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Le réseau des bibliothèques de City of Gold Coast (Australie)


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Présentation réalisée par Marian Morgan-Bindon du réseau des bibliothèques de City of Gold Coast (Australie) à l'occasion du congrès de l'IFLA 2018

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Le réseau des bibliothèques de City of Gold Coast (Australie)

  1. 1. Not there yet……the potential of special collections, e- books and e-audio in a public library environment
  2. 2. Key metrics FY 2017/18 280k members = 47% population 2.7m visitors = 7k per day 7.5k programs = 175k attendees 5.8m loans = 16k per day
  3. 3. Special Collections City Libraries currently has 5 special collections Local Studies & Special Needs are long established collections while the Indigenous, Surfing and LGBT+ collections have been created in the last 2 years. The indigenous, surfing and LGBT+ collections also have digital content in City Libraries’ e-book & e- audiobook platforms.
  4. 4. Measuring value Special collections can be measured in terms of loans and turnover but it is much more difficult to measure their value to the community Customer feedback is often the most useful measure This collection is amazing! Go you good things!
  5. 5. Special Needs Library Collection = 3,011 items Loans 2017/18 = 8,787 A unique collection of developmental aids for adults & children with special needs.
  6. 6. Local Studies collection Collection = 37,087 items, all non-lending. The collection is comprised of books, newspapers, maps, plans, scrapbooks, print ephemera, oral histories, unpublished manuscripts, magazines & video footage relating to the Gold Coast. Account book of Mrs O’Shea, general store and dressmaking. Southport, Queensland. [miscellania file]
  7. 7. LGBT+ Collection Collection = 506 items Loans 2017/18 = 971 A collection targeted at LGBTIQAP+ youth Created as a result of community consultation A static collection with duplicate copies in the general lending collection
  8. 8. Surfing collection Collection = 465 items Loans 2017/18 = 988 Created to highlight the surfing content within the collection A collection comprised of books, DVDs & magazines A static collection with duplicate copies in the general lending collection
  9. 9. Indigenous collection Collection = 857 items Loans 2017/18 = 1746 Created to highlight the indigenous content within the collection A collection comprised of adult and junior content A static collection at Southport Library with duplicate copies in the general collection.
  10. 10. Collections - the big picture The special collections are only a small portion of City Libraries overall collection Physical items = 980k e-books = 100k e-audiobooks = 30k
  11. 11. Growth in e-book & e-audio loans 2014/15 to 2017/18
  12. 12. Continued growth e-book & e-audio downloads are expected to continue to increase in 2018/19. e-book loans account for approximately a sixth of all books loans E-audio loans are now higher than physical audiobook loans
  13. 13. Digital vs physical
  14. 14. Digital literacy The library service offers a range of digital literacy programs for all ages, from basic coding for children to advanced 3D printing workshops Digital literacy classes for Seniors in using smartphones and mobile devices to access the library’s e-book & e-audio collections e-book & e-audio statistics demonstrate the success of these senior digital literacy programs
  15. 15. Digital loans by age of borrower
  16. 16. Not there yet City of Gold Coast Libraries will continue to be inclusive & proactive in providing physical and digital collections that are representative of the local community’s needs & interests. Contact:
  17. 17. Thank you