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Portfolio samples of Brad Alderson, Graphic Designer

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Brad Alderson Samples

  1. 1. Anheuser-Busch True Music Roadhouse The True Music Roadhouse was making the rounds. Wholesalers were expecting the masses. AB wanted to be sure the masses turned out – so they called us. We developed pre-promotional materials including customizable newspaper ads, posters, banners, flyers, sell sheets and table tents available on CD. Then worked the radio waves providing True Music prize packages and gave the market folks what they needed to cover the hot spots before the event got to town and made sure people were lined up when the doors opened.Anheuser-Busch Consumer Connection KitThe headache is in the details. We pulled them all together and made sureeverything you could possibly want to know about field marketing wasaddressed and did it all in a kick-ass package by creating a completeConsumer Connection Guide. Updating existing photographs to incorporate thelatest in Anheuser-Busch products and packaging. This isn’t your father’scorporate manual. Anheuser-Busch B Lounge A luxury coach requires imprinted hand towels, custom coasters and glassware and a befitting name. Not to mention a newspaper ad, fact sheet and a brochure merchandising the fabulousness that surrounds visitors. AB turned to us again to instinctively know just what was needed to class up the joint and be sure wholesale visitors and corporate guests alike saw (or didn’t see) seamless integration of everyday items.
  2. 2. Hallmark’s Fresh Ink Card Line IntroductionHallmark had a new line of cards targeting smart, clever, on-the-go women. Theyneeded to get the word out to where the women work, shop and hang out bysponsoring performances ranging from local bands to henna tattoo artists andmore. We customized event kits and shipped them to each market includingcard samples, flyers, banners, event signage, market specific coupons and theevent manual to end all. Our friends at Hallmark sat back and watched the eventrecaps roll in, the press mentions mount and the sales figures rise. Expressions From Hallmark Kids Card Contest Every parent sees their child’s art as a Rembrandt, or maybe more of a Picasso. Why settle for the refrigerator door when your latest masterpiece could be seen in the card aisle? Kids got the chance to design a line of Hallmark cards, with 12 winners’ work being produced into cards. We created the program with Entry Kits and POS to capture kids’ imaginations and moms’ interest, and managed all aspects of its execution, including identifying qualified judges.Expressions From Hallmark Star Wars PromotionWith the release of the latest movie in the Star Wars saga, Hallmark neededto promote their line of partyware and greeting cards featuring the Star Warsmotif. We customized POS kits including shopper stoppers, shelf talkers,danglers, and trading card packets and tied it together with a sweepstakes towin the ultimate Star Wars party and game room. Working with LucasFilmshad interesting complications with the use of visuals prior to the moviepremiere.
  3. 3. Jerzees Made To Play Challenge Jerzees wanted to dress up a new product introduction featuring the Spotshield stain repellant in such a way to make consumers — and Wal-Mart — take notice. The Jerzees Made To Play Challenge event was designed to show off the newest Jerzees products in their preferred state: being active. Held in Wal-Mart parking lots and other locations, the Made To Play event featured a 50-foot climbing wall, a football obstacle course and an interactive boxing game all designed to make ’em sweat and show the stain resistance product in action.Jerzees Premium Fit Fleece Product IntroductionJerzees wanted help introducing their new line of Premium Fit Fleeceactivewear while taking advantage of their sponsorship of the JoDee Messinaconcert tour. The Jerzees VCP Lounge was designed to show off the newestJerzees products while pampering the Very Comfortable People before JoDeeMessina concerts. Tied in with a sweepstakes for concert tickets and atouring event at Wal-Mart stores. Learning Curve Toy Catalog What’s one of the first lessons we learn about playing with others? Share! Independent toy stores shared top billing with the Learning Curve family of brands, including Thomas The Tank Engine and Madeline, in a retailer-specific catalog, customized by store location. The first-ever catalogs featured traffic-driving, store-specific offers with colorful graphics as well as an enticing sweepstakes. Kids get toys. Moms get deals. Learning Curve products get a higher profile. Toy store owners get more profits. Everybody’s happy.
  4. 4. Cartoon Network’s [adult swim] College Rep ProgramCollege students won’t listen to “adults.” But they will listen to their peers.Enter the [adult swim] College Rep program. Recruiting two student reps eachfrom 33 universities nationwide, they were turned loose on their campuses.They executed three events each semester. We coordinated the events andprovided customized signage including banners, flyers, handbills and CartoonCash as prizes at the events. The reps raised awareness of [adult swim]among their fellow students from 70% to 90%. Hostess Twinkies Shrek2 Promotion Continental Baking Corporation requested our assistance with the development of their Hostess Twinkies promotion revolving around the premiere of the Shrek 2 DVD to turn their special edition, green-filled Twinkies into a star in-store and on-line. We created a monster of a promotion to draw attention to limited-edition product with dynamic in-store POS and website for the Satisfy the Orge Inside Sweepstakes to Win Twinkies for Life.Cartoon Network’s NBA Jam Session exhibit, Hoop HopTake a trampoline, add a basketball hoop, and you’re sure to draw a crowd.Cartoon Network didn’t need to boost attendance at Hoop Hop — it had morekids waiting to participate than it knew what to do with. What it needed wasbetter branding and better traffic flow. We integrated the line into the overallexperience with stationery exhibits, branded entry archway, vibrant displays,tattoo artists, character photos and more activities. Five years and fivelocations later, Cartoon Network is still scoring with its fans.