Setting Up Your Social Media Dashboard


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  • Brad JoblingSocial Media Manager for the Department of SurgeryInitiated social media program in 2009. 15 years of online marketing and web strategyI am also an alumni Columbia graduating from the business school in the Management of Information, Communication & Media.
  • Social media does not have a strategy that exists on its own, i.e. phone, email, snail mail It needs to tie into the overall goal of the business or organization. i.e. profit making, educational institution, or a cause, One of the things that true about all digital media is near real-time feedback. This is good and bad, i.e. in the instance of Komen.
  • It’s not about the data overload, it’s about looking at your key performance indicators.What is the mission of your business?What is the objective of this social media program as related to your business?What are the secondary metrics, or items that provide some useful information on what’s happening?What are the KPIs or key performance indicators that really affect your bottom line or organizations goals.
  • Not everyone can see everything you post. There are top stories and most recent. This is due to EdgeRank.Facebook includes an analytics package by the name of Facebook Insights, which is available to Page Administrators. This was updated in the Fall of 2011. It’s all about engagement. Statistics can be downloaded and are SAID to be available within 24 hours. The statics are available in daily, weekly and 28 day running totals) Some of the high level Facebook statistics are:Story– A story is some creation of content or increase in a number. This includes liking a Page, posting to a Page's Wall, liking, commenting, on or sharing one of the Page posts, answering a question posted on the page, , RSVPing to an event, mentioning a page, phototagging a page, or checking.Impressions – The number of times any page content has shown up on a NewsFeed.Talks - The number of people creating stories about your page. .Consumption– When someone clicks the link on the post to view the posted content.Check Ins - Number of times someone has checked into your locationDemographics - Includes gender, age, country, city, language spokenLikes –The number of people who have “fanned” your page. Friends of Fans – Since friends of your fans can see what their friends are doing on your page, this is your 2nd level audience.Reach - The number of people who have seen content associated with the Page.Engagement – Any time a story is created or there is a click on something on the Facebook page.Negative Feedback – The number of people who have hidden a story on their page.
  • Klout started out with just Twitter and now encompases other statistics from Facebook Profiles, LinkedIn, FourSquare, Google+, YouTube & Instagram.Some of the high level Kloutstatistics are:Influence- Driving somebody to take some sort of action such as replying, retweeting or clicking on a link. True Reach– The number of people you influence, both within your immediate network and across their extended networks.Amplification – Amplification indicates how much you influence people.Network Impact – Network Impact measures the influence of your network. (How much do you interact with other influential people.)Klout Style- There are 16 different types of Klout Style: Curator, TasteMaker, Celebrity, Networking, Syndicator, Socialist, Specialist
  • Setting Up Your Social Media Dashboard

    1. 1. John Jones Surgical Society Setting up Your Social Media Dashboard (& Action Plan) 5/4/12 Bradley W. Jobling Social Media Manager @bradjobling
    2. 2. Social Media Dashboard What’s your strategy?5/8/2012 Setting up Your Social Media Dashboard 2
    3. 3. It’s Not Data Overload What Definition Surgical Associates, Inc. Why does the Provide complete medical-surgical Mission organization exist care in one convenient location. To provide a platform for news about Specific revenue or the practice which can lead to better Objective program intent customer service and ultimately more referrals. Web Site Views, Traffic Referrals, Top Secondary Content, Shares, Mentions Numbers Metrics Subscribers, # of Downloaded Forms, # of Downloaded Brochures, Most important KPI (Key # of New Patients Referred by metrics to understand Performance Internet, Increased Customer how well you are Indicators) Satisfaction Rating achieving objective5/8/2012 Setting up Your Social Media Dashboard 3
    4. 4. Facebook Story Person (Demographics) • Impressions (V,O,P) • Likes/Unlikes • Talks • Friends of Fans • Reach (V,O,P) Not a Story – Impressions • Consumption • Engagement – Talks – Consumption • Negative Feedback VOP = Viral, Organic & Paid5/8/2012 Setting up Your Social Media Dashboard 4
    5. 5. TwitterBasic Klout (0-100)• Following • True Reach• Followers • Amplification• Retweets • Network• Mentions Klout (Attributes) • Topics • Influencers • Klout Style • Achievements5/8/2012 Setting up Your Social Media Dashboard 5
    6. 6. Other Analytics• Web Site: Google Analytics• Email: Response Rates• Video: YouTube Analytics – Viewing: Demographics, Playback Locations, Audience Retention – Engagement: Subscribers, Like & Dislikes, Favorites, Comments, Sharing5/8/2012 Setting up Your Social Media Dashboard 6
    7. 7. Site Traffic Visits 5/1-5/31 6/1 - 6/30 7/1-7/31 8/1-8/31 9/1 - 9/30 10/1 - 11/1 - 12/1 - 1/1 - 1/31 2/1- 2/29 3/1-3/30 10/31 11/30 12/305/8/2012 Setting up Your Social Media Dashboard 7
    8. 8. SurgeryAssoc Digital Subscribers Facebook & Twitter Email 12/1/11 1/1/12 2/1/12 3/1/12 4/1/125/8/2012 Setting up Your Social Media Dashboard 8
    9. 9. SurgeryAssoc Facebook Post Impressions Monthly News Feed Impressions5/8/2012 Setting up Your Social Media Dashboard 9
    10. 10. SurgeryAssoc Patient/Physician Referrals5/8/2012 Setting up Your Social Media Dashboard 10
    11. 11. Action Plan 1. Perform Competitive 4. Create a Marketing Analysis & Listen Calendar 2. Define 5. Start on First Platform Objectives, KPIs – Email 3. Socialize Web Site – Facebook – Blog – YouTube – Analytics – Twitter – Sharing Options 6. Measure5/8/2012 Setting up Your Social Media Dashboard 11
    12. 12. Questions?5/8/2012 Setting up Your Social Media Dashboard 12