Cerebra International March 2011


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Cerebra International March 2011

  1. 1. Sourcing and selecting the best peoplefor your team is critical to your success Cerebra, your partner in recruitmentThe right people for the right job - our guarantee of service
  2. 2. The employer’s choice... The best recruitment partner will: • take the time to understand your requirements • have the experience to deliver cost-effective solutions • deliver high quality candidates and processes and • take responsibility for a successful outcome.Cerebra International uses proven recruitment practices honed over many years, combined with modernrecruitment systems and highly experienced and motivated staff, to deliver top quality candidates.The Cerebra brand stands for uncompromising quality and delivery standards, appreciated by our clientsover many years.Our approach is individually tailored to each client. We take the time to understand your needs, specifyyour requirements, source only top quality candidates and screen for the best. Throughout the processclient communication is maintained and our bespoke systems enable us to supply full managementinformation at all stages.The result – the right people for the right job, at the right budget – exactly what you need.Hassle free recruitment, so that you recruit top performers for every role.
  3. 3. ‘ First class service from first class people, that’s whywe’ve stayed with Cerebra for over 20 years.’Operations Director - Linkforce Hong Kong ‘Cerebra always find us the best candidates, they have perfected the recruitment process! ’ Recruitment Manager - Balfour Beatty Workplace
  4. 4. Complete recruitment solutions...Staff are the backbone of any company and the energy that drives it forward. Having the right qualitystaff in the right position is critical to company success. No-one understands this more than Cerebra.From the outset, we establish a clear understanding of your requirements. We use our professional advice,proven processes and access to an unrivalled range of high quality candidates to add value at each step ofthe recruitment process. Our services cover: • Permanent staff • Temporary/Contract staff • Executive Search • Master Vendor/Neutral Vendor SolutionsWhatever your requirement, in the UK or worldwide, Cerebra’s commitment is total. Our bespoke approach,implementing and managing innovative recruitment solutions tailored to your needs,delivers the right people for the right job.
  5. 5. Our candidates...Our access to high quality candidates across all sectors is second to none. All of our candidates arecarefully screened and assessed to ensure they meet your exact requirements.Pre-interviews and references are standard before we put a candidate’s details before you and our 7 pointmatching process means we select candidates that totally fit your requirements.Our working relationship with some of the best known blue-chip organisations in the world gives usaccess to more of the top candidates available, because they know that Cerebra International offers greatcareer opportunities.Our new website and CRM builds on this success and is the result of our commitment to develop ourservices continually, to attract top quality candidates for you.The result – the right people for the right job, at the right budget – exactly what you need.Hassle free recruitment, so that you recruit top performers for every role.
  6. 6. ‘Cerebra International have been my recruitment agent for two yearsnow. I have received the most professional attention, the best advice anda much sought-after friendly relationship from company directors andstaff alike. They are always willing to go the extra mile to give me peaceof mind and make me feel well looked after. ’Graeme Hulme-Jones Project Engineer ‘After disappointing experiences with various recruitment consultants I was lucky enough to make contact with Cerebra who placed me in my current facilities role at BUPA. I was kept updated throughout the entire recruitment process and fully briefed about the role before I attended the interview. It was a pleasure‘Ive worked with other agencies in the to work with them and when I am next inpast and none of them showed the same the job market Cerebra will be the firstcommitment and pro-activity in placing ’ people I will contact.a candidate from contract to contract.’ Malachy Walsh- Facilities ManagerMoreno Cuman - Software Developer
  7. 7. Our experience...The Cerebra brand was established in 1997 and since that time it has been continually developed to meetthe ever-changing needs of our clients.Our high quality recruitment processes are dedicated to delivering the highest level of service to our clients.Originally working in the IT and Building Services industries, Cerebra International has expandedsuccessfully to serve a wide range of sectors, including: • IT • Architecture • Building Services • Interior Design • Oil & Gas • Legal • Facilities Management • Commercial/Claims • Civil StructuralCerebra is a member of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) and adheres to its Code ofProfessional Practice.
  8. 8. Cerebra International Limited8 Godalming Business CentreCatteshall Lane, GodalmingSurrey GU7 1XWUnited KingdomTel: +44 (0) 1483 424686Fax:+44 (0) 1483 416178www.cerebra.co.ukCerebra, your partner in recruitmentcontact@cerebra.co.ukThe right people for the right job - our guarantee of service