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The Death of TV

  1. The Death of TV As we know it.
  2. There are forces at work that will make broadcast television a thing of the past.
  3. To see the future of the TV we need to understand the one obvious truth of the media in the internet age.
  4. Everything is coming out of its containers.
  5. For example: The Music industry before Steve Jobs. Need I say more? Didn’t think so.
  6. Kaboom!
  7. Give us data not matter.
  8. The central challenge to the folks running the traditional aspects of content businesses is that their business models are based on moving the containers around. No containers means no business model. Chaos.
  9. A Broadcast schedule is a container. That’s not good is it? Nope.
  10. A schedule for non live events in an on- demand world is an arcane idea. No schedule and again no business model. The PVR was only the start.
  11. Choice is at the center of my media universe. This is an actual picture of my living room.
  12. W What’s my Windows Media Center. blend? Boxee Xbox Live Google iTunes Store Safari for everything else. My Imagination
  13. Crazy thing is that there is no single revolutionary at the core but rather a bunch of revolutionaries who are meeting a massive pent up consumer demand which is simply....
  14. Give us access to what we want not what you think we want. Or we will continue to figure it out without your help.
  15. The killer app for mass adoption may simply be how we control it. Who would have predicted what would happen when someone put an accelerometer into a game controller.
  16. It’s not rocket science. It’s adoption of what we already have. That’s what makes it so compelling and disruptive.
  17. You want this to happen. You want your own version of the mash-up. You want the channel of you. Thats what will fuel the revolution.
  18. Viva la Revolution!
  19. We will buy the best content, surf the rest, entertain, educate and connect ourselves in ways we have not yet imagined. We will shift between narrative and connective content seamlessly. Definition: Narrative content tells a story. Connective content make your actions part of the story.
  20. The future of television may very well be built on an AppStore model. Who wins this is up for grabs but it’s an awesome opportunity. Most of the bits are already here all it needs is a platform for us entrepreneurs.
  21. When we are here the traditional broadcast model is done. This will happen faster than the traditionalist think. Once the current economic crisis starts to abate. The shift will be fast. We are here.
  22. Inevitable.
  23. You don’t need the mass market only the meaningful market to screw up advertising models. Advertisers like consumers with money. Consumers with money value their time. It only takes 15% of the population to shift and today’s game is over.
  24. As the money shifts the 30 second spot model will finally fall and as it does all those that depend on it shall fall with it. Innovate now or die later - Please invent! can’t say it any clearer. Of course the people who really need to understand this point will never see this presentation - they don’t even know what slideshare is. Irony BTW I can’t believe the impact of the PVR has been successfully ignored for so long an effort definitely worth some sort of award...somewhere. Perhaps a Darwin...just a thought.
  25. The business model which favors consumer supported content will emerge.
  26. New empires will be built and old empires will vanish. New days will dawn.
  27. Join the revolution!
  28. Marry your TV to the Internet. It’s the perfect romance that is good for your brain.
  29. It’s great news for those of us interested in generating new wealth both figuratively and culturally. Goodbye containers.
  30. One last point....
  31. How do you kill a Dinosaur?
  32. You don’t, evolution does. :-)
  33. PS. If you liked this presentation and are a marketer you might also like this one.
  34. Admodo Disruptfully yours, Brady. BradyGilchrist I love a blue ocean strategy.

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