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Collaborating with Students on OER Advocacy


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For many student leaders, finding ways to make a post-secondary degree more affordable is a top priority. While student leaders may have heard about the benefits of OER, many may not be aware of the tactics needed to actually transition their efforts into increased awareness and adoption. Further many librarians, teaching and learning support staff and faculty members working to advance OER on campus have not yet collaborated with students. In recognition of this, this workshop will provide attendees with an overview of grassroots tactics, highlighting the benefits of involving students in OER advocacy. Through highlighting successful collaborative OER campaigns, this session will provide attendees with the opportunity to connect, learn from one another and commit to further action that can be taken on their campuses through grassroots organizing.

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Collaborating with Students on OER Advocacy

  1. 1. Collaborating with Students on OER Advocacy Brady Yano // @bradyyano Katie Steen // @katiesteen627 Kaitlyn Vitez // @HigherEdPIRG
  2. 2. materials/
  3. 3. #OERganizing
  4. 4. Why are students ideal OER advocates? public service relationships personal stories flexible ease of access
  5. 5. grassroots organizing 101
  6. 6. identify stakeholders
  7. 7. librarians students faculty admin + ??? Who are the potential stakeholders on your campus?
  8. 8. power mapping
  9. 9. ● What influences your target? ● Identify relational power lines ● Target priority stakeholders ● Plan, plan, plan power map each stakeholder
  10. 10. goals
  11. 11. sample goals ● Save students money by increasing OER faculty adoptions ● Create a campus-wide OER initiative on campus ● Pass a student government and faculty senate resolution in support of OER ● Secure a department-wide commitment to increasing the use of OER in courses ● Secure funding for the creation of a new dedicated OER staff person
  12. 12. actions
  13. 13. sample actions ● Start an OER taskforce with representatives from each of the stakeholder groups identified ● Launch a #textbookbroke campaign ● Host an Open Education Week event focused on student storytelling ● Work to change your institutional course catalog to indicate courses using OER and cost-free content ● Share your OER progress on platforms like Connect OER, the OER World Map
  14. 14. considerations
  15. 15. ● What barriers and opportunities impact widespread OER adoption on campus? ● Are there potential avenues for partnerships on campus that go beyond libraries and student groups? ● How can you ensure sustainability of OER efforts? considerations
  16. 16. case study: Rutgers University & the Student PIRGS
  17. 17. “NJPIRG has really laid the groundwork for the textbook affordability efforts at Rutgers… I am really happy to be able to collaborate with NJPIRG on press and outreach, in particular, which they're excellent at, as well as have their support in soliciting applications and selecting the award winners for our open and affordable incentive awards.” Lily Todorinova Undergraduate Experience Librarian Open & Affordable Textbooks Program Director Rutgers University (New Brunswick, NJ)
  18. 18. Building a student movement for OER 1. Set the campus in national context
  19. 19. Building a student movement for OER 2. Activate decision makers
  20. 20. Building a student movemen for OER 3. Generate visibility & name recognition
  21. 21. Building a student movement for OER 4. Gather data at all phases of project
  22. 22. Building a student movement for OER 5. Never stop campaigning for more
  23. 23. #OERganizing @bradyyano @katiesteen627 @HigherEdPIRG