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Corporate sponsorship Solicitation Made Easy


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An easy to follow presentation if you are a non-profit looking to answer these types of questions:

How do we ask companies to partner?
What do we have to offer a corporate sponsor?
What are we doing wrong? We ask for support all the time, but never get it.
Companies partner once, but don’t renew. Why?
How can we be like…?

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Corporate sponsorship Solicitation Made Easy

  1. 1.   Corporate  Sponsorship   Solicita0on  Made  Easy   Equip.  Exchange.  Empower  
  2. 2.   “The  key  element  to  success  is   confron3ng  the  right  ques3ons.”           ~  Tom  Tierney,  Chairman  &  Co-­‐founder,  The  Bridgespan  Group  ~  
  3. 3. Challenges   •  How  do  we  ask  companies  to  partner?     •  What  do  we  have  to  offer  a  corporate  sponsor?     •  What  are  we  doing  wrong?  We  ask  for  support  all   the  >me,  but  never  get  it.       •  Companies  partner  once,  but  don’t  renew.  Why?       •  How  can  we  be  like  chairty:water?    
  4. 4. The  8  Essen0als       1.   If  anything  was  possible,  what  would  your  organiza>on  look  like?     What  would  its  impact  be  on  the  world?         2.  If  you  could  describe  what  your  organiza>on  does  in  a  few  key  word  phrases,   what  would  those  be?     3.  What  is  your  most  pressing  problem  as  an  organiza>on  right  now?   4.  If  you  could  wave  a  magic  wand,  what  would  you  ask  for  in  order  to  solve  the   problem(s)  men>oned  above?   5.  To  help  you  accomplish  your  goals,  what  does  your  ideal  team  or  outside   partner(s)  look  like?     6.  What  legacy  do  you  want  your  organiza>on  to  have?   7.  What  is  your  ideal  start  >me  &  how  much  >me  are  you  willing  /able  to  invest  to   see  things  develop?     8.  What  financial  commitment  are  you  willing/able  to  invest  to  see  things  develop?  
  5. 5. “Our  goals  can  only  be  reached  through  a   vehicle  of  a  plan,  in  which  we  must  fervently   believe,  and  upon  which  we  must  vigorously  act.   There  is  no  other  route  to  success.”         ~  Stephen  A.  Brennan  ~  
  6. 6. Partner  Ac0on  Plan       Renew   Target   Acknowledge   Define   Engage   Outreach   Iden>fy  needs  |  Navigate  towards  solu>ons  
  7. 7. Tracking   Rela0on-­‐ ship   Level   Point   Person   Company   Contact   Name   Title   Contact   info:   Info/interests   Ini0al  “Ask”   Achieves   goal  of…   1   Execu>ve     Director   Large   Company     Jane  Doe     VP  of  West   Coast   Marke>ng   Jane.doe.L   -­‐  Met  @  X   networking  event.     -­‐  Married  with  3   children.     -­‐  Loves  baseball   -­‐  Never  acended   an  event.     Purchase  a   table  @   annual  gala   for  $5,000     Introducing   them  to  the   org  &   bringing   poten>ally   10  new   prospects  to   the  event   3   Board   member  X   Amazing   John  Doe     Opportunity     CEO   John@AO. com   Purchased  table  @   gala  past  3  years.     Program  alum.     Upgrade   giving  to     $10,000+   Achieves  X   board   members   Give  &  Get   goal  of   $5,000  
  8. 8. Target     Who  you  know   •  Your  team–  Staff,  board  members,  high-­‐level   volunteers  etc.     •  Your  donors  -­‐-­‐  Super  fans,    networkers,  business   owners,  big  givers,  employees  of  great  companies     •  Your  greater  community–  Facebook,  Twicer,   YouTube  etc.  
