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Social Media Response Flow Chart for Small Businesses

Have you ever discovered a mention of your business on social media and thought, “How should I respond to that?”

If the post is negative, you may be especially anxious to answer that question. Should you delete negative comments, respond with a counter-argument, or ignore them altogether?

The following flow chart offers a helpful way to evaluate social media posts, and provides a response strategy for each. Remember, what goes online stays online, and your response to posts on social media should positively reflect the mission and values of your small business. Before you respond to any negative post, use this flow chart as a quick reference to help cooler heads prevail.

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Social Media Response Flow Chart for Small Businesses

  1. 1. Confidently evaluate and respond to social media posts that mention your business. SOCIAL MEDIA POST IS DISCOVERED. IS IT POSITIVE? ITS III TROLLING IS Does the person have a I profile, blog, or website I dedicated to bashing others? ‘I’ ‘ INFLAMED ll’ Is the post a rant. joke, ridicule, or satire? MISGUIDED Are there erroneousfacts in I the post? I UNHAPPY Is the post a result of a I negative customer experience? ‘H I I I ZIfiI"| II| |.' MONITOR ONLY FIX THE FACTS Avoid responding to specific Respond with factual posts: monitor for relevant information and cite with information 8 comments. links to sources. GENTLY CORRECT RESTORE FINAL EVALUATION Rectify the situation directly if possible, point to where help can be obtained, and/ or direct to customer support. Thank them for their feedback, and gently correct the facts. Will responding help the poster and/ or readers (e. g., a darification)? LET IT STAND I I lfthe original post is positive, respond with gratitude and add value to the conversation. If it is negative, no response is needed. TRANSPARENCY JUST THE FACTS Tl MELI NESS Disclose our connection Stick to the facts and cite Respond in a timely manner, to t e business. your sources by including but take time to formulate a links to reference material. careful response 8 have it double-checked as needed. TONE RESPECT Respond in a tone that Always respond with reflects the mission and gratitude, gentleness, and values of your company. respect whether or not the individual responds in kind. Never "stoop" to an offensive level with your Iangu age. %«I' Bplans Followusz Facebookcom/ Bplans Find more small business resources at Bp| ans. com Twitter. com/ Bplans