Bahru New CBD
  20. 20. CDP: Johor Bahru New CBDPlanning PrecinctsThe proposed CBD covers an area of436.58 acres of land and three mainprecincts have been defined for theproposed CBD that will requirecomprehensive planning and development.The planning precincts identified are:1. The Johor Bahru City WaterfrontPrecinct;2. The Heritage Precinct; and3. The Business and Central ParkPrecinct.
  21. 21. CDP: Johor Bahru New CBDPlanning Precincts - The Johor Bahru City Waterfront Precinct:(A Land Reclamation and Urban Beautification Programme) Public Space and Recreation Retail and Tourist Shopping Dining and Entertainment Festival Market – Local Crafts
  22. 22. CDP: Johor Bahru New CBDPlanning Precincts - TheHeritage Precinct :(A Conservation Programme) Arts & Culture Administration Small Professional Offices Tourism – Hotels andTourist Operators Retail
  23. 23. CDP: Johor Bahru New CBDPlanning Precincts - The Business andCentral Park Precinct:(A Redevelopment Programme) Financial and Business Centres Central Park and Open Spaces Mixed and Integrated Development Residential – Apartments and ServiceApartments Corporate Offices Big Box Retail Centres (Malls) Tourism – 5 star Hotels Convention
  24. 24. CDP: Johor Bahru New CBDDevelopment approach of the proposed CBD
  25. 25. CDP: Johor Bahru New CBDThe Master Plan of Johor Bahru the Proposed CBDThe master plan for the CBD is intended to regenerate the older anduneconomical land into prime properties; but most importantly, it will create themuch needed public spaces and public amenities in the city to meet the needs ofits increasing young population.A. Creating Parks and Public Realms More than 35.51 acres of land will be dedicated to parks and public realms.These spaces do not only enhance the built environment of the area but alsoprovides the ‘breathing’ space a city needs. A Central Park of 18.5 acres ofland will be created in the Business and Central Park Precinct as a mainfeature of the urban redevelopment program. The Central Park takes thedesign of a linear park so as to enhance properties surrounding it and to alloweasy public access from various points of the CBD.B. Network of Greens and Pedestrian The Central Park will be part of a network of parks in the city centre. Anetwork of pedestrian linkage provides connectivity to the overall CBD areathat links residential areas to offices and shopping areas. The park system willinclude the Bukit Timbalan Park, which will be opened to the public once thestate administration moves to Nusajaya, and eventually terminates at the parkin the Johor Bahru Waterfront precinct.
  26. 26. CDP: Johor Bahru New CBDThe Business and Central Park District Illustrative Master Plan
  27. 27. CDP: Johor Bahru New CBDThe Master Plan of Johor Bahru the Proposed CBDC. A New Business Address and Economic Opportunities The redevelopment of Johor Bahru CBD is to provide a new premiumaddress in Johor Bahru. New land banks are created around theCentral Park and this will be offered as prime business offices andretail spaces. These new space provides opportunities for neweconomic initiatives to be sited here. Creative industry initiatives canbe one of the major uses of activities here. This will also lead todemand for inner city living and retail spaces that the Johor BahruBusiness and Central Park precinct needs. Seventeen parcels of land can be partitioned over the 93.22 acres ofspace. These potential sites ranges from 1.5 to 10 acres plot of landand its prospective use and its guiding plot ratios are indicated below.This illustrates the potential of development available within the newCBD area.
  28. 28. CDP: Johor Bahru New CBDPlan Indicating New Plots Potentially Developed in the CBD
  29. 29. CDP: Johor Bahru New CBDReviving Sungai SeggetIn reviving Sungai Segget, some key objectives identified are:CLEAN AND ENHANCE SUNGAI SEGGET AS A RIVER PARK SYSTEM By: Opening up Segget River and execute beautification programme. Execute river catchment management in terms of planning and developmentcontrols for the various land use and activities. Better environmental management of storm water/runoff to prevent andmanage pollutants from entering the river system.
  30. 30. CDP: Johor Bahru New CBDBeautify Sungai Segget A beautification program should beundertaken for Sungai Segget andturn it into the new ‘life line’ forthe city. Not only will thebeautification effort overcomevarious environmental issues but itwill also be a gift that can be givenback to Johor Bahru. As the river is already lined,beautifying Sungai Segget can bedone at two levels, at the waterlevel as well as at the upper level.Shop houses facing the river cantake advantage by adopting thefrontages of the river and helpmaintain the cleanliness of theriver.
  31. 31. CDP: Johor Bahru New CBD
  32. 32. CDP: Johor Bahru New CBDCBD The Heritage CityIskandar Waterfront Holdings Sdn Bhd (IWH) is the Master Developer for IskandarMalaysia Flagship A. IWH is a strategic partnership between Johor State Government entity –Kumpulan Prasarana Rakyat Johor (KPRJ) – and businessman Tan Sri Lim KangHoo through Credence Resources Sdn Bhd. In addition, Khazanah Nasional Berhad and Employees Provident Fund (EPF)also have stakes in promoting development in this area via their interests insubsidiaries and associated companies of IWH. IWH managing director Tan Sri Lim Kang Hoo managed to trace and has boughtsome 50 plots in various locations, the latest being a plot of 133ha at JalanWong Ah Fook from an old man who had migrated and was the seventhgeneration owner. The makeover of the city is the state government’s project and IWH hasmandated to see it through.
