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Brad reifler1


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Brad Reifler day at Orvis Sandanona

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Brad reifler1

  1. 1. Bradley Reifler Spends a Day at Orvis SandanonaOrvis Sandanona in Millbrook, New York takes hunters, non-hunters, adventurers, fly fisher novices andnot-so novices for a day or weekend trip among the glorious nature of upstate New York – described bythe company website as“…a place where the traditions of the field and the hunt are held in the highestregard and is the oldest permitted shotgun shooting club in the country.”Since 1856, Orvis company has been famous for its gaming and hunting lodges worldwide as well as itsvast line of clothing for all types of hunting from shooting trips in the forest and flat-lands and fly fishing,says local resident and outdoor sportsman, Bradley Reifler. Orvis is also well-known and respected forits Sporting Clays and fly fishing classes, guided fly fishing tours not to mention beautiful historicallodges that house visitors in luxury. Classes, nature conservancy and even cruises in Alaska onsteamship-style boats are also part of Orvis’ vast portfolio of action-oriented gaming and adventures.While the company provides numerous trips and game and classes across the globe, Orvis Sandanona isespecially popular for visitors from New York and neighboring states to experience the beautiful groundsand enjoy a wonderful weekend or day getaway adventure. Open 363 days a year, the main lodge wasbuilt during the years of Thomas Jefferson and from there the “modern sporting clays shooting ground isnow ranked amongst the best in the nation,” according to the Orvis Sandanona website.Depending on your interests, the Sandanona lodge hosts numerous activities. Here are just a few to giveyou an idea of the various gaming and classes provided:Sporting ClaysSporting Clays, made famous by the British, is a form of clay pigeon shooting, explains Bradley Reifler.The Sporting Clays minimum reservation is for two people, however single shooters MUST shoot adouble round, according to Orvis. In most cases the maximum number of people in one group is five.Children must be 12 to participate and non-shooters are welcome too. Shooting hours are from 9am to5pm.Wingshooting SchoolOrvis has been offering these types of schools for over 25-years – and claims to provide the “finestwingshooting and hunting instruction available anywhere in the world.” The method is very English –actually is called Churchill method. Schools are for both novices and veterans.Fly Fishing SchoolFor those who know Orvis will appreciate this: The Fly Fishing school has culled their expert methodsfrom their Vermont headquarters for nearly 30-years. In New York, their instructors will offerinstructions on fly casting techniques and enough “…about freshwater entomology to make fly selectionan easy, intuitive process,” according to the Orvis website. There are both one and two-day courses,says Bradley Reifler.