Top Tips To Get More Referrals


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The Referral Authority, Matt Anderson, offers up some of the most neglected ways to get more referrals. Hosted by InkCycle

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Top Tips To Get More Referrals

  1. 1. The Most Neglected Way to Get More Referrals Ink Cycle June 23, 2009
  2. 2. How to Get More ReferralsAskBuild trustGood customer serviceAdd valueBuild relationshipsBe likeable
  3. 3. It’s a skill!
  4. 4. Two universalprinciples ofinfluencingothersSource: Robert Cialdini, Influence
  5. 5. 1. The Rule of Reciprocation.
  6. 6. 2. The Rule of LIKING
  7. 7. 1.To feel good2.To help othersSource: Andy Sernovitz, President Emeritus,Word of Mouth Marketing Association
  8. 8. OKAY…How do youreally feelabout askingfor referrals?
  10. 10. How tostay top ofmind year-round
  11. 11. How to Stay Top of MindA monthly E-Zine/newsletterBy networking and attendingcommunity, special interest or socialeventsLinked In/Facebook/other socialnetworking sitesGreeting/handwritten thank you cardsValentines cards and cookies
  12. 12. How to Stay Top of MindBlogUnexpected contact/giftsLaminating newspaper articlesabout them/their familyPersonal phone callsCustomer appreciation eventsSurveys
  13. 13. How to Stay Top of MindPostcards from vacation or conferencelocationsNon-business value pieces (passions,wealth, kids)Referral thank youCoffee/lunch/beerCustomized greeting cards withdigitally taken pictures
  14. 14. A system to stay top-of-mind year round
  15. 15. 95%
  16. 16. Today’s consumer is getting increasing cynical aboutmarketing campaigns
  17. 17. THELOYALTYE-ZINEInspiring monthly Measurable Results:e-newsletter for More referrals.your clients and Hassle-free.contacts. Revitalizes yourInnovative top-of-mindAdds real value. marketing.Client-centered. Peace of mind:Efficient way to brand Builds long-termyourself. relationships.
  18. 18. THE I have been sending out Matt Andersons email newsletter for wellLOYALTY over a year and have been very happyE-ZINE with the feedback from my customers. Not only do they appreciate the coupons but they actually read the material and tell me how well the topic related to their life. I am able add links to other people’s websites from the newsletter and help others to grow their businesses as well! I would recommend this worry-free option so that you stay on your customers’ minds! Marianne Gariti, Owner, THINK! Toner & Ink
  19. 19. THE We tried to produce and send our own emails and it was difficult, we wereLOYALTY inconsistent with our “mailings” andE-ZINE never knew what to write about, and it was just one more thing we had to add to our never-ending to do list. The Referral Authority has relieved us of this task and we have had a great response from our customers. Anne Kochevar, Owner, THINK! Toner & Ink
  20. 20. THE "Thank you for the inspiring email! I, just like you Im sure, receive manyLOYALTY newsletters via email. We even sendE-ZINE one of our own. But yours is the one I actually open and read in full every month. I even print it and keep it pinned to my office wall, just for a pick- me-up on a difficult day.“ "I absolutely LOVE the emails! Thank you so much for sharing with us. I print them off and put them on my fridge."
  21. 21. Yourbrand =consistent(only forthe rightreasons!)
  22. 22. Your brand = professionaland organized
  23. 23. Your Investment:Hassle Free Version:$49/month – 12 months or $495Plus $99 activation feeWord document: $24.95/monthRates good until 12/31/09SIGN UP before 9/30 and get thebaker’s dozen (extra month)
  24. 24. How to Sign
  25. 25. The Referral Authority E-ZineSign Up “Matts ezine is quick, up to date advice and solutions which I can apply straight away. I happily forward them to my referral partners and prospects adding even more value to our relationship. Thanks Matt!" Geoff Robinson, R&R Insurance
  26. 26. Thank You! Matt Anderson (608) 843-3827Coaching You to Way More Referrals From Happy Clients and Centers of Influence