  33. 33. CBD The Heritage City
  34. 34. SOHO Suites Located right in the middleof new Johor Bahru CBD. A multipurpose suite thatyou can be proud of. A space so versatile that youcan use it for many
  35. 35. Building LayoutGround Floor Lobby To feature functional management office and 6commercial lots (814 sf – 1,025 sf).Carparks 70 car parks for the basement. 4 car parks for the ground floor. 288 car parks for level 1 to 7 totalling 358Level 8 upwards Simplex SOHO SuitesLevel 15 upwards Simplex and Duplex SOHO Suites
  36. 36. Lobby
  37. 37. F & B Outlets Next to Lobby
  38. 38. Standard SOHO Suites1 Room 1 Bath (Range from xxx sf )
  39. 39. An extended view
  40. 40. Facing the balcony
  41. 41. Living Area / Discussion Area
  42. 42. Reception Desk
  43. 43. Kichenette
  44. 44. Master Bedroom / Executive Office
  45. 45. Wash Room /Private PowerRoom
  46. 46. Duplex Suites Duplex style(Range from x,xxx sf to x,xxx sf)
  47. 47. Roof Top Swimming Pool
  48. 48. Roof Top Cafe
  49. 49. Developer Background Developer: Midwest Equity Sdn. Bhd. Company No: 961977-W Date of incorporation: 29 September 2011 Major Share Holder: Dato’ Azizi Yom Ahmad(Executive Chairman and Director of Midwest Equity Sdn. Bhd.) Dato’ Azizi is also the founder, CEO and major share holder ofNew Lake Development Sdn. Bhd., one of the sister companies ofMidwest Equity Sdn. Bhd. New Lake Development Sdn. Bhd. was set up by Dato’ Azizi in1993, with the sole focus on real estate and propertydevelopment. New Lake Development Sdn. Bhd. emphasises on the need forattractive locations, good security and umcompromised qualityand building standards. The company also takes into amount ofthe need to respect for local culture and societal needs.
  50. 50. Developer Background Project: 10 Boulevard, Petaling Jaya, Selangor 25 acres well-planned and well-designed commercial development consisting of 4blocks of 6 & 7 storey office uites and ground floor retial outlets. Developer: New Lake Development Sdn. Bhd. Completion Date: End of 2009 Type: Commercial Tenure: Leasehold No. of Units: These 4 blocks of buildings at 10 Boulevard house a total of 59units, which phase 1 (Bougainvillea and Dhalia) will comprise 29 units, whilephase 2 (Allamanda and Camilia) will comprise 30 units. Each unit is sizedranging from 1,378 sf to 3,824 sf, Launch Price: Ranging from RM490 psf to RM550 psf. Boulevard gives impressive amenities and services to meet today business’senvironment. It comes with highly visible and easily accessible lift lobbyentrances which serviced by 32 lifts as well. Besides, there are 2-level ofbasement parking with total of 1,301 parking bays and it is under 24-hour CCTVsurveillance and security guard patrols.
  51. 51. Developer Background Project: 10 Boulevard, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
  52. 52. Developer Background Project: TAR Villas Luxurious low-density gated signature bungalows on 17.35 acres land Developer: Michigan Properties (M) Sdn. Bhd. Completion Date: 2008 Type: Residential Tenure: Leasehold No. of Units: (20 units semi-detached & 37 units detached) Land Area: 10,366 sf to 14,241 sf Built-up Area: 5,919 sf to 8,532 sf Launch Price: Minimum RM3 million Facilities: 24-hour security, Upgradeable Smart Home Security System,CCTV surveillance in and around the perimeters, Multi-purpose hall,Wide roads with pedestrian and jogging track
  53. 53. Developer Background Project: TAR Villas Luxurious low-density gated signature semi-detached & detachedbungalows
  54. 54. Developer Background Project: Taman Damai Jaya, Selayang, Selangor 3-storey terrace houses Developer: New Lake Development Sdn. Bhd. Completion Date: 2011 Type: Residential Tenure: Leasehold No. of Units: 46 units of 3-storey terrace (minimum built-up of 3,000sf)
  55. 55. Developer Background Project: Taman Damai Jaya, Selayang, Selangor 3-storey terrace houses
  56. 56. Developer Background Project: Taman Damai Jaya, Selayang, Selangor 3-storey terrace houses
  57. 57. Developer Background Project: Grandview Apartments,Melbourne Location: 19 Queens Road, Melbourne(a short tram ride away to MelbournesCBD) Company: Wanissa Corporation Pty Ltd(Wholly owned by Dato’ Azizi) Description: 13 level residential towerwith two levels of underground carparking. 78 units of apartment, 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom and penthouse. The building offers a heated indoor pool,well equipped gymnasium, sauna,changing rooms and security entrance. Date Completed: 2002 Total Sales: AUD48 million
  58. 58. Newlake on Media
  59. 59. Newlake on Media