  9. 9. Target     Who  you  want  to  know     •  Make  your  dream  list  -­‐-­‐  Companies  &  Individuals   •  Share  it  with  your  community      
  10. 10. Target     Who  you  don't  know  you  should  know  (…  yet!)       •  Be  open  to  introduc>ons       •  Track  your  research–  Dig  deeper  into  your  target  companies     •  Who  are  their  compe>tors?     •  Who  are  their  partners?    
  11. 11. Leverage  FREE  Resources    
  12. 12. Define  Rela0onships       (-­‐1)  Damaged–  Someone  who  has  had  a  bad  experience  in  any   capacity.  The  rela>onship  needs  repairs       (0)  Prospect  –  A  poten>al  contact,  someone  you  haven’t  met  yet   and  are  adding  to  your  ac>on  plan     (1)  New  -­‐  You  have  been  introduced,  &  will  follow  up  on  the   conversa>on     (2)  Engaged  -­‐  They  have  an  understanding  of  the  club,  maybe   acended  an  event  or  made  a  visit,  but  haven’t  made  a  dona>on     (3)  Donor  –  They  have  a  deep  understanding  of  the  club  and  have   commiced  money  to  the  organiza>on      
  13. 13. Outreach     Knowing  what  prospects  care  about     makes  “asking”  easier     •  Know  what  you  want  &  what  it’s  for     •  Keep  The  Ask  Simple   •  Focus  on  what  your  organiza>on  does  best     •  Why  it’s  important  to  your  organiza>on?    
  14. 14. Engage   •  Be  authen>c     •  Use  real  stories   •  Be  prepared  to  answer  tough  ques>ons     •  Have  all  materials  ready     •  Have  fun  &  enjoy  the  opportunity  to  share  your  passion   for  your  organiza>on        
  15. 15. Acknowledge     Partners  &  Donors  are  your  celebri>es         Be  thankful       Be  informa>ve     Make  it  personal    
  16. 16. “Lead  with  generosity.”         ~  Keith  Ferrazzi,  Ferrazzi  Greenlight  &     author  of  Who’s  Got  Your  Back?  &  Never  Eat  Alone~  
  17. 17. Renew       •  Focus  on  growing  rela>onships  &  your  network       •  Ask  how  you  can  help  them-­‐-­‐  make  an  introduc>on,   set-­‐up  a  VIP  visit,  etc.     •  Offer  incen>ves  that  help  you  &  your  team      
  18. 18. Measuring     •  Keep  your  measuring  tools  simple  and  consistent     •  Aim  to  hit  your  50%  mark  at  the  mid  point  of  your  major   fundraising  benchmarks       •  Goals  should  be  checked  quarterly  at  each  board  mee>ng   •  Each  board  mee>ng  should  include  the  following:   •  Individual  Give  &  Get  Reports     •  Donor  list  for  current  fiscal  year   •  Review  of  the  master  Donor  Ac>on  Plan    
  19. 19. Tips  &  Tricks     •  Plan  Ahead-­‐-­‐  Get  on  the  radar  before  budgets  sesng  in   January     •  Leverage  free  resources  for  research       •  Engage  Your  Team–  Have  board  members  and  staff  work  with   you  on  your  ask       •  Be  a  good  example-­‐-­‐Write  your  check  on  >me  and  feel  good   about  your  giving.  It’s  contagious!       **  Secret  Tip:  Fashion  brands  or  high-­‐end  retailers  are  usually  in  their  offices   through  the  holidays.  It’s  a  great  >me  to  get  them  on  the  phone!  **      
  20. 20.   Things  to  Remember….       •  Listen,  listen,  listen!   •  It  is  about  the  personal  connec>on  you  create   with  the  people  in  the  company  that  macers     •  Be  flexible  &  willing  to  look  at  various  op>ons  
  21. 21.       Be  bold.  Be  brave.  Be  open.         Worst  case  scenario,  you  get  everything   you  ask  for  and  more!  
  22. 22. Got  Ques>ons?  |  @bradyhahn